A New Morning Ritual.

Whether we consciously realize it or not, we all have some sort of ritual in the mornings. But perhaps some don’t think of them in this way as we can tend to be on automatic pilot.

For me, I try to move through my morning in a more conscious way now. Though yes, I still have my days where I’m more on automatic pilot. I don’t often have Good Morning America on anymore, which used to be an everyday thing for me. Now I prefer the peace and quiet – or soft music playing.

I find that the quiet or soft music, plus the rituals I have in place, which can vary each day, set a foundation for my day.  My newest ritual, thanks to this lovely gift  from my mom, is a crystal singing bowl.

It’s on a table in my Zen writing cottage and while I just got it, I can already see this will be something I’ll want to do each day. On mornings I do Yoga I will light my candle and then play the singing bowl before going to my mat. Just thinking about this makes me feel grounded and calm. It is, in itself a meditation.

And to me that is what ritual is all about – it’s being in more conscious awareness of how we start and then move through our days – and for me, ritual helps set this in place and also serves as a reminder when my days are hectic or might be stressful.

Hope you enjoy this short video of the sound of my singing bowl — of course it sounds even better in person, and the full view out my writing cottage only adds to the good vibes!

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Help Me Pick the Cover for My New Book: “Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift”

07A-front  07B-front

UPDATE:  Thank you everyone! Between the comments here, Facebook, and emails from some of you, over 350 shared your choice.  Stay tuned as I’ll announce which book cover chosen soon!  Thank you again!!

It’s an exciting time having finally finished the editing portion of my new book and now onto putting it all together!

I’ve been working with Caryn of Lantern Glow Design and have narrowed a book cover down to the two choices above.  You will note there isn’t much difference – the only difference being the backgrounds – either floral or sky. While I realize the ultimate choice is mine, I’d sure love your input!

Please let me know by leaving a comment below which you like better- the one on the top, #1 or the one on the bottom, #2.  Thank you!

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When a Writer Dances

Celebration! from Barbara Techel on Vimeo.

I just had to do it.

Earlier this month my manuscript came back from my editor. When I made all the changes and updated areas that needed more attention, I sent it back to her for a final proofread. In my experience from the other books I’ve written, a proofread normally meant small tweaks.

But this time there were more changes and updates to be made which meant I felt more comfortable printing the whole manuscript out yet again and going through it line by line, word by word one. more. time. After reading my manuscript over and over, this is when it starts to feel rather tedious, and sometimes like torture.  But it’s how my brain works and how I work to feel comfortable before putting a book out into the world.

This process of writing this book has been an almost three year endeavor with many labor pains along the way. But when I got to the end of the manuscript yesterday, it was a whoosh! of many emotions that ran through me.

As I laid the last sheet of paper down on the table beside me where I’d been hunkered down in my over-sized wicker chair the last few days, the song “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang popped in my head, so I played it on Youtube… and this writer danced!

A dance of joy, a dance of accomplishment, a dance of perseverance, a dance of determination, a dance of gratefulness, a dance of celebration.

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