Jenny and Debbie of WCUB Radio–Long Time Fans of Frankie–Now Meet Joie

debbie, jenny and joie wcubYesterday was my third appearance on WCUB Radio.  They have been wonderful supporters of my work and mission, helping me spread the word about Intervertebral Disc Disease, National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day, the Frankie Wheelchair Fund, and now my new book.  Jenny and Debbie, sisters who work at the radio station, have been long time Frankie fans.  Jenny has a darling little weenster named Willie who is blind.

It was fun introducing Jenny and Debbie to Joie yesterday and I guess you could say she wiggled her way right into their hearts too.  Joie was a little anxious in the waiting area, but once I settled her onto my lap for the interview, she was a really good girl and was quiet as a mouse.

I’m thankful for WCUB Radio and their support– but most of all, thankful to call Jenny and Debbie friends.  They are wonderful young ladies!  And to top it off they came bearing gifts for Joie and Kylie who are both enjoying their bright orange and bright pink new stuffed pals.


Why I Write.

lake michiganOn the shore of Lake Michigan in Manitowoc, WI– a photo I snapped with my Smartphone

I think I’ve always been better at expressing how I feel through writing than talking. Sometimes when I try to say how I feel it gets all jumbled up. But when I write I can take my time and think about what I want to say.  Though sometimes my mind gets way ahead of my fingers and I can’t keep up!

I write to express what my heart is feeling, share my passion and to encourage and inspire others. This does not mean it is easy. At times I don’t know what to write about. Other times it is hard to write things down that feel scary to share.  But I do want to make a difference. I know I won’t resonate with everyone, but making the difference in one life is worth it… more than worth it.

I was reminded of this today with a call I got today from a 71-year old trucker whose dachshund rides with him. He told me he wanted to order a copy of my book because of his deep love for doxie’s. I pictured this sweet man, his doxie riding beside him, cruising down the highway of life. He resonated with my love of dachshunds. His little one having just recovered from hurting her back after jumping out of his truck, which she had never done before.

I could tell in his voice the pain it caused him that this happened to his sweet girl. But she was now better and he was relieved.  He told me he didn’t use the computer much, but his wife had told him about my book. He looked me up and gave me a call.

This is why I write. For moments like these when I connect on the heart level of another human being- that my story resonates with them. As scary as it was for me to share some things about myself in my book, I smile picturing this trucker sitting with his little dachshund on his lap, relating to, and enjoying my story.

To inspire…


make a difference…

touch another heart…

this is why I write.

Gearing up for “Walk, Roll and Read Day” in Memory of Frankie and Opening Day of Bookworm Gardens- May 4th.

Last year Beth the education coordinator of Bookworm Gardens came up with the idea to have an event called, “Walk, Roll & Read Day.” In case you are not familiar with me talking about Bookworm Gardens, it is an outdoor garden based on children’s books based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Frankie, and the first book I wrote about her is represented in the garden thank you to wonderful sponsors who made this possible.  Frankie’s legacy lives on in the gardens.


The event will be on Saturday, May 4th. Details are being worked out and I’ll share the final details here as well as on Facebook once I have them. There will be a small walk (and roll) around the University loop since the gardens are located across from Sheboygan UW. Beth sent out the pledge form today which will help raise donations for the gardens as well as for The Frankie Wheelchair Fund the day of the event.

It was one of those moments that came flooding over me that had tears flowing down my face when I read this on the pledge form, Barb Techel, author of Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog will lead the walk in memory of Frankie, and introduce her new dog, Joie.  

I still remember the day, a few short days before the grand opening of the gardens when John and a friend wheeled the Frankie dog house, which John lovingly built, that would represent Frankie’s story, into her special spot within the gardens. In front of her house is a stone statue representing Frankie with a wheelchair John and I donated. I can’t begin to express what it meant to me to have Frankie within those gardens.  I knew one day she would no longer be here, but it was so important to me to have her legacy live on for thousands of children– and this is exactly what is happening.

On May 4th Joie and I will help celebrate another season of the darling and enchanting Bookworm Gardens that provides smiles, laughter, reading, nature, and family fun time. But to know we will also celebrate the life and legacy of Frankie’s work touches me in a place in my heart that I can’t quite find adequate words for.

And now for a few more smiles… Joie is training hard for the under 1K walk and roll event on May 4th…. check it out!