Congratulations, Jenny Pavlovic, Author of 8 State Hurricane Kate

I came to know Jenny when we both were up for Merial-Human Animal Bond Award from Dog Writer's Association of America.  We now follow each other via our blogs and Facebook and I am honored to know her.

I am currently reading her heart-warming book (though at times so hard to read because your heart aches for the animals).  But it is an honest look at what these animals had to go through, and Jenny's courage in going to Katrina to help these animals is truly beautiful.  I applaud her and all the others for what they did to help these animals who had no one else.

I'm so happy to annouce her newest press release and the awards she has won!!


8 State Hurricane Kate is the unforgettable story of the powerful bond
between a cattle dog rescued from a rooftop and the woman who wouldn't give
up on her. The heartwarming story of Kate's post-Katrina journey is a
testament to the will and perseverance of the dog and human spirit. As they
make that courageous journey together, new worlds open up for Jenny and
Kate, an amazing survivor and teacher. Kate's remarkable story, a tale of
love, courage, and compassion, has inspired many others. Her legacy is a
rescue network that continues to help animals across the country today. 50%
of book profits go to the 8 State Kate Fund, providing financial relief for
animals in desperate situations. Learn more and view the video at

WAY TO GO, Jenny!  Frankie and I are so proud of you!

Frankie Begins Touring the World Wide Web June 1st!

Please join us in June for our virtual book tour! Throughout the month of June, authors, bloggers, parents, and animal experts will share their book reviews, interviews with Barbara, and other contributions.

There will be a SPECIAL OFFER FOR VISITORS TO THE VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR. Each guest who comments on a post in Barbara and Frankie’s tour will be entered in a drawing for some fun, unique gifts that will especially appeal to Frankie fans and other dog lovers. We will give away several items from Frankie’s store. These include two Frankie t-shirts and two Frankie tote bags.

We may also have a few more great bloggers joining this tour, so stay tuned for updates!

  • Mon, June 1 — Author, mom, and disability advocate Elizabeth Aquino at a moon worn as if it were a shellpublishes Barb’s guest post exploring how to help siblings and friends understand kids who have disabilities.


  • Tue, June 2 — Veterinarian Dr. Kim Bloomer and her mastiff Shadrach posts Shadrach’s interview with Frankie at Bark ‘n Blog.
  • Wed, June 3 — Ellen publishes her interview with Barbara at To the Max, where she writes about parenting and life, including her beautiful son who has cerebral palsy.
  • Thu, June 4 — Alicia Clarke at Welcome to My Planetposts her book review. Alicia is an author and blogger who explores many things through her writing, including parenting kids who are on the autism spectrum.
  • Fri, June 5 — Book blogger Cheryl Koch posts her review at Cheryl’s Book Nook.__________________________________________________________________
  • Mon, June 8 — Writer and dog trainer Charlotte Mielziner posts her interview with Barbara at Children’s Dog Books.
  • Tue, June 9 — Dawn Kairns at Maggie, the Dog Who Saved My Lifepublishes Barb’s guest post, exploring how Barbara’s relationship with Frankie changed her life.
  • Wed, June 10 — Author and book blogger Margay Roberge posts her review and interview at Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem.
  • Thu, June 11 — Margay Roberge posts her review and guest post at Margay Leah JusticeAND Alicia Clarke at Welcome to My Planetshares Barbara’s guest post.
  • Fri, June 12 — Paige Visintin posts her review at Nurse Mommy.__________________________________________________________________

  • Mon, June 15 — Kyra Anderson at This Momposts her review. Kyra is a mom and writer who explores the joy and challenges of motherhood and raising an amazing son with Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Tue, June 16 — Yael Cohen posts a presentation at Get IEP Help, where she offers assistance with navigating the special education maze.
  • Wed, June 17 — Nikki Leigh posts an interview with Frankie (the heroine of the story) at Fictional Characters in Depth.
  • Thu, June 18 — Mom and book blogger Julie Peterson posts her review at Booking Mama.
  • Fri, June 20 — Julie Peterson at Booking Mamapublishes a guest post by Barbara.__________________________________________________________________

  • Mon, June 22 — Stephanie Ward publishes her review at Laughing Stars. Stephanie is a homeschooler, bibliophile, and mom of kids with “special needs”
  • Tue, June 23 — Christine Stephan posts her review at Day Sixty-Seven, where she writes about parenting and raising a child on the autism spectrum.
  • Wed, June 24 — Author and book lover Christine Verstraete at Candid Canineposts her review
  • Thu, June 25 — Author Yvonne Perry shares her review with Barbara at Writers in the Sky Podcast and Blog, where she shares a wealth of information about writing, publishing and book promotion.
  • Fri, June 26 — Stephanie Ward publishes Barbara and Frankie’s interview with her children at Laughing Stars.__________________________________________________________________
  • Mon, June 29 — Rashmi Srinivas at Mommy Reviewedshares a guest post by Barbara.
  • Tue, June 30 — Barb answers questions on Nikki Leigh’s radio program.

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Virtual Blog Tour

Beginning June 1st, Frankie and I will be touring the internet via our Virtual Blog Tour.  I am so excited about this!!  Nikki Leigh, marketing extraordinaire, and her hard working assistant, Stephanie, have some great stops lined up for us. 

Ever since Frankie touched the life of 3-year old Jackson who suffers from a form of cerebral palsy, I wanted to reach out to more families of kids with special needs.  The human-animal bond is so extraordinary, and if Frankie can help a child face their own challenges with a bit more ease, it will make my heart sing!

Our first stop on June 1st will be with Elizabeth Aquino, published author, mom and advocate for her daughter, who has severe disabilities.  I will address how Frankie's book could help kids who have friends or siblings with disabilities- that despite challenges, children (or dogs!) with disabilities just want to do the same things as those who don't.

Hope you can join us on some of our tour stops!  I'll keep you posted.