The Adventure Continues. A New School Presentation Starring Joie!


Yesterday I worked all day updating my presentation that I used to do with Frankie for school’s. Joie will now take the lead as the star of the show following in Frankie’s tire tracks. Still crossing my fingers all goes well and that Joie will enjoy a few outings to school’s if they will have us.

Trinity Lutheran will be having us visit next Friday, May 10th. They will be the big test for little Joie. I’m starting to get excited now that I practiced my presentation today. I’ll practice a few more times before then, but so far, so good.

It was fun choosing photos of Joie to show kids that even with a disability she can do many of the same things as dogs who walk on all four paws– and the lesson for them being that they can too, no matter their challenges.  I shouldn’t be surprised I’ve already built up quite a library of photos of sweet face, clown, Joie– but what fun I had choosing which shots to turn into slides.  Thought I’d share some of them with you, too.

I’ll still use Frankie’s books and read from the first one I wrote about her. In regards to instilling in children to make a difference despite challenges, I updated my talk to include National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day and the Frankie Wheelchair Fund.

I smile thinking about how this all came together. Never did I think after Frankie passed I’d be doing this again… but I am… and it feels good. The adventure continues.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my interview on Almost Perfect Pets: Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them blog.  Also today made a donation from the Frankie Wheelchair Fund for a Dachshund named Bam Bam!  She will get her wheels soon!  Love when I get to do this!  If you’d like to help in our efforts with a donation please feel free to visit our website to make a contribution. As always, so grateful for our donors to make this all possible.




The Sweetness of Simple Things.

IMG_1478 1200What a beautiful weekend of weather, capped off by the official season opener of having a fire in our chiminea last night.  More photos on Facebook.

If we knew when the world was going to end, this is where I would choose to be. On my deck, with my dogs, and my hubby. So many sweet times we’ve already had around the chiminea with our girls hanging out with us.

I felt some emotion rise to the surface last night as I held Joie in my lap. How good it felt to hold a dachshund again in the toasty warmth of the sun, fire blazing in front of me. Thinking back to how long summer felt last year. How I  thought it would never end, the grief swallowing me at times, and the thought of never loving a doxie again too hard to bear. But my heart is home again. It is so home.

It is a reminder that we truly can’t feel utter joy without deep sadness in our lives. It goes hand in hand. Each time I think my heart can’t be cracked open any further I look at Joie, Kylie, and John and even though I know loss will come again- it is inevitable–these moments are to be savored, breathe in, soak it up, give thanks, rejoice and exhale to another glorious moment on this amazing earth.

The Right Thing to Do for Frankie. Joie’s Tire Tracks Now Lead the Way. Come Follow.

IMG_1459[1] 1200My heart is full up with love and joy today!  It is in the 60’s and finally feels like spring. Joie was out in the yard for a good part of the morning exploring our backyard. We have about 3/4 of an acre, so lots for her to check out.  This is really the first time she has been able to do that since she arrived mid-October last fall. See more photos of her outside on my Facebook wall.

I can’t stop smiling and my heart oozes with happiness watching her outside. Reflecting back on last summer and how empty I felt without Frankie, having my new wheelie side kick with me to do outdoor things feels so good.

I’ve had a few people upset that I will be taking Frankie’s Facebook page down in June. While they respect my decision, they were sad to hear this. I’m so glad so many loved that little dog, and as you know, I loved her so very dearly. I would likely not have Joie, if it were not for Frankie.  She gave me the gift of opening my heart to another disabled doxie.

It is time to keep moving forward though, and I’ve felt that strongly with Frankie lately. I’d actually been ignoring the thoughts that kept popping in my head about her page. I wasn’t ready for that step yet.  But after receiving the beautiful shadow box of Frankie’s things from my friend, Cassy, it all made sense, that yes, it was time.

I’ve moved all her photos and created two albums on my Facebook page, as well as on National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day page, so she will always be there for anyone who wants to visit her there. She is not going away… but I just feel this is a new place for her to rest more at peace.

Some have suggested a page for Joie, but that does not feel right to me. Joyful Paws is what I am about, so it seems fitting to carry on the mission Frankie helped me begin via my Facebook page, etc.

The other interesting part to it all, is I needed to do this for Frankie. For me. She taught me not to worry so much what others thought of my choices, to define my own path, and to follow my heart. It is exactly what I am doing. If I’d do anything other than this, I feel like I would be letting her down. And so it is. The right thing to do. I rest easy in my decision and I know Frankie moves lighter in spirit.

It is time for Joie to fill a new place in our hearts and leave tire tracks to a new path… whatever that path may be is yet to be determined. But I feel strongly that letting go as completely as possible– without ever forgetting– is the way to new life and new possibilities. I can’t imagine Frankie would want that any other way.