I would have never expected this today… what a way to end 2007 and begin 2008…

I just signed off on the final proof of Frankie’s book.  Her book is going to print!!  I am not even sure I can find the words to express how I feel right now.  This is a dream come true… a dream of which I followed my heart, not my head, but my heart.  I knew if I did not write this book I would look back and regret it… I could not let that happen.  I sit in MySpace.calm with tears rolling down my face… grateful for so many who supported me with their belief in me and this book.

A huge leap of faith is what it took… trying not to worry about the outcome, or the money, or where this will go, but knowing, just knowing, this was what I was meant to do.

Looking out onto the blanket of snow, the stillness of the cold, the life that breaths all around me… thinking of all the heart work that went into Frankie’s book and soon it will be here, in the real form of a book… it is all so surreal.

Then I look beside me as I sit at my writing desk… there she is… my little bundle of joy, the reason for me taking my leap of faith, the blessing that is my inspiration…. my little Frankie.  Thank you sweetheart for teaching me we all have challenges, but the choice to find blessings in a challenge is one of the greatest lessons you have taught me.  You are my hero….



As 2007 comes to a close I feel immense excitement for what lies ahead in 2008.  I can’t recall any other year where I have gone into a New Year with such hope and anticipation.  It is a good feeling to feel connected to my insides.  Staying in touch with my inner self is not always easy, but I am conscious of it more than ever before.  I truly believe when I am aware of what my heart wants, my life flows more naturally.  The details of life are rich and vibrant when I let my heart guide the way. 

When I was out walking a few weeks before Christmas a glittery word caught my eye in a downtown shop window.  I did not want to spend the money but the word and its significance kept running through my mind.  I took a chance, waited until the after holiday sale… and it was still there!  So, I bought it and brought it home to MySpace.calm. 

See, we just have to believe that what is meant to be will be.

We just have to believe and have faith that our lives are unfolding as God’s plan.  When we give up the fight of control and what we think our life should look like, everyday becomes a miracle…  Ordinary miracles of simple pleasures surround us.

The year 2007 was a year of tremendous growth for me.  It is amazing to me to think I actually wrote a children’s book.  I’ve never been more proud of something I have done (except marrying my sweet husband, of course!).  I followed my heart, I wrote Frankie’s memoir and my heart rejoices.

As I look ahead to 2008 my wish is that Frankie and I will touch many lives.  I want to continue to follow my heart, live the life God intended for me and be the best I can be.  And knowing I will falter along the way, which is only human of me.  But, I want to remember to acknowledge and accept that every bump is a lesson for me to grow.  I’ve had some bumps this year, some of which were very painful, but as I take a moment of reflection, a light shines on my heart, healing it, and revealing some powerful lessons.

As I write this John is outside in the yard playing with Kylie.  She runs through the deep snow with vigor and vitality, so happy just to be alive.  That is the ultimate to me… the happiness that comes for simply running, playing and enjoying the moment.  Dogs do it so easily. I continue to try and live through the lessons they teach me everyday.

Frankie on the other hand (err, I mean paw) has found her party dress and is awaiting the big New Year’s Eve bash… well, as big of a bash as it will be at our house.  I tend to think New Year’s Eve and going out on the town is a bit overrated.  I’m happy to just be home, snuggled in with John and all my furry family.  A good game of monopoly is on the schedule for tomorrow afternoon.  Then for dinner we will be having Beef Wellington (easier to make than it sounds) and a toast to the New Year.  Most likely our sleepy little heads will hit the pillow way before midnight, but that is fine with me.  I’m grateful for all I have…. I really am….

Wishing each of many moments in the New Year which will make your heart sing….

My Little Computer Geek Goddess

Dani, my cat, always seems to think she is “helping” when I am working in my office.  Here she is peering over my computer as I was working.  Sure did make me giggle!  She loves to hang out on the office desk.  She has even been known to curl up on John’s laptop because it is so warm.  That does a number on the screen though!  Yikes!