Helping Dachshunds Diagnosed with IVDD


In 2006 when I got the call that Frankie may never walk again due to a ruptured disc, I was devastated.  How little I knew about IVDD (Intervertabral Disc Disease).  Thank goodness for the internet that I found Dodgerslist, a group dedicated to helping others whose pets are diagnosed with IVDD.  They gave me peace of mind but most of all, they gave me hope.

In part, writing my children’s non-fiction books about Frankie was meant to help children overcome their own challenges like Frankie did, but I also wanted to show others that there truly is hope, and a dachshund diagnosed with IVDD can live a long, happy, quality life.

As part of my mission, I decided anyone who wrote to me or called me who was going through an IVDD diagnoses with their pet, that I would do my best to educate them, provide resources, and most of all pass along the hope I had been given by many caring people through Dodgerslist.  There is no greater joy for me than helping another pet parent feel that with a few adjustments, they too, can help their beloved pet.

Today I received a lovely note from a woman, who over a year ago contacted me about her dog Rio and I wanted to share it with you…. because now she knows there too is hope and the hope will continue to spread, as well as the education that despite a disability, animals DO live quality lives. Thank you for the update… this makes my heart sing!

Last year I wrote to you for advice as my little dachshund Rio had hurt his back and was in a dreadful way.  The vet’s were not optimistic and full of woe.  However having found you on the net with Joyful Paws I wrote to you.  I am sure you won’t remember but your words were so comforting and supportiate in that very grey time.  It was a dreadful year and as I sat at my office desk worrying endlessly surrounded by co-workers who had no idea or compassion for Rio words can not express how much help you and your books gave me.

I have been meaning to update you for sometime.  Rio did get a little better and finally after 5 weeks I was able to see him and lean’t to express him and he was able to come home.  He amazed me as he had found a new job to do in the vets while he was there – Nurse Rio tended to all the animals that came in poorly.  He sat under the vets operating table while he worked and shuffled around keeping an eye on all the cages as the cats and dogs sat in them!
Anyway he came home and the hydro therapy began.  Fortunately my partner was able to work from home and took him twice a day as he could not run on the water walker for more than 2 minutes at a time.  Over the weeks he made amazing progress and was able to run on the water walker for 40 minutes.   Although he still drags his back legs a little and has a slight arch in his back he can run and walk again.  His life has returned to the pre-operation fullness, and continues to give us such love and affection it is insane!
I just wanted to give you this news and thank you so so much for your help in those dark days.