Garden Helper

Garden Helper

As I watered the garden this afternoon, this little guy stopped by to hang out on the rain gutter. I’ve sure seen many dragonflies around the last week. This seems unusual and early for them to be here. But it has been unseasonably warm.

But maybe they heard about my new beautiful gardens and they just had to come for a tour.  I welcome them. I welcome them all.

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Under the Spell of Enchanting Summer. Pictorial Tour.

Saturday morning, walking around my garden the roses are so close…(so close!) to blooming. As pretty as they will be when they unfold their petals opening to the sky above, I do love seeing them in this tight bud stage. And Oh! It reminds me of my all time favorite quote:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin

Summer has sprung to life this past week. I’m not sure where Spring went, but I’m not complaining and find myself under the enchanting spell of summer. I thought you might like a pictorial tour of what has my heart singing this holiday weekend. Enjoy!
Under the Spell of Enchanting Summer. Pictorial Tour.

Miss Gidget is very happy with her new bed I bought just for the purpose of her having her own special spot on the deck. While we are grillin’ she is a chillin’!  And just an update on her walking. She is walking better but still quite wobbly.  But no longer pulling herself along. So great improvement!


A few weeks ago I spray painted this baby gate that goes across the opening of our stairs of our deck. With Gidget having IVDD, she can’t do stairs. But I love how the red of the geraniums plays off the green and my new Adirondack chair cushions. Color! Color! Color! Makes my heart swoon.


If one “kid” gets something new, well you know that means the other “kid” needs something too, right?  It was time to “retire” Lambchop and Monkey toy and well, it was actually waaaaaay overdo. But now Miss Kylie has a new Monkey friend in her favorite colors of perwinkle and green. Oh wait! I think those are MY favorite colors!


I love how the sun was peeking through the deck railing causing this shadow affect on the exterior wall of my writing cottage.


And what’s chillin’ out on the deck without a little lovin’ from Papa?  Hey look, Papa! I got a new toy!


After a lovely time on the deck last night, while reading on the couch, Gidget snuggled beside me, it was fun watching a summer storm come through. The photo is a bit fuzzy, but I kind of think it adds to the mystery of a storm. And do you see the moon on the left hand side under the tree branch? And it looks like Mr. Eli, the neighbors Golden Doodle was out for one “last potty break” before the storm hit.


This mornings strolling, while Gidget was rolling in her stroller, I came across this patch of white flowers on the outskirts of a woods I walk by. I’m not sure if they are wild or a weed. But none-the-less, they sure are pretty aren’t they?


Over the railroad tracks that lead downtown to the hub of Elkhart Lake purple flower weeds are in bloom.


And the lake – oh, the lake! Never disappoints the eyes. I always love seeing a lone fishing boat – just adds to the enchantment of this beautiful place I live.


And past one of my favorite houses downtown. Can you see the stained class windows in the background? But it was these flowers that simply took my breath away! In fact, I really did gasp out loud. They were sooooo pretty!


Summer in Elkhart Lake never ceases to put me under a spell. And one that I never want to end. But no sense worrying about that as it has just begun, so I shall relish in all its glory.

Hoping your holiday weekend is a good one wherever you are!  And a very special thank you to all the veterans who have served and who continue to serve.

And as always, the veteran close to my heart is one who I always think of with extra fondness this Memorial Day… our family soldier…my brother, Keith. Here is he is with his daughter, Sara, who I can hardly believe is graduating high school this week. Just another reminder how precious time is.

The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude. -Jeff Miller


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Update on Roo & His Special ‘Thank You.’

Update on Roo & His Special 'Thank You.'

A few weeks ago I shared the story of Roo and how the Frankie Wheelchair Fund provided funds to have a custom made wheelchair built for him by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

Yesterday I got this photo of him and his special thank you card! Isn’t it so sweet?

It is so rewarding helping this sweet dogs and I love seeing photos of them in their new wheels… and getting a thank you card such as this? Well, that is divine icing on the cake!

And an update on Roo that he is beginning to take to the wheels, understanding they are giving him a freedom he didn’t have before. He wasn’t quite sure about them at first.

Keep on rolling Roo!

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