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New Year Guidance from Llama and the Angels

New Year Guidance from Llama and the Angels

As promised, I mentioned in my post yesterday, Moving into the New Year with Ritual, I said I was going to randomly draw an animal and angel card as my guidance for the New Year and share with you.

I chose to draw from Daily Guidance from your Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and The Animal Wisdom Tarot card deck from Dawn Brunke.

I first chose an angel card and wasn’t at all surprised that I got Change in Direction.

The need to want to focus on doing more workshops in 2017 has been growing steadily this past year. In some ways it wasn’t an easy decision, because I know I want to keep balance in my life, which means I decided to let go of a book project. But once I realized I could just simmer in it and that I wasn’t completely letting go, it became easier for me to set it aside and concentrate on what feels like the right path for me. By doing so, it opened a space within me, like a feeling of ahhhhh, and a vast open place to which to explore.

The card itself reads:

The changes you’re experiencing are Divinely directed by your newborn willingness to open your heart to love and our guidance. You are protected now and in the future, so follow your path to the happy outcomes you desire.

In reading further from the booklet, what resonated with me was that it also said “the angels are guiding you through this transition. The Law of Attraction insures that you’ll manifest wonderful new opportunities and relationships. You’re starting a new phase of your life.”

I’ve felt this coming for a very long time. Writing and publishing my second memoir last year, Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift was important to me in “doing the work” I want to teach and what would lead me with more confidence to this new direction.

And just like Through Frankie’s Eyes and the work and mission I had with Frankie, it was all about “walking my talk.” It’s how I feel about Wisdom Found in the Pause that taking time for oneself, going within, and listening is what I did during my sabbatical, and will continue to do by doing my best to stay grounded and centered in small practices of ritual each day.

And while I didn’t really look at this New Year and my new direction as transition as the angel card says, I see now that it is. It’s new territory for me and will no doubt have learning curves. But I keep in mind how I will grow and evolve from this.

The next card I chose was an animal card and received Llama. I must first say, that Llama has been showing up often, as on many days I draw an animal card as part of my grounding rituals.

What stands out and resonates for me in Llama’s wisdom is this:

While most Seekers enjoy fast-paced travel and action, Seeker of Fossils prefers a solid foundation, steady movement, and consistent growth. With stamina and dedication this individual proceeds prudently and honors personal convictions. Persistent, persevering, and dependable, Llama guides steadily, helping us to keep our goal in sight.

The blend of air and earth elements suggests a grounded ability to understand abstract, metaphysical concepts. As a bridge to higher dimensions, Llama offers freedom and safety while traversing the expanse of space and time.

I’ve come to a time in my life that hurry isn’t what I want. I want to be sure that my foundation of rituals in my yoga practice, meditation, working with oracle cards and my SoulCollage® cards, and practicing self care in other ways is core to my days. In doing so, I can open my mind to new ways of thinking and understanding. I’ve experienced this by staying grounded, and now wish to open to it even more, while also wanting to help and encourage others to do the same.

So, wow. I love the magic of how oracle and tarot cards can help with guidance in our life and a tool that if we really sit with the messages can serve us in such a positive way in living a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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The Dancing Light – A Reminder of Connection

The Dancing Light - A Reminder of Connection

This morning in my writing cottage I can hear the rustling of the leaves as they begin to wither and dry and the sacred sound this makes in the wind – a sound I absolutely love this time of year. And in the background as I get ready to practice my Yoga I discovered a YouTube channel with lovely instrumental autumn music and wanted to share that with you here.

I then noticed the light dancing on a picture I have of Joie. I couldn’t help but feel connected to her in that moment. It feels to me like a reminder of how we can connect with those that are no longer physically here whenever we want. How it is a practice in itself of learning to trust that this connection is absolutely real – trusting in the feeling that moved through my heart in that moment as the light lit up her photo – how my heart connected with Joie’s in that sacred space that only we share.

It brings me to tears as I write this right now. There is some sadness in that I’d love to hold her again, just one more time — especially now as I’ve sent her and my story out into the world — I want to thank her for the gift of being in my life. But alas, I believe I have done that in many ways. And I will continue to by remembering her fondly and with love until someday I too, take my last breath.

Love you, dear little Joie….always.

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Black Panther Came to Me in a Dream


Friday night I dreamed of Black Panther.

He was in my house. While I was somewhat scared he was in my house, at the same time I wasn’t as frightened as one might think you’d be if a panther was really in your house.

John let him out the front door and he took off running. I began to cry because I was sad to see him go. I started to run after him. I ran and ran and ran, but never caught up to him.

Then he appeared again outside our house a few hours later. John ran outside and wrestled with him. It was a fierce battle. The panther’s mouth was open his jagged, sharp teeth exposed and saliva flying everywhere, yet he wasn’t attacking John. But still, it was very frightening.

While I didn’t want the panther to kill John, I also didn’t want the panther to die either.

And then I woke up.

What in the world did that dream mean, I wondered?

But I didn’t look into it until this morning. I wanted to see if my mind could find a reason for the dream. But nothing was coming to me.

I looked through my animal resources for what Panther means and didn’t find anything until I turned to a book by Jamie Sams and David Carson, Medicine Cards.


Interestingly enough, years ago I had gone through the exercise of finding my nine totem animals as the authors instruct to do. On our “Earth Walk” as they call it, in each direction, East, South, West North and Above, Below and Within, we have animal guides. But we also have an animal on either side (right and left) of us walking this journey.

Reading the list of animals that came up for me during this exercise I got goosebumps seeing that Panther was the animal that I had written down that is on my left side.

According to the book the left side represents:  This animal is the protector of your female side and teaches you that you must learn to receive abundance as well as nurture yourself and others. The left-side animal is also your teacher about relationships and mothering.

I then read further what Black Panther’s message may mean for me. One passage really struck a chord: Let go of fears that appear as obstacles or barriers. Embrace the unknown and flow with the mystery that is unfolding in your life. The next step may be leaping empty-handed into the void with implicit trust. In the stillness of the void, find the will to avoid foolish interruptions, going deeper into your own self-discovery and healing process.

And then it made perfect sense for me. Saturday I facilitated my first SoulCollage® workshop.

I’ve been very excited about sharing this process with others, while at the same time, apprehensive as it is going deeper, not only with myself, but encouraging that in others. I also have been in transition for quite sometime myself, listening deeply to the stillness and trying to just let life unfold as it is meant to be for me. That isn’t always easy.

There is mystery in that I don’t know how sharing this process with others will go, as well as, how it will unfold. But when I think about how I’ve been approaching this new adventure, I’ve been working hard on just allowing it to be without worrying how it should be.

I guess Panther is the reminder I need to keep trusting this process, even though I wrestle with some of the unknowns.

As I read more about Panther’s message and found the above photo, it really spoke to my heart. I knew what I was feeling and thinking was right on because tears sprang to my eyes. And that is always my indication that the spark in my soul is calling out to me.

So I say a grateful thank you to Panther for coming to me in my dream and for walking beside me as I journey forward.

Black Panther photo credit:  Bruce McAdam

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