Accepting the Mystery of Life

Accepting the Mystery of Life

It occurred to me last week going through some challenges that there are just going to be some things that remain a mystery. We may never know answers to those things that which seem to defy explanation or understanding.

That’s not always easy because our human minds seem to demand to wrap itself around something. Anything.

I was reminded of that again today when I did my daily ritual, which is picking two of my SoulCollage(r) cards from my deck, which I’ve been creating since last November.

I had first picked up some leaves outside, came inside to my writing cottage and placed the leaves on a green plate with some dried hazelnuts and acorns. I then lit a candle, and picked two of my cards to see what wisdom they had for me today.

And wouldn’t you know it… the two cards that came up are are two that have remained a mystery to me for quite sometime. I still haven’t a clue what they mean. Perhaps I may never know.

But again, here it was, a lesson in trying to be comfortable in the mystery of it… just like those moments in life when you know you will likely never have an answer for something that is perplexing you.

It’s a call to find wisdom in just that… the mystery of the unexplained.

Speaking of SoulCollage(r), I just got done reading a book written by fellow facilitator, Anne Marie Bennett, Through the Eyes of SoulCollage(r).  It’s a collection of essays she written on reflections of life through the lens of SoulCollage(r).

You can read my review here on Amazon and I just have to say how much I loved this book. Even if you don’t create, or will ever create, SoulCollage(r) cards, I believe you will find something of value and inspiration in her essays.


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My “She Shed” (A.K.A. Zen Writing Cottage) to Be Featured in Book

My “She Shed” (A.K.A. Zen Writing Cottage) to Be Featured in Book

I’m pretty excited to share that my “She Shed” or as I like to call it, my Zen Writing Cottage, will be featured in a book coming out in May 2016 from Affirm Press publishing.

I never, ever thought the day I decided I needed a space of my own that someday it would be in a book!

When the publisher contacted me a few weeks ago, I love what they said about their mission about this project, as it lines up with my philosophy.

“Through this project we’re hoping to celebrate women’s spaces and promote female creativity, artistry and design. This book could be both a comfort and an inspiration to women everywhere who aspire to design and create their own private spaces.”

I have no doubt this book will inspire many to start thinking of carving out a space of their own. Imagine how we can uplift this world with more creativity!

I can’t wait to see it in print and will keep you posted once it is available so stay tuned.

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Come Meet Peppermint

Come Meet Peppermint
A dachshund nose always knows!

Peppermint (formerly Pepper) was paralyzed and overweight when she came into rescue with Patricia.

They knew she’d eventually need a wheelchair, but first she needed to lose weight.

With the loving care of foster mom, Lori, Peppermint found her girlish figure once again.

And as a reward, a new outfit…this one in the form of a wheelchair, so she could do what doxie’s love to do best, and that is explore, explore, explore.

Here she is at the marina sniffing up all the glorious smells of a crisp, fall day.

Keep on rolling, Peppermint!

Peppermint’s wheelchair paid for courtesy of the Frankie Wheelchair Fund and custom made by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

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