Joyful Paws Website Is Getting A New Look


I hesitated in sharing my new website design so soon… as it will be a while yet before my new site goes live… but I’m just so excited that I wanted to share. I’m pretty sure this is very close to what the design will ultimately end up to be. I still have work to do in brainstorming a tag line… but I’m well on my way and working with my marketing consultant, Mary Shafer in regards to a tag line.  Caryn Newton of Lantern Glow Design is the wonderful designer who came up with my new look based on our conversation of my vision.

With my new, first nonfiction adult book coming out late 2012/early 2013 it was time that my website be re-done to reflect a new vision for Joyful Paws going forward. While I will still have a big focus on Frankie and my work with her, I also am excited about planning for future ideas/projects.

As my new book is going through the editing process I have also not felt comfortable with the title of my book so my consultant, Mary is helping me with that too. We are very close to having a new title that seems more fitting and I’m really excited about sharing it once we have that nailed down.

Sometimes I sit here, in my little writing studio, looking out into my neighborhood, and my heart swells with pure joy. I love my life. Sure, it has it’s ups and downs and doubts, but I could have never dreamed I would have written a children’s book series or be on my way to publishing my first adult nonfiction book.

I remind myself daily to listen to the whispers in my heart… to follow those whispers… to live my authenticity… and look for the good all around me. There is much good to be found. And so often in the simplest of things and moments. And two sweet dogs, one loving husband, caring friends and family, and one loving and supportive mom, are my reminders of how much I have to be grateful for.

So while I welcome your thoughts on Joyful Paws new look, I also know to trust my heart and my heart feels so at home with the new look of my website. Life is good.


A New Coat for Frankie Courtesy of Digby


Frankie in her sassy new coat from Noodle and Friends

In a post in December I wrote about a fellow wheelchair doxie named Digby whose Mom (Emily) was inspired by Frankie’s story after her Digby was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease.  Frankie gave Emily peace of mind and hope that Digby could live a quality life too, just like Frankie.

Digby was doing great in his new wheels. But then in mid January he suffered another ruptured disc. This time he was in too much pain. Emily knew in her heart she could not let Digby suffer. With a very heavy heart she put him to rest.

She wrote to me and shared the news. My heart broke for her loss and I wrote back telling her how sorry I was for the loss of sweet Digby.

A few days later she sent me another email. She had a store credit with a company that sells adorable dachshund clothing called Noodle and Friends.

She said, “I know Digby would want Frankie to have something.”

She stated again how Frankie and I had inspired her. I was deeply touched that in the midst of her deep pain she would think to do this for Frankie.

I love the new coat I was able to order for Frankie. It is very well made, thick, and oh, so adorable, don’t you think?  The only challenge is that it is so thick and Frankie’s wheelchair is custom-made that coat and Frankie don’t fit into the wheelchair. This made me realize Frankie can’t ever gain weight or she will outgrow her wheels!  🙂

But such a perfect coat for her on those blustery winter days to stay snuggled in, in her car seat as we make school visits or do therapy dog work.

Thank you Emily and Digby for thinking of Frankie with this gift. Frankie will wear it with much pride and in honor of the dashing Digby.

Rest in peace Digby

Goddess of Light Trusts Her Heart


I love the goddess artwork of artist, Maria Wulf (wife to author Jon Katz). So imagine my surprise when my mom gave me this goddess potholder made by Maria!  I love it!

Trusting one’s heart is not always easy as we ladies can tend to question ourselves… but when we turn ourselves into a goddess and listen to her wisdom of being still and listening to our heart, oh the life we can lead.

Thank you, Mom for the sweet reminder.  My Heart Goddess is now hanging to the right of my desk, glowing in the soft light from my lamp… it warms me from the inside out and makes me smile.  I love you, Mom!