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The Magical Connection Between Inner and Outer Worlds

The Magical Connection Between Inner and Outer Worlds
My Horse SoulCollage® card

Most days, as part of my morning ritual I shuffle my SoulCollage® card deck (I’ve made 43 cards so far). I either silently ask a question about something I’m struggling with or just ask for whatever guidance I may need for the day.

As I shuffled my cards today I was thinking about how excited I am to facilitate a retreat with a friend at her horse farm this summer. And the card I pulled? One of the cards I made with horse!

This was a card I made when I was training to become a SoulCollage® facilitator in November 2014. During a meditation, Horse came to me in my heart, but only revealed part of herself. I was surprised by this and kept waiting for her to come into full view, which she never did during that meditation.

Perhaps it was a clue that down the road I’d be coming full circle with the medicine of Horse and co-facilitating this retreat I’m doing.

But it was the perfect example of what I just got done teaching in an online workshop with my friend, Dawn, and how our outer world oftentimes reflects what is going on in our inner world.

I also pick an animal card each morning to not only learn more about different animals and their teachings, but to have as my guidance for the day.

I recently bought a new deck called the Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip & Stephaine Carr-Gomm, so I’ve been pulling a card at random from this deck lately.

This morning my energy was feeling off because of a few things I am disappointed about. After shuffling the cards for a few moments the card I pulled was Fire Dragon.

Hmm, I thought. Interesting.

A few thoughts from the booklet about Fire Dragon that made sense for me today–

  • Fire dragon brings courage and an increased ability to overcome obstacles and to find the energy to cope with life’s problems.
  • Whether you have too much or too little energy, developing a harmonious relationship with Fire Dragon will help you.
  • If you lack energy you may need to ask the dragon to give you a little more of the treasure he is guarding.

I placed both my cards on my altar in my writing cottage as reminders of the teachings.


As I signed on to check my Facebook account the first image I saw was this that said, “need a dragon?”


I’m really beginning to see more and more how our inner and outer world really is connected. I’m finding that it’s really just making a conscious effort more often.

I think too often we think there is going to be some big, flashing neon light telling us exactly what we need to hear — but what would be the fun in that if we were always handed the most obvious answers? Though yes, I, like you, do wish that would happen at certain times.

But I find that when I’m open to the subtle clues that come, it sure does make life much more magical when these happenings occur!

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Skunk Dream. What Could It Mean?

Skunk Dream. Would Could it Mean?
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If only I could remember all the parts of my dreams.

I try really hard, but it seems I can only manage to remember one small tidbit of them. Maybe I’m trying too hard?!

The only thing I recall of my dream last night was that I encountered a skunk. And then he sprayed me right in the face!

Upon awakening, I thought, “What in the world could that mean?”

I’m increasingly becoming more and more fascinated with what our animal world is trying to teach us, not just dogs, which I’ve learned so much from in the past ten years. I can’t help but think they’ve led the way for me to now become more interested and open to other animal teachings.

For a long time I always thought you had to actually encounter an animal to receive a message. But I now understand to pay attention by patterns of animals that show up whether in images or on TV, or in person too, as well as in dreams.

When one shows up in my dreams, I get excited and intrigued about what it is I’m supposed to understand that perhaps I’m not getting.

One thing I’ve learned to do because of my animal communicator friend, Dawn, whose written lots of books on the subject, is to think deeper into their meanings and listen to my own intuition to how that animal is trying to speak to me.

It’s often called animal medicine which is the Native American practice of embracing an awareness that reveals itself when a certain animal crosses our path.

It’s “the custom of animal medicine refers to the healing aspects that a particular animal brings to our consciousness. This would mean anything that supports, strengthens, restores, empowers, or revives the spiritual body, as well as the physical body.”

So what could skunk mean appearing in my dream?  I went to a popular book by Ted Andrews called, Animal Speak, for guidance.

One paragraph jumped out at me:

“The skunk does not get out of the way of any animal. It moves along at its own speed, with its own mind. It is self-assured and confident in itself. It skunk has shown up, it can be to help you with this particular aspect. It can teach you how to be more self-assured and how to assert yourself.”

I asked myself, “How does this relate to where I’m at right now?”

As I thought about it, I knew exactly what it meant.

I’m adventuring into offering workshops out of my home teaching the SoulCollage(r) process. I have this fear that no one will sign up. That people won’t want to see how this process can help them. That perhaps they aren’t ready.

For about three nights in a row this is exactly what I’ve been worrying about in my dreams.

But this time skunk showed up to encourage me to be confident in myself and to trust that all is going to work out.

So okay, Mr. Skunk, I guess you had to spray me in the face to get my attention to stop worrying so much. I’m taking your message into my heart and trusting it….

and if you don’t mind me adding, without any offense what-so-ever, I’m really glad you were in my dream and not reality when it took spraying me in the face to get my attention!

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Red Moon Passage and Animal Medicine

Red Moon Passage and Animal Medicine
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Recently I came across a book by Bonnie J. Horrigan, published in 1997, called Red Moon Passage.  As someone who is a newborn of my post menopausal years, I was struck by the title and that it is about “The Power and Wisdom of Menopause.”

You may be wondering what this has to do with animal medicine, but hang tight as I will share that with you shortly.

Red Moon Passage is a term that the author came up with as a way to look at this time in a woman’s life “as a spiritual journey to a new way of being and celebrating menopause as a spiritual journey of transformation.”

red moonI love this because it is exactly how I am trying to embrace this transition I’m now in. It’s not to say it does not bring with it challenges, because I’m experiencing a few of those, too.

But as Frankie, my paralyzed dachshund taught me so many years ago, I want to always find ways in which to focus on the positive.

And there are many to this red moon passage time such as feeling freer to live from the inner light of who I really am and not getting caught up in what others may think of me and my choices.

While I’m not always positive about when a hot flash comes, I do remind myself to view it as the old self leaving and a more empowered self emerging.  And you know what? Most often, I really do like this new self that I’m witnessing in the reflection of my mirror.

Which brings me to animal medicine…

A friend suggested a homeopathic medicine called Lachesis Mutus by Boiron to help with the hot flashes. I was quite excited to give it a try because I want to move through this time as naturally as possible.

I went ahead and ordered the product. Afterwards, I came to find out it is made from the venom of the South American bushmaster’s snake. I researched further and read the venom is so dilute that only almost undetectable amounts of the poison remain.

But I couldn’t get over the fact it was snake venom. I thought I might die if I took the little white pellets which they instruct to put under your tongue when you feel a hot flash coming on. Which is silly because they couldn’t sell it if it did that!

But this led me to read more about snake medicine in Dr. Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guides book and to also consult author Dawn Brunke’s Animal Wisdom Tarot cards.

What did I need to learn from Snake?  I wondered. But more so, was I open to it?

As I consulted the two resources these are the passages that resonated with me:

From Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer:

“You’re going through a major life or developmental transition, one so powerful that it requires you to shed a lot of attachments, especially to your old identity.”

“You’ve gone through a series of initiations, including death and rebirth experiences and as a result have gained compassion, wisdom, and a powerful capacity for healing.”

“You’ve gained a deeper interest in ancient and indigenous cultures and spiritual practices and feel quite at home with these.”

From The Animal Wisdom Tarot Cards by Dawn Brunke:

This is a card (Snake) of enthusiasm, adventure, excitement and adventure. Fueled with inner heat, we sense a challenge—and are ready.

As guardian of sacred places, Snake helps us to explore the far-reaches of our soul and learn to be fully alive.

Be bold, daring; let your inner light shine.

I appreciated how Snake reminded me of what was, what is, and what is yet to come…and to be open to all of it.

Animal Wisdom Tarot CardsI was still a little apprehensive about taking the tiny white pellets, though I was feeling a bit more confident. After a discussion with my friend a few days later, I finally found the courage to give it a try.

And guess what? They work for me… And I’m here to tell you about it!

And oh! how I’ve grown in expanding my awareness and embracing even more how animals can show us the parts of ourselves we are sometimes afraid to look at.

But when we do, how our world can open in even more magical ways helping us to heal and move forward.

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