The Sleeping Dog Carries Powerful Message

The Sleeping Dog Carries Powerful Message

Watching Kylie sleep has become more precious to me as she is into her senior years now. She will be ten next month.

Oftentimes I hear her snoring and can’t help but to just stop and watch her.

In those moments, I often find myself recalling the trip to Tennessee to bring her home from a breeder. I see in my mind’s eye the winding road we traveled, coming upon a run down trailer where the breeder lived and having second thoughts, and almost turning around and leaving.

But we had come so far. I couldn’t leave her behind. And it turned out the dog’s were well taken care of. The kennels clean, the dog’s appearing healthy and happy.

How she was just this chunk of pure love I held in my arms and my heart instantly flooded with love again after the loss of my chocolate Lab Cassie Jo a few months before.

Kylie swept right in and filled the void. A new love was in bloom.

I try not to think about her last breath that will come some day. Now closer than when she was a wee little pup.

Instead I focus on the joy it is to take care of her, to love her, to hug her, to be in this older stage of life with her.

This slowing down, taking in each moment with more awareness of what matters. This is a gift she gives to me each day.

The gift of her frosted face, her gentle spirit, and her powerful message that there is dignity and grace in being a divine old dog.

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Touched By the Kindness of a Stranger

Touched by the Kindness of a Stranger
Gidget in her new sweater

On Saturday I posted this photo of Gidget on Facebook. It shouldn’t amaze me anymore how much people love animals. But yet, I was chuckling when it reached over 300 likes in no time at all.  Last I looked, it was at 373 likes.

I must admit, I do love this picture of her – well, actually, I downright adore it! I also love how she feels in this sweater – like a little stuffed sausage that I just want to cuddle all day long! It really does fit her perfectly.

And the story behind it is one of kindness, so I thought I’d share here too, in case you aren’t on Facebook.

I was at our local farmers market on Saturday with Gidget when a mom and daughter who had a table set up with knit caps, scarves, and mittens, stopped me to ask about Gidget.

The mom told me about her dachshund, named George. She adopted him from a woman who does her hair who needed to find him a new home. George wasn’t getting along with the other dog the hairdresser had. Turns out, he is meant to be in a one dog home.

George, his new mom told me, is similar in coloring to Gidget, but flipped in colors. Meaning he is more black with gray and brown spots. I pictured him in my mind and thought what a lovely couple George and Gidget would make.

We all talked “doxie talk” and how much we admire the breed. And then I was ready to move on, so I said my goodbyes and how it was really nice chatting with them.

I had only walked a few feet when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. It was the daughter who I had just been talking with. She said, “I want Gidget to have this.”

She handed me a dog sweater, which I hadn’t even seen on their table, she said,”I told my mom that I thought Gidget needed to have this.”

I was so touched by her kindness. And I told her it is actually the very first sweater Gidget has. She usually wears fleece coats, but I was thankful for the beautiful sweater.

Now every time I put Gidget in this sweater I’ll be reminded that there is good in this world and how blessed I feel to have been touched by this kind lady and her mom.

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