It’s Here! My First Ever Online Course: Connect with Your True Essence through SoulCollage®

It's Here! My First Ever Online Course: Connect with Your True Essence through SoulCollage®
This is an Introduction to SoulCollage® and how you can creatively connect with your true essence

I’m elated to be offering my first ever online video course! I saw myself in this place a few years ago, having this knowing that I’d be offering workshops for women… and this is the year it is all coming to fruition!  Don’t you just love it when dreams come true?

The more I’ve grown into the woman I am today, and the more I like about who I am, the more passionate I’ve become in guiding other women to do the same. We all deserve to pause often, listen deeply and capture what matters most.

So my very first online workshop is to introduce you to the principals of SoulCollage®, how cards are made, how you can work with your cards on a daily basis, and how by incorporating this as a creative practice can help you access your own inner wisdom for daily guidance and tap into your true essence.

As you move through this video series, and your exploration of SoulCollage®  I hope it will unearth many of the gifts as it has to me such as:

    • It’s a way to gently open to your wise, knowing self
    • It’s a way of practicing mindfulness
    • It’s a way of being creative, without having to have artistic talent
    • It’s a way of expressing yourself through images
    • It’s a way of opening to your inner voice
    • It’s a way of acknowledging those whispers in your soul
    • It’s a way of accepting all the many different facets of yourself, then seeing yourself as a whole, which opens you to that true, beautiful, light and essence of who you are

More details and registration here!

I look forward to connecting with you in this circle of wise, creative, inspiring women!  See you soon.

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Moments of Serenity through Creativity

Moments of Creativity through Serenity

I had such a meaningful discussion with my friend Rachel, this past week. She and I are co-creating some workshops we will be offering this year. The wisdom that comes from this young woman in her early 30s just fills my heart with hope for our world.

Whenever we get together we have deep conversations, which feed both our souls in such a positive and nourshing way.  We were talking about how there are many ways to find moments of serenity. But so many get stuck thinking inner peace has to be this or that way or that there is a right or wrong way, or it is strictly only when one tries to meditate…and then people quit if they thinking they are really meditating because thoughts run through their mind.

But I’ve come to realize even more the many ways in which inner peace or moments of serenity happen for me. One of which is writing. When I write, I’m in a different place. Even if it is something difficult to write about, I lose all sense of time and the space I’m within.

I’m realizing it also happens when I’m doing other creative things, such as creating SoulCollage® cards or just this week, working on chalk painting a piece of furniture I was gifted. The photo above is after shot of the finished piece.  I also chalk painted the mirror which was white before. Below is the before.

I’ll bet if you think about something creative you do, or time you spend out in nature, if you really think about it those are times when you easily lose sense of time.

Just something to give thought to next time you do something nurturing for you soul, pay attention to how you feel afterwards.  

It’s not always about sitting cross-legged in complete silence and meditating for a half hour – though there is something quite powerful about that if you can achieve it. I’ve not yet achieved thirty minutes as ten to fifteen minutes is tops for me. But there are days when the alarm on my phone rings and my mediation is done when I think, wow, that was absolutely delightful. Where was I? And of course, then I want more, more, more.

And more serenity I truly believe can be found in creativity, nature, and spending time with animals, just to name a few.

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My Twirling Altar

Last week I wrote about two different rituals I did to welcome in the New Year. One was to pick an animal wisdom tarot card and angel card, and the other was choosing three of my SoulCollage cards to represent past, present, and future. I also journaled with each of them.

I wanted to keep them in a prominent place in my writing cottage to remind me of the experience and what I discovered during my journaling as a guide to move me into the New Year. I had planned to just print them up on one sheet of paper and post on my wall.

But then I came up with the idea to make them into a mobile! I love how they twirl – like an altar in motion – a reminder to keep moving in the direction of my hopes and dreams – knowing I have my cards and my own inner wise self as my guide.

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