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New Year Guidance from Llama and the Angels

New Year Guidance from Llama and the Angels

As promised, I mentioned in my post yesterday, Moving into the New Year with Ritual, I said I was going to randomly draw an animal and angel card as my guidance for the New Year and share with you.

I chose to draw from Daily Guidance from your Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and The Animal Wisdom Tarot card deck from Dawn Brunke.

I first chose an angel card and wasn’t at all surprised that I got Change in Direction.

The need to want to focus on doing more workshops in 2017 has been growing steadily this past year. In some ways it wasn’t an easy decision, because I know I want to keep balance in my life, which means I decided to let go of a book project. But once I realized I could just simmer in it and that I wasn’t completely letting go, it became easier for me to set it aside and concentrate on what feels like the right path for me. By doing so, it opened a space within me, like a feeling of ahhhhh, and a vast open place to which to explore.

The card itself reads:

The changes you’re experiencing are Divinely directed by your newborn willingness to open your heart to love and our guidance. You are protected now and in the future, so follow your path to the happy outcomes you desire.

In reading further from the booklet, what resonated with me was that it also said “the angels are guiding you through this transition. The Law of Attraction insures that you’ll manifest wonderful new opportunities and relationships. You’re starting a new phase of your life.”

I’ve felt this coming for a very long time. Writing and publishing my second memoir last year, Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift was important to me in “doing the work” I want to teach and what would lead me with more confidence to this new direction.

And just like Through Frankie’s Eyes and the work and mission I had with Frankie, it was all about “walking my talk.” It’s how I feel about Wisdom Found in the Pause that taking time for oneself, going within, and listening is what I did during my sabbatical, and will continue to do by doing my best to stay grounded and centered in small practices of ritual each day.

And while I didn’t really look at this New Year and my new direction as transition as the angel card says, I see now that it is. It’s new territory for me and will no doubt have learning curves. But I keep in mind how I will grow and evolve from this.

The next card I chose was an animal card and received Llama. I must first say, that Llama has been showing up often, as on many days I draw an animal card as part of my grounding rituals.

What stands out and resonates for me in Llama’s wisdom is this:

While most Seekers enjoy fast-paced travel and action, Seeker of Fossils prefers a solid foundation, steady movement, and consistent growth. With stamina and dedication this individual proceeds prudently and honors personal convictions. Persistent, persevering, and dependable, Llama guides steadily, helping us to keep our goal in sight.

The blend of air and earth elements suggests a grounded ability to understand abstract, metaphysical concepts. As a bridge to higher dimensions, Llama offers freedom and safety while traversing the expanse of space and time.

I’ve come to a time in my life that hurry isn’t what I want. I want to be sure that my foundation of rituals in my yoga practice, meditation, working with oracle cards and my SoulCollage® cards, and practicing self care in other ways is core to my days. In doing so, I can open my mind to new ways of thinking and understanding. I’ve experienced this by staying grounded, and now wish to open to it even more, while also wanting to help and encourage others to do the same.

So, wow. I love the magic of how oracle and tarot cards can help with guidance in our life and a tool that if we really sit with the messages can serve us in such a positive way in living a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Wisdom of the Butterfly

Wisdom of the Butterfly
Photo credit: Paula Pipping Hirschmann (my sister)
This morning I had the impulse to randomly open one of my journals where I collect quotes because I wanted to share one with you today.
It so happened (synchronicity!) to be one about the butterfly. This made me think of the beautiful photo of a butterfly my sister posted on her wall yesterday.
We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. – Maya Angelou
This got me thinking about the wisdom of butterfly that feels fitting for me and perhaps it may for you too.
I think oftentimes we forget how far we have come and about all the positive changes we’ve made in our lives. How easy it is to think we are not enough, haven’t done enough, and need to be and do more.
This has been a practice for me to know that I am enough…no matter what. All those years I was in the “spotlight” so to speak with my work with my disabled dog, Frankie, and now I’m in a place where I’m content with more solitude.
But yet, I still have this need to make a difference in the world. And the butterfly reminded me that I am…no matter what…just as long as I honor my true heart and live from that space.
All the different layers of myself I’ve peeled away and shed over the years have brought me to this place called me that I am right now. A place, I for the most part, am quite happy about. I’m happy with the changes I’ve made for myself, though not always easy.
And so the butterfly reminds me to pause and remember all I’ve done to get to this point. All the little steps I’ve taken along the way (and will continue to). And as I sit for a moment to look at the photo of this butterfly I see it coming in and landing ever so softly on the flower. In my minds eye I see it opening and closing its wings in the most graceful way – reminding me that there is beauty in the pause and there is beauty when we take flight once again…and that there is beauty in each moment and stage of our lives.
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The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

During my Reiki I training my Reiki Master, Jay, brought Animal Medicine cards for me, since I would like to focus my Reiki practice on helping animals. I was thrilled!  I’m familiar with Animal Medicine cards (have a set of cards myself) and have worked with them before.

Be sure to read through the entire post for an opportunity to find out what animal is guiding you at this particular time on your journey.

Before I get into the meaning of the animal card, Jaguar that I picked, you might be asking what is animal medicine?

As quoted from the Animal Medicine Cards book by Jamie Sams and David Carson:

To understand the concept of medicine in the Native American way, one must redefine “medicine.” The medicine referred to in this book is anything that improves one’s connection to the Great Mystery and to all life. This would include the healing of body, mind, and of spirit. This medicine is also anything that brings personal power, strength and understanding. It is the constant living of life in a way that brings healing to the Earth Mother and all of our associates, family, friends, and fellow creatures. Native American medicine is an all-encompassing “way of life,” for it involves walking on the Earth Mother in perfect harmony with the Universe.”

I am very drawn to animals- not only dogs, but all animals. Among my favorite besides dogs, are dolphins, penguins, giraffe’s and elephants. But truly, they all fascinate me.  And I believe each animal on earth teaches us something. So I was intruigued I picked the Jaguar during my Reiki I class.

The Jaguar card says:

Sacred Jaguar teach me…

To wear my pwer lightly,

To walk with impeccability,

To approach life with compassion,

And to live up to the integrity of my human potential

I’ll share a portion of what the Jaguar means for me from the Medicine Card book:

Jaguar medicine is integrity and impeccability. Its mission is to devour the unclean aspects of human behavior. Jaguar teaches us good medicine to those who stand in their personal integrity and walk through life in an impreccable manner.

If Jaguar is roaming your dream/reality today, its primal roar may be rewarding you for mainting your integrity in some situation where you could have easily misused your authority. You may have been unwilling to pass judgement on another, or to be self-serving. Were you especially kind to someone or do a good deed that was unexpected? If so, allow the recognition to fill you with feelings of well-being and continue to serve with compassion and openhearted integrity.

Do not falter in your resolve to be your personal best at all times. Maintain your dignity, devotion, and compassion, holding to forthrightness and honesty, no matter whe the cotnrary influences. Jaguar medicine teaches you that personal integrity allows for mistakes, embraces forgiveness, and humbly makes self-directed corrections, allowing a rebalanced spirit to triumph once again.

The most powerful part of the Animal Medicine Cards is to pick your nine totem animals that surround your physcial body on your Earth Walk which are represented East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within.

Interestingly enough, I reviewed the nine totem animals I chose back in February 2006 and for East it was the Jaguar.  Picking Jaguar for East means that this animal in the East guides you to your greatest spirtual challenges and guards your path to illumination. Now this gives me major goosebumps as I truly feel this is where I am in my journey!  WOW!

Would you like to know what animal is guiding you right now on your path?

Just contact me via email (barb at joyfulpaws dot com) and let me know in a sentence or two what you’d like most to know for yourself? Are you are the right path? Do you want to manifest something in your life? Are you struggling with something? Let your animal card help guide you. Based on the area you’d like guidance on, I’ll ask the of the deck of animal cards to choose the right animal for you. I’ll then email you the animal card chosen for you, along with its meaning. Fun, huh?