Everything Animal Show with Catherine Bradford

Catherine Bradford, host of six amazing radio shows

Time to once again share the many blessings of animals with disabilities!  This time, Radio Host Extraordinare, host of six radio shows, Catherine Bradford, will be talking with me about Frankie’s story.  The showwill be this Thursday, October 29th at 4:00pm CST.  Hope you can join us!!

Just this past week Catherine interviewed Alayne Marker of Rolling Dog Ranch about the distinguished Henry Bergh Award they received.  To follow on the heels of Rolling Dog Ranch and their mission to help disabled animals, is such an honor for me.  Do listen to the recording of the show with Alayne.  You will feel her heart as she talks about her life on the ranch.

How We View Death in Our Society… and What Animals Teach Us

I was just blown away by a post I found on the blog Hospice 4 Animal’s and one vets life changing experience she is having regarding hospice and death.  It struck such a chord with me that I had to share.  Being involved with hospice work with Frankie has opened my eyes and my heart to view death as not something dreadful or scary, but a time of transition.  And for me, personally, I don’t believe animals fear death… and wow, as you know me by now, I believe they teach us about living.  So without further ado, I share a portion of the blog post that blew me away and at the end invite you to read more at their blog, as well as invite you to share your thoughts.

“I have learned in our culture , especially in the USA, we AFRAID of death.  Sharen Myers quoted Margaret Mead who said “When someone is born, we rejoice.  When someone marries, we celebrate.  When someone dies, we pretend nothing happened.”  Death IS the equal and opposite process of birth.  If we want to live well, we need to die well and vice versa.  We may try to ignore this for ourselves, but we are faced with death full force with our pets.  We love them so much and they love us so purely.  We are responsible for them, feed them and take care of them, but in reality  they take care of us. I know there is an amazing spiritual, pure love connection with our animals.  I know I am being loved when I look into a kitty like Zoomi’s eyes.  There is a message there, and now I am not afraid to admit that, and thrive in that knowledge.  The Hospice Symposium has validated the path and the truth that I feel in my gut.  I have found the courage to change my life from that knowledge.  Something about dealing with the moment of death teaches us how to well live our lives.  There is the very kernal of sacredness here, and the lesson is to experience it. ”

Read more… and please do share your thoughts.