Hachi- A Dog’s Tale

I don't remember hearing about this movie in 2009, which is unusal for me because I love dogs and I love movies!

When renting movies two days before Christmas, I stocked up on quite a few.  When I was checking out the clerk said, "You get a free movie with your rentals." 

As I was trying to think of what other movie I would pick out she excitedly said, "Have you seen Hachi?" 

I said, "No."

She said, "You just have to see it!"  She then ran and got it for me.  I was a little annoyed that I couldn't pick out my own movie, but her enthusiasm had me hoping it was a good one.

When I got home and read the rest of the title, "A Dog's Tale" I had a feeling I just might like this movie.

Now I can't wait to take the movie back and thank her!  This is a story of incredible loyalty.  Not only that, I want skeptics who question if dogs have feelings to see this movie. There is no doubt there was an undeniable bond of unspoken words between this man and his dog, Hachi.  Truly, truly touching.  A must see!



Cassy Tully-Fine Art Interviews Children’s Author, Barbara Techel

Artist Cassy Tully turned the camera on me after I interviewed her in the last two blog posts on her life as an artist and what it meant for her to paint Frankie.  She now interviews me on what the painting means to me… as well as what my writing studio means to me, and so much more!  Enjoy!

Please note:  The Frankie greeting cards will be available soon on my website.  Once I have them ready for sale I will be sure to let you know via my blog.


Interview with Cassy Tully-Fine Art, Part Two

Yesterday I shared part one of my interview with Cassy Tully-Fine Art, and today I'm excited to bring you part two!  Watch for the special greeting cards Cassy created from the beautiful portrait she did of Frankie.  I was sooo tickled to see them for the first time!  They will be available soon on my website and I'll make an announcement when they are up and ready for purchase.