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I Couldn’t Have Been More Touched

I Couldn't Have Been More Touched
Elaina with Frankie’s likeness at Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan, WI

As many of you know my dear Frankie’s memory lives on in a wonderful children’s garden called Bookworm Gardens.

Today I received this photo from my sister, Paula. She is living her dream being a nanny to two sweet little girls. This is Elaina. While recently visiting Frankie at the gardens Elaina bent down and lovingly said to Frankie, “Feel better.”

Well goodness… I have tears in my eyes just writing this! I couldn’t have been more touched.

One thing I enjoyed doing when I visited schools and libraries with Frankie and sharing her message and books I wrote about her was helping kids to understand empathy.

If children can grasp empathy oh, what a beautiful future we have! And dear Elaina is leading the way with her compassion and kindness extended to Frankie’s likeness that continues to spread that message even though she will be gone for five years as of June 21st.

What a gift this photo is as I’ve been giving so much thought lately to the anniversary of Frankie’s passing. And that our loved ones, human or pet, continue to be with us in the most special and magical ways.

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Guest Post with Author Erica Tucci: Spirit Animal Messages

standing up for yourself
First book in Sarah’s Gift series

Today I’m taking part in a blog tour for author Erica Tucci who has written many books. Her most recent venture has been the Sarah’s Gift series, chapter books for 7-12 year olds – about a young girl with psychic abilities, which speak to the children with special gifts, helping them deal with different life situations.

What especially piqued my interest is that her books each have an animal friend that helps guide Sarah through challenges and accepting her gift. You can read my review of her first book, pictured above, on Amazon.

saras gift
Second book in Sarah’s Gift series

Spirit Animal Messages by Erica Tucci

ericaSince I was invited by Barbara to write a guest post for her wonderful blog Joyful Paws, I found it very appropriate to talk about the inspiration behind my children’s book series Sarah’s GIft, which is about a young girl with psychic abilities and how she uses them harmlessly to deal with different life situations. My inspiration was Dr. Steven Farmer’s Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, which is a set of 24 oracle cards, each one of an animal and its special message for children.

In each of my books in the series, a spirit animal comes to Sarah as a guide to help her with whatever predicament she is in. For example, my second book that was just released July 18th is Believing In the Magic, which is the message that Crow conveys to Sarah when she meets another young girl who has telekinetic powers. Crow teaches the girls that their thoughts are powerful and that they should believe in the magic of their thoughts.

In the back of each book, I include activities to reinforce the story and its associated messages. One of the activities is a full description of the spirit animal messages in the story. I am also developing a guide/journal for each book that takes the spirit animal messages and fleshes them out to provide further guidance on how a child might use them in his/her life in appropriate ways.

Animals are a part of nature, and their symbolism and messages can have a very profound effect on our lives. They can bring meaning into our lives. A butterfly crossed my path recently, which was a very rare sight where I live. Butterflies to me mean freedom and transformation. I took the presence of the butterfly to indicate that I would be breaking out the chrysalis I have been confined to for a very long time, and spreading my wings. You see, I had a stroke five years ago that changed my life completely, as you might imagine. And in the past few months, the metamorphosis that I have been going through has been propelling me back into the world at a very fast pace. I have made some major breakthroughs, just like breaking through the chrysalis and becoming a butterfly.

It’s important to connect with animals in some way and pay attention to the messages they may be giving you. If an animal appears to you, either in reality, during meditation, in a dream or a vision, ask yourself what the messages might be that it is trying to give to you. If you aren’t sure, look up the symbolism of the animal for insights. You may be surprised at the synchronicity of its appearance with what may be happening in your life, and how its message may guide you through the circumstance, just as the animals in Sarah’s Gift guide Sarah.

To learn more about Erica and Sarah’s Gift book series:

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A Gathering of Authors. We’d Love to Meet You!

May14 final poster

I want to let you know of a special event I’m taking part in this Saturday, May 14th, 2016 – A Gathering of (local) Authors. Hosted by independent book store Book Heads and Seranya Art Studios, both in historic downtown Plymouth, WI.

This is a first time event and I was happy to learn of the many authors right here in my county. I can’t wait to meet them!

I’ve always enjoyed hearing how other writers got their start or what inspires them to write. I hope you do too and will consider coming to check out the many different and talented writers that are taking part in this wonderful event.

There will be readings/talks and signings beginning at 10:30am and running through 3:30pm with a wide variety of genres – something for everyone!

I will be doing a brief talk and reading from my memoir Through Frankie’s Eyes at Seranya Art Studios at 11:30am and then again at 1:30pm at Book Heads Book Store.

Through Frankie's Eyes

Below is a list of the other authors and their books and when they will be doing a talk/reading. There will also be many other activities and sites to see this day during Plymouth’s Historic Downtown Open House. You can learn more by visiting this link.

Author Readings/Signings 


Lisa PaulsonVoices from a Sacred Land

10:30am, Book Heads Book Store


Belden Paulson, Odyssey of a Practical Visionary (memoir)

11:00am, Book Heads Book Store


Kathy JacobsonNoted, (fiction)

10:30am, Seranya Art Studios

11:30am, Book Heads Book Store


Ann Marie Graf, Love, The Illusion and Delusions(romance)


11:00am, Seranya Art Studios

Noon, Book Heads Book Store


Allen Nohls, Dustoff & Medevac Vietnam (memoir of Vietman),

Chapter in book about Allen and sole-survivor of mid-air helicopter crash.

Noon, Book Heads Book Store

3:00pm, Seranya Art Studios


Beth and Rick Olsen, We Never Left You (memoir, grief)

1:00pm, Book Heads Book Store


Danielle Grandinetti, The Vanishing Kidnapper (fiction/jr.high,western/mystery)

Noon, Seranya Art Studios

2:00pm, Book Heads Book Store


Mary T. Wagner, When the Shoe Fits (essays on life/humor/inspiration)

12:30pm, Seranya Art Studios

2:30pm, Book Heads Book Store


Nathan Birr, Overnight Delivery (mystery/detective)

1:30pm, Seranya Art Studios

3:00pm, Book Heads Book Store


B.S. Levy, The Last Open Road (fiction, racing)

2:00pm, Seranya Art Studios

3:30pn, Book Heads Book Store


Lisa Lehmann, Lake Michigan, the Wisconsin Shore (collection of photos from shore of Lake Michigan)

1:00pm, Seranya Art Studios


Ray Last, Wandering (memoir, 60s & 70s)
2:30pm, Serayna Art Studios


Joanne Kaminski & Renee Love, Three Little Sisters Learn to Get Along (children’s book)

3:30pm, Serayna Art Studios

You can follow updates on the event page and we hope to meet you this Saturday!

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