I’m Not Left or Right. I Vote Dog for President.

Kylie for President

I don’t consider myself left or right. I also don’t really care to talk about politics. And I don’t want this to be a post about politics.  But rather about the choices in life that we have.  Because that’s the thing. We all have choices. No one else can make them for us.

I’m not left or right because I don’t one hundred percent agree with either side. I like some things that are considered left and I like some things that are considered right. But the thing I like best is living my life the way I choose to live it.  Now, yes, that does get challenging at times when things we can’t control seem to impede on our choices.  And I’m not going to say that does not upset me sometimes, because it does.  And I’ve seen a man I love dearly work harder the past five years than ever before trying to keep his business going.  Why?  Because he believes in the American dream.  He believes in hard work.  He believes in helping others succeed. He believes in entrepreneurs. He believes in honesty, fairness, and love. Many of these things have been greatly challenged because of what is happening, sadly, in our country.  But like my dear husband, I too, choose to live from our core belief’s that following our hearts and dreams is what God (spirit, universe or whatever you choose to call it) intended for each and everyone of us.

If I had it my way we’d have a dog for president.  No surprise there, right?  Imagine that- a dog for president.  We’d have a being with compassion and unconditional love.  A being who cared about the welfare of others. A being who lived in the moment with full gusto and love.  And by living in the moment it seems to me that this would automatically take care of the future for others. A being who is peaceful, loving, and makes you smile no matter what.  Yup, that seals the deal. I will vote dog for president, not left or right, but what is true, honest, spiritual, and pure love.

Worrying About Things I Can’t Control

My ottoman just the way I like it.  Books, magazines, pen and notebook and a good cup of tea… and me curled up in a blanket on the sofa savoring it all.

 Our little cottage is booked for October for our vacation to Vermont.  The anticipation is building each day. This is the trip we wanted to take for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Well, it is now three years later and we are finally making the trip. Life happens.

I ordered a book from Amazon and one from my local library about Vermont.  That is half the fun, I think, reading about where you are going before you get there.  One of the reasons I’ve so badly wanted to visit Vermont is because of the spectacular show of fall that they are known for.  Besides, it is also known to be a state with many artists and writers. That’s right up my alley.

Fall is my favorite season. The colors nature displays always gives me a feeling like no other- the whole earth just seems to dance and come alive.  Some of our trees here in Wisconsin have begun to turn, which is about a month early. It has had me fretting wondering what is happening in Vermont.  On Rolling Dog Ranch blog two days ago I felt a wave of worry as Steve showed a photo of some of their trees already turning, too.  They are located in New Hampshire.  My heart sank.  I don’t want to miss the colors, I thought.

I was in a stupor about this since then.  But today I decided no sense in worrying about something I can’t control. It is going to be beautiful no matter what.  We are going to have a fantastic vacation no matter what.  I have control in my attitude and how I approach this and I’m going to be joyful, no matter what.

Something else I discovered about Vermont is that it was the home of children’s author/illustrator Tasha Tudor.  She passed way in 2008 at the age of 92. For the life of me I don’t know why I never heard of her.  I just recently discovered her in a 2008 Victoria magazine I was reading that a friend loaned me.  Now you can’t tell me this wasn’t meant to be. I learned of her and her eccentric lifestyle just this past Friday and have been ordering all I can from the library to learn about her.  I’m utterly fascinated by her.  And the coolest part?  There is a museum only one hour away from where we are staying in Vermont dedicated to her.

So while I can’t control Mother Nature and when the colors will turn, I am taking great delight in learning about Tasha and can hardly wait to visit the museum.  It is the unexpected surprises that make life fun to embrace. I’m choosing to do just that as I continue to explore and learn more before we head to Vermont.  How fun life can be when we don’t try to control it, right?