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Original photo (without holiday embellishments) by Legacy Studios

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Happy Inspirational Shopping!

A Gift from the Heart

You often hear a diamond is a girls best friend.

Last week Wednesday my husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.  We have not exchanged gifts for years, and it was something we agreed upon. We do give each other cards and I can always tell he takes the utmost time and care in picking out just the right one each year.

So imagine my surprise when I came home Wednesday and my husband said, “I want to give you your anniversary gift.”  I said, “You mean a card?”

He sheepishly smiled, walked to his office, and returned to the kitchen with a large package in his hands.  He had small pools of tears in his eyes as he lovingly handed me the package. I wondered, “What in the world could this be?”

As I looked at the front of the package wrapped in a deep brown tissue paper with bright yellow ribbon around it, I noticed a sticker that said it was Cassy Tully artwork.  I’ve admired her work for quite sometime as it always brings me a sense of peace, as well as it is so unique in it’s 3-dimension aspect. As it says on her Facebook page, “Based on her research in Italy, Cassy uses a acrylic gel mediums and fine art sand to manipulate the paint like clay.”

As I excitedly tore away the tissue, I just could not imagine what lay inside… as the tissue gave way and the artwork revealed itself, I gasped and could not catch my breath and then the tears came and would not stop.

So I now share the artwork that captures the essence of my heart…
Cassy perfectly captured the spirit and essence not only of my dear, sweet Frankie (the walk ‘n roll dog!) but my writing studio, lovingly behind Frankie, as if Frankie is watching over me, encouraging me to keep writing, living into who I am, and finding joy in all the simple moments.

(close up of my studio)

This is a gift from the heart of a man, who I truly believe understands who I am and knows my heart better than I ever gave him credit for.  I have been a girl who never wanted diamonds, but as we drove to dinner that night I said to my husband John, “That painting is my diamond.”

I asked him how in the world he came up with the idea to do this for me.  He said, “Well, every morning I put on my shoes for work in the big red chair.  I look up and see the picture of Cassie Jo (a painting we received from my mom after Cassie Jo passed away) and the photo of you and me, and Kylie and Frankie.”  He went on to say, “I didn’t want you to have something of Frankie after she died, so I wanted you to have something now for you to enjoy.”

So I now correct myself and say not only is the painting my diamond, but how incredibly blessed I am to have a diamond of a husband.  I will treasure this moment forever…this gift from the heart.

(close up of the 3-dimension as well as signed by Cassy Tully)

Thank you Cassy for an exquisite piece of artwork that will bring me joy the rest of my life, and a special thank you to Gina of Gina’s Custom Framing for finding the perfect frame to enhance this beautiful piece of work.


Special Give-Away to Celebrate Blog Jog Day!


Welcome to Blog Jog Day!  What is Blog Jog Day, you ask?  Well, it is a group of wonderful bloggers who have come together to share each others blogs.  So as you read about my special give-away stay tuned to the end to be linked to another blog where you there just might be another contest, give-away, or something new to learn.


In celebration of Blog Jog Day and Thanksgiving just around the corner, and since my blog is about all things animals and what they teach us here’s how you can enter to win a “I Love Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog” T-shirt!

Tell me in 50 words or less one lesson you have learned from your pet that has helped you in life.  If you don’t have a pet tell me a lesson you have learned from an animal or a pet you know.  Submit in the comment area.  One winner will be drawn on Tuesday, November 23rd! (Be sure to have a way for me to contact you if leaving a comment does not link back to you!)

Once you are done with that jog on over to Rambles and Randomness with Vicki Rocho!