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Guest Post with Author Erica Tucci: Spirit Animal Messages

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First book in Sarah’s Gift series

Today I’m taking part in a blog tour for author Erica Tucci who has written many books. Her most recent venture has been the Sarah’s Gift series, chapter books for 7-12 year olds – about a young girl with psychic abilities, which speak to the children with special gifts, helping them deal with different life situations.

What especially piqued my interest is that her books each have an animal friend that helps guide Sarah through challenges and accepting her gift. You can read my review of her first book, pictured above, on Amazon.

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Second book in Sarah’s Gift series

Spirit Animal Messages by Erica Tucci

ericaSince I was invited by Barbara to write a guest post for her wonderful blog Joyful Paws, I found it very appropriate to talk about the inspiration behind my children’s book series Sarah’s GIft, which is about a young girl with psychic abilities and how she uses them harmlessly to deal with different life situations. My inspiration was Dr. Steven Farmer’s Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, which is a set of 24 oracle cards, each one of an animal and its special message for children.

In each of my books in the series, a spirit animal comes to Sarah as a guide to help her with whatever predicament she is in. For example, my second book that was just released July 18th is Believing In the Magic, which is the message that Crow conveys to Sarah when she meets another young girl who has telekinetic powers. Crow teaches the girls that their thoughts are powerful and that they should believe in the magic of their thoughts.

In the back of each book, I include activities to reinforce the story and its associated messages. One of the activities is a full description of the spirit animal messages in the story. I am also developing a guide/journal for each book that takes the spirit animal messages and fleshes them out to provide further guidance on how a child might use them in his/her life in appropriate ways.

Animals are a part of nature, and their symbolism and messages can have a very profound effect on our lives. They can bring meaning into our lives. A butterfly crossed my path recently, which was a very rare sight where I live. Butterflies to me mean freedom and transformation. I took the presence of the butterfly to indicate that I would be breaking out the chrysalis I have been confined to for a very long time, and spreading my wings. You see, I had a stroke five years ago that changed my life completely, as you might imagine. And in the past few months, the metamorphosis that I have been going through has been propelling me back into the world at a very fast pace. I have made some major breakthroughs, just like breaking through the chrysalis and becoming a butterfly.

It’s important to connect with animals in some way and pay attention to the messages they may be giving you. If an animal appears to you, either in reality, during meditation, in a dream or a vision, ask yourself what the messages might be that it is trying to give to you. If you aren’t sure, look up the symbolism of the animal for insights. You may be surprised at the synchronicity of its appearance with what may be happening in your life, and how its message may guide you through the circumstance, just as the animals in Sarah’s Gift guide Sarah.

To learn more about Erica and Sarah’s Gift book series:

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What My Paralyzed Dachshund Taught Me about Spiritual Surrender and Letting Go

Frankie book quote 1200The above quote I share from my book, Through Frankie’s Eyes. Each time I think about this, I can still feel emotion rise up in me and I feel this immense gratitude in my heart.

Tomorrow I’m very honored to be taking part in a telesummit as a guest on a panel discussing Spiritual Surrender and Letting Go. As a caretaker to Frankie, letting go and accepting her paralysis wasn’t an easy thing to do at the beginning. I really wanted her to walk on her own again. What came from surrendering and accepting what was, as many of you know, revealed many blessings I could have never predicted.

Each time I struggle now to surrender and let go, I remind myself what I learned from Frankie. We are here to enjoy life and to get back to a place of healing and joy. Frankie was instrumental in my journey for just that in just the way she never felt sorry for herself and adapted, continuing to be the happy little dog she always was, despite having to be in a wheelchair.

I’m excited to talk about this tomorrow during the Radiant Survivor Telesummit. I’ll be on a panel with the world-renowned surgeon Dr. Bernie Siegel.  I keep pinching myself I will be on a panel with him!  I adore him!  One of his earlier audio’s is one that I listened to when I began what I call my spiritual awakening.  This is quite the honor for me to be on this call with him.

I invite you to join us live for this call or if you can’t make the call, do sign up as it will be recorded. The call begins at 2:00pm cst. It is being hosted by author, Erica Tucci who is a stroke survivor.  Her book, Radiant Survivor, which comes out next week shares many stories of others who have learned to let go and surrender during tough challenges.  Frankie and my story is part of the book as my role as a caregiver, which I’m so happy to be a part of.

Hope to “see” you on the call!