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Not Missing a Beat

Not Missing a Beat

If you’ve ever lived with a dachshund, you know that they live to make sure you never make a move without them. Even if that means disrupting their beloved time burrowed under the blanket and popping up to sport a temporary dreadlocks look.

Some day’s I only have to move slightly in my chair as way of getting comfortable with no plans what-so-ever of getting up, but Miss Gidget has to be sure as she does her quick scuddle to the surface from below to make sure she isn’t missing out on anything.

Sometimes Gidget reminds me of Gladys Kravitz from the 1970’s program, Bewitched, as she has to know what is going on at all times within our household.

And one of those things that glaringly leaves such an empty space when they move on to the other side. And how you find yourself moving as you did when you had a dachshund, or any dog, or animal for that matter. While we think it is they who should adjust to our lives, we find how we’ve adjusted to make sure they are enjoying the utmost of comfort.

While sometimes it tests my patience that I can’t make a move without my little “dachsling” needing to be at my side, I remind myself to treasure each precious moment.

And today, such a day when I got up from my chair, and she scurried to the surface from her place of rest, with her silly dreadlocks look that my heart melt for the love of her devotion.

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Kylie and Gidget: Projections or Just Love?

Kylie and Gidget: Projections or Just Love?

It was November 2013 when Gidget came to live with us. She had a few homes before us, though I don’t know her full history.

But it wasn’t until this past year that she started to cuddle more often with Kylie. While I try not to project why this is, I’ve wondered if perhaps she finally feels like she is home – that she won’t have to leave again. That it is safe to let herself fall deep into the love of Kylie.

Then there are times I wonder, being that Kylie is eleven now, does Gidget sense something? Is she making sure to spend as much quality time as she can with Kylie?

Perhaps silly, but these things run through my head. And then, when I let go of projections, I just see two peas in a pod that are such a beautiful example of what love really is.

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Hello February. A Reminder of What Matters Most.

IMG_1972 1200Hello, and welcome February!  I, for one, was happy to flip my rooster and dog calendars this morning, saying farewell to January.  As I flipped my rooster calendar, I said, “Rabbit! Rabbit!” This is supposed to bring good luck for the month.  Don’t worry, it’s not too late, you can still say it too.

This month is a reminder to us what love is all about.  What we all want— to love and be loved. John and I don’t exchange gifts or cards for Valentine’s Day. It is something we have mutually agreed upon.

It’s the time spent together with Kylie and Gidget nearby, the talks about life that John and I have, the laughing we do often, and the experiences we create, that matter most to me.

How great it feels to be at a point in my life where I completely understand John loves me. I no longer question it as I did for so many years.

John has stood by me as I blossomed into who I am today. Not always easy as I tried to find my way to the heart of who I am.

The gift of love is within these four walls of our little green cottage with two dogs who complete our circle of joy. Here is where I want to be, spending this, the calendar month of love, with the man who loves me just as I am.