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Red Moon Passage and Animal Medicine

Red Moon Passage and Animal Medicine
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Recently I came across a book by Bonnie J. Horrigan, published in 1997, called Red Moon Passage.  As someone who is a newborn of my post menopausal years, I was struck by the title and that it is about “The Power and Wisdom of Menopause.”

You may be wondering what this has to do with animal medicine, but hang tight as I will share that with you shortly.

Red Moon Passage is a term that the author came up with as a way to look at this time in a woman’s life “as a spiritual journey to a new way of being and celebrating menopause as a spiritual journey of transformation.”

red moonI love this because it is exactly how I am trying to embrace this transition I’m now in. It’s not to say it does not bring with it challenges, because I’m experiencing a few of those, too.

But as Frankie, my paralyzed dachshund taught me so many years ago, I want to always find ways in which to focus on the positive.

And there are many to this red moon passage time such as feeling freer to live from the inner light of who I really am and not getting caught up in what others may think of me and my choices.

While I’m not always positive about when a hot flash comes, I do remind myself to view it as the old self leaving and a more empowered self emerging.  And you know what? Most often, I really do like this new self that I’m witnessing in the reflection of my mirror.

Which brings me to animal medicine…

A friend suggested a homeopathic medicine called Lachesis Mutus by Boiron to help with the hot flashes. I was quite excited to give it a try because I want to move through this time as naturally as possible.

I went ahead and ordered the product. Afterwards, I came to find out it is made from the venom of the South American bushmaster’s snake. I researched further and read the venom is so dilute that only almost undetectable amounts of the poison remain.

But I couldn’t get over the fact it was snake venom. I thought I might die if I took the little white pellets which they instruct to put under your tongue when you feel a hot flash coming on. Which is silly because they couldn’t sell it if it did that!

But this led me to read more about snake medicine in Dr. Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guides book and to also consult author Dawn Brunke’s Animal Wisdom Tarot cards.

What did I need to learn from Snake?  I wondered. But more so, was I open to it?

As I consulted the two resources these are the passages that resonated with me:

From Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer:

“You’re going through a major life or developmental transition, one so powerful that it requires you to shed a lot of attachments, especially to your old identity.”

“You’ve gone through a series of initiations, including death and rebirth experiences and as a result have gained compassion, wisdom, and a powerful capacity for healing.”

“You’ve gained a deeper interest in ancient and indigenous cultures and spiritual practices and feel quite at home with these.”

From The Animal Wisdom Tarot Cards by Dawn Brunke:

This is a card (Snake) of enthusiasm, adventure, excitement and adventure. Fueled with inner heat, we sense a challenge—and are ready.

As guardian of sacred places, Snake helps us to explore the far-reaches of our soul and learn to be fully alive.

Be bold, daring; let your inner light shine.

I appreciated how Snake reminded me of what was, what is, and what is yet to come…and to be open to all of it.

Animal Wisdom Tarot CardsI was still a little apprehensive about taking the tiny white pellets, though I was feeling a bit more confident. After a discussion with my friend a few days later, I finally found the courage to give it a try.

And guess what? They work for me… And I’m here to tell you about it!

And oh! how I’ve grown in expanding my awareness and embracing even more how animals can show us the parts of ourselves we are sometimes afraid to look at.

But when we do, how our world can open in even more magical ways helping us to heal and move forward.

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Sweet Pea of Remembrance

Sweet Pea of RemembranceI never thought to plant sweet peas. But when my friend, Victoria was here this week she said I should plant them so they grow up the wire on the gate in my perennial garden.

This morning I did just that. I can hardly wait for them to bloom!  And then in the mail came a lovely gift of remembrance from a faithful reader of my online journal, Debbie.

A glass stone paw print to remind me of Joie’s sign to me after she passed away in August 2013. You might recall that it was a few weeks after I said goodbye to Joie that she sent me a sign that she was well in the shape of a water paw print.  There was (and still is!) no doubt in my mind it was her.

As I contemplated where to put the glass paw print it finally came to me. Of course—near the sweet peas I had just planted. I actually put a few seeds in the wrought iron bird bath too.

Then I realized as I stood back, that on either side of the bird bath are two hummingbirds.  Frankie, my first dachshund, visited me as a hummingbird a few weeks after she had died.

Then I got goosebumps. It is all so right and perfect. So fitting. Both sweet peas I had the honor of loving and caring for.

Now I think perhaps I shall scatter Joie’s ashes among the sweet peas once they begin to bloom. I’ve been wanting to do something with her ashes, but just wasn’t sure. Now I know what I will do. It feels right and good.

Frankie’s ashes I plan to scatter at Bookworm Gardens where a statue of her resides. I hope to do that on the 3rd anniversary of her passing which is in June.

What a lovely day it turned out to be with what unfolded. My heart feels content and happy.  Thank you, Victoria and Debbie for being a part of such a divine plan.

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Wednesdays with the Wisdom of Dog: Stand in Your Truth

IMG_2355 c

Stand in your truth. There is no other way in which to truly live. When we allow our light of truth to shine, we open doorways to invite more of who we are in.

It seems when we find the courage to own a piece of our truth, another teaching shows up to test us. This will in turn lead us deeper into our authenticity if we don’t let fear stand in the way.

I find myself in this place yet again as a new lesson on Self and trust of my inner voice presents itself, almost as if a mirror to me from Gidget—as she encourage’s me to lean into my intuition.

There is definitely something to this sprite of a spirit that I’ve been blessed with that I so want to honor, and in turn, I realized I am also honoring myself.

I continue to be in immense gratitude and complete awe for what our animal friends give to us when we are open to receive.

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