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Nurse Gidget and Kylie the Patient

Nurse Gidget and Kylie the Patient

Just got home from the vet clinic with Kylie, and Gidget has stepped up to the task of playing nurse. Kylie had a small mass on the hock of her foot that was bleeding on and off that started mid-week last week.

While the “inner tube” collar helped to keep her from licking the spot – it didn’t heal over either and continued to periodically bleed. So off she went to the vet early this morning to have it removed.

Now 14-days of carrying her “pillow”  with her around her neck. Though she tolerates it well.

And she’s got a great nurse helping her who will no doubt provide lots of love and support.

While at the vet last week, the technician commented that quote we often here, “gettin’ old ain’t for sissies.”  Kylie, at 11 1/2 years old now is definitely a senior. But this is the beautiful thing about dogs and how most seem to tolerate getting old so much better than we humans.

We do our part to keep them as comfortable as possible as they begin to slow down and I think too, so important to honor their journey as it is meant to be.  

My dear dogs, always teaching me something, and another reminder today to enjoy the journey.

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Mr. Squirrel Had a Message for Me

Mr. Squirrel Had a Message for Me

Sitting at my desk in my writing cottage late yesterday afternoon I watched out the window as Mr. Squirrel climbed from the window box planter, up the birch branch I have as decoration, and scored some peanut butter I have smothered on a pine cone hanging from a nub of the branch.  Which, ah-hem, Mr. Squirrel, is supposed to be for the birds.

The next time I looked up, there he was looking in the window at me.  I glanced at the pine cone. It was empty. It didn’t take much to realize he had an important message for me:

Hey Lady!  I need more peanut butter!  Hurry!

This morning when I pulled up the blinds in my bedroom with a perfect view of my writing cottage there on the deck railing sat the empty pine cone.

Thanks Mr. Squirrel for going the extra mile to take the pine cone down for me to re-fill it.

I hear you loud and clear!  But alas, you shall have to wait. I’m fresh out of peanut butter.


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Healing Wisdom from an Ancient Animal

Healing Wisdom from an Ancient Animal

Yesterday afternoon I went for an impromptu ride. Well perhaps it wasn’t really an impromptu ride but I knew I couldn’t stay in my writing cottage as something was bothering me. I needed to shake it off.

I hesitated if the drive would even work to help release a negative energy I encountered which was feeling quite toxic. But I pushed past my second guessing and made it out to my car with camera in hand to take some pictures along the way to help distract me from all the thoughts racing through my mind.

As I began to drive I recalled a week or so earlier going down a country road I don’t think I’ve ever traveled before. I came across what I labeled as ” cow creatures”  because I wasn’t quite sure of their correct name. But when I came across them they seemed so ancient and made me feel peaceful.

So I headed down that same road again to find them. Sitting on the side of the road and observing them I began to feel myself move out of my head and back into my body again.

Those primal looking cow creatures did it again – helping me to feel grounded and more at peace.  When I got home I Googled a description of them to find out they are Highland Cattle. They come from the Scottish breed and are one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world.

No wonder I felt such a deep healing from just being in their presence. I was able to remind myself that the toxic feelings flooding me were only temporary. And that I had a choice to let go. The Highland Cattle also helped to remind me that I am strong and wise.

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