Bialy, Special Needs Ambassador Dog Passes Away. Leaves Legacy with Special Foundation in her Name.

BialyEvery week on my Facebook page for National Walk ‘N Roll Dog Day I feature a special needs wheelie dog as the cover model for the week. I’ve got photos lined up for quite a few weeks out. It warms my heart each week as I look to see who will be featured next, always bringing a smile to my face.

But today, as I prepared to share the next special dog in the line up as our cover model, I discovered going to Bialy’s page that she had recently passed away on June 19th. Erin, Bialy’s mom, still wanted me to share Bialy. I was very happy to do so, adding that I’d also share Bialy with you, my readers of my blog.

Like Frankie, Bialy’s legacy is living on in a foundation Erin has started in her memory. The Bialy Wellness Foundation will help other special needs animals with supplies, therapy and resources to help them live the best quality of life they can. I think this is pretty darn special.

From Bialy’s foundation page:

Bialy was found as a stray just before Christmas 2012. She was about 2 months old, had been severely abused with a wound on her neck and a fracture in T11 vertebrae. Bialy’s back legs were completely rigid and would not bend. Secondhand Snoots Rescue took her in to their adoption program, the Lucida Puppy Fund sponsored her veterinary care and Erin Kowalski, a canine massage therapist fostered her. The first vet she saw said she would never walk again because Bialy had little to no voluntary reflex. After seeking out consultation with a neurologist Bialy was put in a splint as her back healed. During that time Erin began performing up to 3 hours of massage daily on Bialy.  Read the rest here as well as see Bialy’s inspiring video.

Though her life cut short, the love and care she received is truly beautiful. To also have this legacy of helping other special needs dogs is so inspiring. It is my hope, that in time, Erin’s heart will heal as she carries on this special mission of helping more dogs because of her love for Bialy. All my best to Erin and those that loved Bialy so very dearly.

My Joyful Pause Moments. Weekly Recap.

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you as I normally do on Sunday’s. But alas, here it is. As always, I hope it inspires and encourages you to look for those little moments in life that bring you joy – breathe them in and let them light you from the inside out.

10379022_10203099520462125_3067699814573115229_nI enjoyed working on painting this bird house as part of our local Chamber of Commerce initiative that will help raise money for the Chamber with 25 bird houses being painted by local business members. They will be auctioned off at our annual Downtown Night in August. For the month of July they will be displayed around downtown.

10502336_10203108111036884_6933446716161511135_nMy first rose bloom on the bush that my dear friend, Cassy gave to me last summer.

20140625_162218 12Dabbling in some art from the heart. Working on something for you, but it’s a secret. I hope to reveal soon!

20140624_155503 12One of the sweet ladies in our True Self class brought a variety of beautiful butterfly planter pics. We each got to pick one to bring home.

marie and me 12Had tea with my artist friend, Marie who I met two years ago, and getting to know her better. I love being in her company! She was mysterious to me for many years until I met her in a workshop. I wrote about her in a recent blog post here.

g in comforter 12While cleaning my house on Friday with a negative attitude about it, Gidget had burrowed unbeknownst to me into the comforter I had on the floor, ready for taking to the laundromat. When I discovered her inside, it made me smile and changed my whole attitude around to joyful…. even when cleaning.

marie studiio 12My artist friend, Maria’s art studio.

Mysterious Lady on the Corner. Part Two.

marie house 12In Thursday’s blog post I wrote about the mystery lady I’d always wanted to know who lives in a big, old white house downtown Elkhart Lake. You can read more about her here.

Some of you were intrigued about her house and garage I described, so today I took pictures to share with you. As well as another photo of Marie at the Farmer’s and Artisan Market today where she sells her beautiful hand-made pillows and bags.

marie studiio 12Her garage, I forgot to mention in my post on Thursday, is actually part of her art studio. I just may have to peek inside that door one of these times!  But she told me she keeps all her fabrics in there that are all spread out. She does all her sewing in the house.