In the Dead of Winter – A Promise.

In the dead of winter - a promise

I went down to the lower level of the house this morning to water my geranium I kept from the summer. My first attempt at wintering one which I was encouraged to do so by my friend, Miss Marie.

When I got to the bottom of the steps and saw the brilliant red blossom on the dormant plant, I just had to pause for a few moments and take in its beauty.

In the dead of winter among the decaying leaves, a few buds were secretly working their magic — finally bursting to the surface — as a reminder that the spring is on its way – a promise that is never broken – for it always comes. It always comes.

Update:  After I posted this, I thought more about this pretty bloom. The plant is in my Joyful Pause Studio where I held my first SoulCollage® workshop two weeks ago. It was a wonderful success! Now I’m thinking perhaps this is the blooms approval of my studio and my workshops — and all the good energy from the ladies who attended my first one. She couldn’t help but bloom!

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The White Masked Lab Makes Friends Easily

The White Masked Dog Makes Friends Easily
Kylie and Larry

Late yesterday we got to meet our friend, Jon’s new little dachshund puppy. His name is Larry. Don’t you just love it?

Larry had absolutely no fear what-so-ever about bounding right into Kylie’s kennel. Of course, after he took about a million spins racing into the living room and flying around the corner into the kitchen. Oh, the energy he has!

And here’s the thing about Kylie – I’ve never had to worry about her around other dog’s. She is completely open and acceptable. I swear she is a saint in disguise in a dog body. She is a gentle giant with a very soft and compassionate heart. She makes me want to be a better person every time I’m around her.

Gidget on the other hand, well, she was pretty good. But just a wee bit jealous. Apparently my lap is just for her. She made sure I knew this and that I don’t forget it.

When I brought up this photo of Larry and Kylie on my computer I was taken aback at how white Kylie is getting – sort of looking like she has a mask on like raccoon’s, but in white instead.

The older she gets the sweeter she becomes. And the more she tugs at my heart. I can’t imagine a day without her, but I know it will come.

But moments like this and how loving she is toward others pups made me love her even more — I really don’t even know how that is possible — because every time I’m with her, my heart spills over with immense joy.

She is truly one the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known.

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The Whisper of Winter that Fell in the Night

The Whisper of Winter that Fell in the Night

Winter came in again like a soft whisper overnight and we woke to a fresh blanket of white powder.

A hush of stillness fell over the neighborhood for just a time being before snowblowers broke the silence.

But in my writing cottage, I lit a candle, stepped my bare feet onto my yoga mat and drank in the view outside my window, sinking gently into the stillness within me.

Just like the snowflakes that fall so gracefully in the silence of the night weaving their creative beauty for all to see in the first morning light.


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