When Dreams Come True in Unexpected Ways

When Dreams Come True in Unexpected Ways

It was 1977 and 1978 that I played the flute in my high school band. My flute was different than other’s had, as it was the most beautiful color that looked more like an antique silver.

It was the winter of 1978 when the love of my life would walk through the gymnasium doors during a basketball game where I was playing flute during half-time. Though I didn’t know it at the time.

He was four years older than me, having just graduated from the same high school six months earlier. My whole freshman year and he being a senior, I would often find a way to make sure I could pass him in the hallway. I was smitten with him all the way to my toes!

But alas, I didn’t think he really knew I existed. Or perhaps as I realize now, he too, was quite shy, like me.

After that basketball game I’d find myself walking home with my best friend and my flute case in hand. Just as we were crossing the bridge, one block from my home, that guy I’d been smitten with pulled up in his large brown Pontiac. With those bluer than blue eyes, and a smile that melted my heart he said, “Would you like a ride home?” 

My knees wobbled and I stammered, “But I’m almost home,”  pointing straight ahead. Thank goodness for my wise friend standing next to me, who held my secret of this crush I’d had for so long. She gently stuck her elbow in my side and said, “I can walk the rest of the way and wait at your house for my mom to pick me up.” 

That is the last time I remember my flute playing an important role in my life. In 1984 I married that apple of my eye and we’ve been married for 33 years now (and will be together 39 years as of this January).

Over the years I’ve pined over playing the flute again. But I’d sold it a few years after I got married and often times regretted the decision. And a few times I even did a bit of research to see if I could find a similar flute again.

That special silver flute wasn’t meant to come back into my life. My leaning more and more into ancient wisdom teachings and wanting to be more connected with nature, I’ve felt the pull toward a simpler life for quite a few years now.

And sometimes dreams come true in new and unexpected ways…and feel more in alignment with how far you’ve come and what is of importance at this stage of your life.

In high school, the thought of a Native American flute would have never crossed my mind. But this is the grace and beauty of expanding and evolving in who we are and what matters…

And the gift of this EarthTone Native American flute from High Spirits Flutes gifted to me by my mom this Christmas has touched a special place in my soul. It calls to me often beckoning me to sit for a few moments and play.

With the recent passing of my sweet Kylie the day after Thanksgiving, it was the last week or so that I wanted to learn the best I could how to play Silent Night  after my mom said I should play it for Kylie because she knew she would hear it.

In my newsletter this week I shared a special holiday message from me and Miss G, along with my debut of playing  a short version of Silent Night on my flute…and so I share with you too…

Merry Christmas to each of you and thank you for being here on my blog, reading my stories, listening to my oracle readings, and for all your love and support.

Much love and gratitude,

Barbara (and Miss G!)

Routine Rituals and Dreams

Routine Rituals and Dreams

Most mornings, after being let out of her kennel, this is where you will find Kylie. It’s the spot she waits patiently as John makes his coffee and gets ready for the day. One of the last things John does before heading out to a job site is to put his workboots on. And Kylie has trained him well because he carries his boots into the living room and she scoots over.

Before his laces are tied, he takes a few moments to be in this sweet space with his dear dog, stroking her head and back. It’s a special routine ritual between the two.

And as we dreamed of going on vacation later this fall talking about plans recently, John wanted Kylie to go with us this time (and yes, Gidget will be coming along too!). But little did we realize how this would all evolve, and boy-oh-boy, are we excited!

John has two work vans, one of which he only uses as a back up. It will be perfect to make the trip south to a spot in Tennessee where we will stay in a cabin for seven days.  We plan to make it a two day trip down and back, staying one night each way in a campground.

And this is where a whole new world has opened up to us!  John is planning on what we’ve dubbed, “pimping” out the van. He’s going to insulate it, build bunk beds, and build a platform for Gidget’s car seat, plus make space for both dog kennels.

What we didn’t realize is that this is a way of travel for many…taking vans and converting them into a space to sleep, cook, and even work should you choose to. There are endless websites and blogs on this very subject!  Even women are going solo and making treks on their own following their hearts and seeing the states.  One such site I just started following is She-Explores.

And here’s one woman, named Jessie, who lives out on the open road with her little doxie (be still my heart!):


John and I have both been doing research and will start with the basics for our trek to Tennessee later this fall in the van. And then our hope is to go out west next year for a longer trek staying in campgrounds along the way. This will mean adding to the van with more essentials to make it our home on wheels.

It sure has had me thinking much about how much I love routine, but also how it will be fun to escape the routine and set out on an adventure, just the four of us….in a Chevy van….heading down the highway….taking in the views…and grateful for dreams!

oh, and speaking of dreams… my manuscript for  Wisdom Found in the Pause has gone through it’s final stage of editing with my editor which is the proofreading stage – woo hoo!  One last read through for me this week, and then I’ll begin formatting it.  I’ve also received some proof’s for the cover and can’t wait to share the cover with you soon!

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Synchronicity Chronicles: Why Finding Trash Made Me Smile.


You will be invited to become a “Kairomancer”: someone who is poised to catch the messages in special moments when synchronicity is in play—and to take action to seize the opportunities those moments present. To be a kairomancer, you need to trust your feelings as you walk the roads of this world, to develop your personal science of shivers, and to recognize in your gut and your skin that you know far more than you hold on the surface of your consciousness. –From Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss

Thursday night I finished reading Sidewalk Oracles-Playing with Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicity in Everyday Life.

For a long time I’ve been fascinated with synchronicity and how the universe listens if we are open to paying attention. I don’t believe things are coincidence, but that it all has a purpose when things happen that seem out of the ordinary, or line up with our thinking of something in a particular moment– and then how supporting signs will show up along the way.

But it can be easy to miss those signs if we aren’t paying attention. I enjoyed reading Robert’s book because he makes a game out of it — in fact he has several different games he suggests as helping us to be more in tune with what is going on in our inner world and how that can then show up in our outer world.

And how fun it was when something happened to me yesterday morning!  I woke up thinking about Dilly Bars.  I’ve not thought about Dilly Bars in a long time. I do enjoy them, but I wouldn’t rank them as one of my favorite treats from Dairy Queen. But I certainly wouldn’t turn one away if I am offered one.

But what made me think of them in that moment, I don’t know. In the afternoon I took the dogs and we headed for a walk in a small woods near my home. As we were on the last stretch of our walk, which borders a fence to an athletic field, I noted that there were a few spots of trash along the fence line.

It always makes me sad to see litter. I almost walked by, but just couldn’t leave it there as I don’t like seeing trash anywhere, but especially when in nature.

I picked up an empty Doriotos bag, a piece of newspaper and a piece of paper that had a list of sorts on it. The last item I almost left as it was buried under some dingy leaves and sticks, but after just a few tugs, I got it out.

And when I read what it was, I smiled. It was a Dilly Bar wrapper! It made me think back to the morning waking up to thinking about this ice cream treat.

dilly bar

So what does it mean?  Well, that part I don’t really know. Perhaps it’s just a confirmation after finishing the book on synchronicity and the universe tapping me on the shoulder in case I had any doubt — that yes, this stuff is real.

And perhaps this is the universe saying, “Welcome! You are now an official kairomancer!”

Whatever it is, I never thought I’d say picking up trash made me smile.

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