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A Serenade to Fall

A Serenade to Fall
A vinette of Fall on my writing desk – with a photo of illustrator, Tasha Tudor at her home in Vermont – who I adore for living to the beat of her own drum

Every year it happens.

Fall calls to me.

The yearning so strong I can’t ignore it.

It seeps quickly into my bones.

And it takes hold ever-so-gently

though I hold on tightly as I never want it to fade.

I scurry like a squirrel to take in all its goodness.

Vignettes popping up here and there as I answer the creative call to capture its beauty.

Its whispers.

Its colors.

Its dancing light.

Its cozy warmth.

And then a fear enters my mind.

What if when my time comes I die in the fall?

I couldn’t bear it.

To miss this season I hold so dear.

But then I catch myself so as not to lose what is now here.

And yet for a moment I wonder what it would be like.

Fall in heaven.

So utterly breathtaking I imagine.

Beyond what I can even begin to comprehend

magnified beyond what it is here on earth.

And then I hear them

the crickets

softly calling me back to where I am now

here, in this moment,

as the light changes again moving from afternoon to early evening soon.

But not before I remember the promise

that fall will dance before us for quite a few more weeks.

A reminder to truly enjoy it.

Deeply savor it.

Give grateful thanks for it.

And let its magic continue to unfold and enrapture me.

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Delicious Autumn! I Absolutely Agree with George Eliot.

Delicious Autumn! I Absolutely Agree with George Eliot.

One of my favorite creative things to do is decorate for fall — inside and out. Today I started with the outside, filling my window box on my writing cottage with all things red, orange and yellow. Next weekend I’ll decorate inside my house, though I did do a centerpiece already on my kitchen table. I just couldn’t help myself!

Oftentimes it reminds me of the twelve years I worked for Kohl’s Department Store as the Visual Merchandiser, which is what I got my degree in. Then too, I loved putting out all the fall decor and dressing the mannequins in the latest fashions around the autumnal season.

If I had my way, fall would last forever!  Temps during the day in the mid 70s and cool nights in the 50s.  But alas, it can’t last forever, this I know, but I shall enjoy every moment of it and let it melt deep into my soul.

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and it I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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The Shadows of Fall: A Sneak Peek

The Shadows of Fall: A Sneak Peek
The always beautiful Elkhart Lake

I almost didn’t get out for a walk this morning even though I was up earlier than usual.

Only in the low 50s and a strong west wind had me questioning whether or not I wanted to venture out.

But I thought about how many winter days are ahead and walking won’t be an option on those bone chilling days that always seem to find us here in Wisconsin.

I bundled Gidget up in her fleece coat, tucked her in her stroller and walked very briskly down our road with my hands tucked up inside my sweathshirt sleeves.

If I wasn’t awake before I left, I was now with the cool wind blowing my hair every which way.

This time of year the light is beginning to change, too. Where there was more light during summer days, it is now dark longer until the sun rises higher in the sky. I shivered.

It’s a little over a mile before I reach Elkhart Lake. But oh, when I do, rain, snow, sun, or clouds, the view never disappoints.

And made me glad I ventured out today.

I heard voices as I stopped to take a picture. Two brave swimmers in their thick rubber gear heading into the lake for, no doubt, a more challenging swim having to go against the current swimming into the wind.

The sun glistening off the deep blue water warmed my insides and reminded me of all the exquisite beauty that is here for me whenever I choose to see it.

How fortunate I am to have this stunning view to visit.

I’m glad I chose to see it today as the shadows of me and Gidget loomed large as if reaching for the water.

Drinking it all in, I felt lighter in my step and warmer in Spirit as I made my way home once again.

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