This Little Light of Mine

pink trees

Here it is, the eve before my book launch for Through Frankie’s Eyes Am I nervous?  A wee little bit. But most of all I’ve never been more ready!

As I checked my email this morning the above quote was waiting for me.  It couldn’t have been more perfect. It was my sign from the Universe supporting me and reaffirming for me that I’m on the right path. It is time to let this light of mine shine!  Remember that song?

I feel like I finally understand the deepest depth of this quote. All those times I played small did no one any good- most of all myself. But the more of us who can embrace that light within us and shine it out into the world is only going to have a positive ripple affect. How can it not?

My heart is crying tears of joy for the release of my story knowing I’m taking a big leap. A leap to carry on the lessons Frankie taught me to STAND TALL, Be AUTHENTICALLY me, and live by my own truth.  The love of Frankie’s heart lives large in mine as she rests there as a reminder to never dim the light of who I am.

And just as I typed those words, our song came playing on the radio, Landslide.  Now that is an absolute confirmation for me that we are always connected even when we can’t see or touch and reminds me of this quote:  “There is no death, only a change of worlds.” -Chief Seattle

I promise you sweet Frankie I will continue to let my light shine… thanks for leading the way.

Frankie book quote

Now that is a Funny Looking Chicken!

IMG_1279As you can see from the photo, I have a painted chicken theme screen along a wall in my kitchen. I got it many years ago from a man who was 80-years old and painted it himself. I just love it!  It cost the price of a small appliance, but it was one of those things I just had to have.

So lately, Joie has taken up to sitting near the chickens and looking out the front door at dinner time.  And she clucks almost like the sound of a chicken! It is really making John and I laugh… of course until she does not stop!  She clucks and clucks.  I’ve tried to tell her she is not a chicken, but she continues to perch on her roost every night as I make dinner. If I want her to stop clucking I have to literally move her from her perch and place her elsewhere.  It really is quite comical!

And then this picture below that I got of her has me convinced she is indeed part chicken– as if she is looking for seed!  You know though, the thing is… I’ve always wanted chickens.  I just didn’t know I was going to get one that looked like a Dachshund!




Answering Readers Questions about “Through Frankie’s Eyes”


One of Frankie’s many visits to Libby’s House visiting with resident Donna.  Donna loved petting Frankie’s ears!

I’ve been getting such wonderful and positive feedback about Through Frankie’s Eyes. Thank you!  One such reader, Suzan asked if I could elaborate a bit more about Frankie’s work as a therapy dog.

She asked where we went for training.  I did include a link on the resource page at the end of my book, but we went through Therapy Dogs Incorporated.  There are various other organizations and two others I know of are Therapy Dogs International and Delta Society. I did have to first get special permission from Therapy Dogs Incorporated before I began the training because of Frankie’s special needs.

I feel fortunate to have found a woman in my area who was a tester through Therapy Dogs Incorporated. I was able to work with her one on one. I didn’t find the training hard and from what Julie shared with me that one of the most important things is that Frankie paid attention to my moves and followed along. I never realized it before this, but Frankie was very good at that. Frankie seemed to just know what to do when we visited facilities. It truly fascinated me.

Each therapy dog organization works in a similar way in regards to training, though some may require more or stricter standards– depending where you will be doing work too.

Suzan also wondered how I found places to take Frankie for therapy dog visits.  Sadly, there are just not enough therapy dogs as more and more places are asking for them these days.  But I knew I wanted to visit the elderly and was also interested in going to our local hospital. Somehow I heard through the grapevine that Libby’s House, newly open, was looking for a  therapy dog.  Before I even had Frankie trained I called and asked once we passed the testing, could we visit there.  They were thrilled!

I don’t think it’s too hard to find places to volunteer as there is a need in most states. You may even try to find local groups that do pre-training with dogs before you take the big test as there are many groups out there like that too.

Lastly, Suzan asked if it was hard to get school visits for Frankie.  I didn’t find that to be the case.  I did some promotion at the beginning, but once I did a few schools and libraries, the word just spread.  I was also very conscious of not over doing Frankie’s visits and making sure she had plenty of time to be a dog.  We started out doing 2-3 a week and as she aged I cut back to one a week at the most, and then semi-retired her before fully retiring her.  But schools seemed very open to learning about Frankie. And I do think the fact that I had a dog as part of my show, that certainly helped. They keep kids very well entertained. I can’t tell you how many times teachers of the younger kids in Kindergarten and first grade commented how well their kids sat through my half hour presentation.  I always gave credit to Frankie as she was quite mesmerizing and fascinating her wheelchair.

Thanks, Suzan for asking these questions. I hope I answered them for you.