Frankie’s Very Own Blog!

I have been very inspired by a school in Canada.  The 7th grade teacher wrote to me telling me her class is doing compassion video's as a project.  They were so inspired by Frankie's video which they found on Teacher tube, they are holding raffles to raise money.  The money will be donated to animals in need.

She said the children had many questions about Frankie.  So, it inspired me to start a blog that is strictly from Frankie.  A blog where children who can't meet Frankie in person can correspond with her and ask her questions.  Plus a blog where they can keep up on what she is doing.  Beginning Monday, December 1st I will be answering one question a day for the next 25-30 days (they had lots of questions!) Some of the children also sent me wonderful comments that brought such joy to my heart.  I will share those also.

When I hear the things children are doing and the the thought provoking things they think about, it gives me such hope for a peaceful world someday.  These kids, I believe, will lead the way and make our world so beautiful.

Here is the link to Frankie's Blog!