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Guest Post with Author Erica Tucci: Spirit Animal Messages

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First book in Sarah’s Gift series

Today I’m taking part in a blog tour for author Erica Tucci who has written many books. Her most recent venture has been the Sarah’s Gift series, chapter books for 7-12 year olds – about a young girl with psychic abilities, which speak to the children with special gifts, helping them deal with different life situations.

What especially piqued my interest is that her books each have an animal friend that helps guide Sarah through challenges and accepting her gift. You can read my review of her first book, pictured above, on Amazon.

saras gift
Second book in Sarah’s Gift series

Spirit Animal Messages by Erica Tucci

ericaSince I was invited by Barbara to write a guest post for her wonderful blog Joyful Paws, I found it very appropriate to talk about the inspiration behind my children’s book series Sarah’s GIft, which is about a young girl with psychic abilities and how she uses them harmlessly to deal with different life situations. My inspiration was Dr. Steven Farmer’s Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, which is a set of 24 oracle cards, each one of an animal and its special message for children.

In each of my books in the series, a spirit animal comes to Sarah as a guide to help her with whatever predicament she is in. For example, my second book that was just released July 18th is Believing In the Magic, which is the message that Crow conveys to Sarah when she meets another young girl who has telekinetic powers. Crow teaches the girls that their thoughts are powerful and that they should believe in the magic of their thoughts.

In the back of each book, I include activities to reinforce the story and its associated messages. One of the activities is a full description of the spirit animal messages in the story. I am also developing a guide/journal for each book that takes the spirit animal messages and fleshes them out to provide further guidance on how a child might use them in his/her life in appropriate ways.

Animals are a part of nature, and their symbolism and messages can have a very profound effect on our lives. They can bring meaning into our lives. A butterfly crossed my path recently, which was a very rare sight where I live. Butterflies to me mean freedom and transformation. I took the presence of the butterfly to indicate that I would be breaking out the chrysalis I have been confined to for a very long time, and spreading my wings. You see, I had a stroke five years ago that changed my life completely, as you might imagine. And in the past few months, the metamorphosis that I have been going through has been propelling me back into the world at a very fast pace. I have made some major breakthroughs, just like breaking through the chrysalis and becoming a butterfly.

It’s important to connect with animals in some way and pay attention to the messages they may be giving you. If an animal appears to you, either in reality, during meditation, in a dream or a vision, ask yourself what the messages might be that it is trying to give to you. If you aren’t sure, look up the symbolism of the animal for insights. You may be surprised at the synchronicity of its appearance with what may be happening in your life, and how its message may guide you through the circumstance, just as the animals in Sarah’s Gift guide Sarah.

To learn more about Erica and Sarah’s Gift book series:

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Reflection of Sending My Story Out Into the World & Joyful Paws Jaunt Blog Tour Ends Today at Peggy’s Pet Place

Through Frankie's Eyes 304 x 404 awardIt feels a bit surreal that here it is, the end of my blog tour, for “Through Frankie’s Eyes.” I invite you to check out my last stop which is over at Peggy’s Pet Place. Peggy is a pet columnist and author who has written about the animal-human bond for quite some time now. I really enjoyed her interview questions and I think you will too.

All the excitement, angst, ups and downs of releasing a book are beginning to fade a bit from my memory being this far along in my journey of having written, published, and now sharing it. I feel so grateful for all those who were willing to host me on their blogs and radio shows. So many of these wonderful people I’ve never even met in person, but they have generously supported my work. Pretty amazing, that we, as authors, have this at our fingertips these days to share our story. Also amazing is the fact I’ve been able to connect with so many of you, that I otherwise may not have been able to. One of the greatest rewards is hearing from many of you who have shared your thoughts with me in regards to my new book. It means more to me than you will ever know… thank you.

While at times I questioned if my story would touch others, I also knew that it would find its way to those that needed to hear what I had to share. It continues to find its way to others and it makes my day when I hear from those who say my story has helped them look at their life in a new (and better) way.

The publishing world continues to change rapidly, with authors taking their own fate in their hands with the tools available to us to get our message out into the world. It is not always easy, while at the same time, we have so many more opportunities now, so in a sense it is easier—though there is a lot of noise out there to compete with.  But I remind myself how important my work is to me.  I want to continue to help others through my words and stories, and plan to do just that.

So while my online tour officially ends, it truly is just the beginning. One is never done and I look forward to new avenues in which to share my story and my work.  As always, I welcome your feedback. In the new world of authors and publishing, it also greatly helps if you would consider leaving a review for “Through Frankie’s Eyes.” A huge thank you to all those of you who already have. I’ve shed a few tears of joy at how my book has touched others. Nothing better than that knowing you touched a chord with another, so again, I say a deeply grateful thank you.

Meet Sophie & Abby– Dachshund in Wheelchair With Special Mom– My Interview on their Blog

img_4584It is such a sweet honor to share with you Abby and her Dachshund on wheels, Sophie. Can you believe how much Sophie looks like Frankie?

On Abby’s blog today over at, Our Dachshund Sophie, she shares an interview she did with me as part of my continued Joyful Paws Jaunt blog tour for Through Frankie’s Eyes.

I discovered Abby and Sophie a few months ago– but for the life of me I can’t seem to remember how I came across them.  It is likely synchronicity, no doubt!  I feel like Abby and I are kindred spirits for our love and devotion to wheelchair dogs as well as giving hope to others who may be facing their dog diagnosed with IVDD. It was destined that we “meet” and how blessed I feel everyday for blogs and Facebook that I get to learn more about people like Abby and her wheelie dog, Sophie.

Abby asked me some wonderful questions about Frankie’s therapy dog work, how children responded to her, and why I decided to get another disabled Dachshund. So please stop on over at her blog today– you just might want to also stay in touch via her blog or Facebook too. She always has wonderful posts and beautiful photos.  Abby has a heart of gold and I’m so glad to have a wheelie dachshund friend in her!