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Elmo with IVDD Rolling Again Courtesy of The Frankie Wheelchair Fund

Elmo with IVDD Rolling Again Courtesy of The Frankie Wheelchair Fund

Another pup up and rolling! Get along little doggie and roll, roll, roll!

I’m excited to share that Elmo is the 62nd dog the Frankie Wheelchair Fund granted a wheelchair to.

Elmo took right to his wheels as it seems most dachshunds do. You just can’t tell a dachshund that they can’t fly, because they are always eager to show you otherwise.

Elmo’s one ear back I’m sure is to help with speed in his new wheels and the other ear out to the side to help in navigating turns. Gotta love those determined and high spirited doxie’s!

And really good news about Elmo who was being fostered through Lovey Loaves Sanctuary is that his foster mom has become his forever mom! That deserves a spin around the floor in his slick wheels a thousand times over.

I know you will all join me in saying congratulations to dear Elmo!

Our Frankie Fund was also recently able to help a little dog named Wiz with a new saddle for his wheelchair. It seems Wiz was having an issue with his male part – and oh dear – even with a name like Wiz.

He had just gotten his new wheelchair, which has already set his caretakers back financially so they didn’t know how they could swing a new saddle so his delicate male part would be more protected.

Eddie’s Wheels contacted me asking if the Frankie Wheelchair Fund could help. And of course, we don’t want to keep a good man doxie down, so it was a pleasure to help.

While I’m on the topic of wheelie dogs today and IVDD, I want to take a moment to once again share two excellent resources regarding this disease.

I talked to a woman yesterday afternoon distraught after her 8 1/2 year old dachshund just had surgery and needed to know there is hope.

It’s a good reminder to share these resources I find so helpful and gave me peace of mind when my dear Frankie went down.

Dodgerslist is an online organization dedicated to educating the public about IVDD and helping pet owners whose pets have been given this diagnosis. I highly recommend signing up for their forum group and purchasing their three dollar DVD on living with, and caring for a dog with IVDD. 

The other relatively new resource is an excellent and very detailed book with a splash of humor written by Kristen Leydig Bryant and Dr. Adam Christman called Honey Have Your Squeezed the Dachshund. Every dachshund owner, whether your dog had IVDD or not, should have this in their library. You can purchase it on Amazon

Elmo’s wheelchair is custom-made by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets,- the company that I prefer and always refer when asked.

If you’d like to help me continue my mission in helping paralyzed dogs with wheelchairs you can donate to the Frankie Wheelchair Fund here.

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A Christmas Blessing. Bella Learns to Fly Again!

A Christmas Blessing. Bella Learns to Fly Again!

It happened again. The emotions overcame me and tears flooded my eyes while my heart swelled to ten times its size.

I mean, seriously, look at this sweet girl. Her name is Bella. Her mom, Kourtney, contacted me a few weeks ago, beside herself that her sweet doxie could no longer walk. She wanted to give her a quality of life with a set of wheels, but her tight budget didn’t allow for any extras.

Well, the Frankie Wheelchair Fund was honored to come to the rescue!  And now, Bella can fly again!

Receiving the note of joy from Kourtney today I couldn’t help but think of how appropriate the title for this post as, ‘A Christmas Blessing.’ A blessing it is, and it will always be, every single time I have the honor of providing funds to help another paralyzed dog with the gift of mobility.

And a wonderful time to say a deeply grateful thank you to each and everyone who continues to support this mission of mine with donations. You are all part of my team that helps disabled dogs fly again! I simply couldn’t do this without you and I can never say thank you enough.

I know you will join me in wishing Bella many, many joyful years of flying to her hearts content in her wheels!

If you wish to help me grant wheelchairs to paralyzed dogs in need, you can donate here. And if you’d like to check out the more than sixty happy flyers we’ve helped, visit here.

Bella’s wheelchair custom–made by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

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Meet Molly Mocha – Frankie Wheelchair Fund Recipient & Available for Adoption!

Meet Molly Mocha - Frankie Wheelchair Fund Recipient & Available for Adoption!

One of my greatest joys in life continues to being able to help a paralyzed dog walk again with the use of a wheelchair.  Meet Molly Mocha who I heard about through one of my favorite disabled dog sanctuaries, Lovey Loaves.

As per Lovey Loaves website: Molly Mocha is 12 years old and weighs 17lbs  and considered a chocolate cream dapple dachshund. Her hind legs are paralyzed and she was diagnosed with IVDD at two years old and has dragged her hind end for the past ten years. She now has an Eddie’s Wheels cart that she uses regularly to run and play! Due to her hind end paralysis, Molly does require bladder expression.

Molly Mocha is available for adoption and she comes complete with her brand new spanking speedy wheels!  Please contact Lovey Loaves if you are interested.

Again…thank you to all that continue to support my mission to help paralyzed dogs in need. Without those generous donations I couldn’t do what I do. It takes a team and I’m grateful for everyone who has helped me in the past and continues to help. To learn more about the fund and/or to donate please visit here: http://nationalwalknrolldogday.com/donate-to-the-frankie-wheelchair-fund/

Molly Mocha’s wheelchair is custom-made by Eddie’s Wheels for Pets. To learn more about them please do visit their website!

…and today I was able to grant another wheelchair to a paralyzed dog in need… which brings it to 60 dogs the Frankie Wheelchair Fund has helped!  YAY!!  And I’m pretty sure I heard a ARF-A-ROO echo on down from heaven from Frankie!

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