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On Knowing When It’s the Right Dog for You

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I’ve been watching with great interest as my favorite author, Jon Katz and his dear artist wife, Maria of Bedlam Farm have been searching for a new dog to bring into their lives.

The breeder they hoped to get a pup from was taking longer than usual, the dog not going into heat when they’d hoped. They considered adopting, but had a bad experience visiting a shelter over the weekend.

But then something prompted Jon to reach out to the woman who had given him his border collie, Red. As fate would have it and the stars aligned, they knew when they saw the pup with one blue eye that she was the one.

And get this….her name is Fate. I think they need no other clearer signs than this. It was meant to be.

It brought up the times this has happened to me. How it is when you just know. While at times I’ve been anxious for a new dog after one has passed, I believe that it has to feel right—that there is this connection that is undeniable.

At least this is how it works for me. It made me think again about Gidget and how I found her. Or perhaps I should say she found me? But likely once again everything aligned and we were supposed to be together.

When I saw her face and those telling eyes, after looking at hundreds of dachshunds, I felt that familiar tingle in my heart. She was the one.

While I had passed over many sweet and adorable, and most likely great dogs, I couldn’t stop looking at Gidget and found myself getting lost in her eyes. She drew me into her being. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

It just brings me back to how connection is so important—for both you and your new dog.

Each day our love for each other deepens. I learn new things because of Gidget. I’m learning to step into and own more of my belief’s.

She is the one. And while I don’t know what the future holds, I take one day at a time, soaking in all the love that she is. And I thank all the stars in the universe for lining up in just the right way that brought her to me.

Jon’s post about what happened during a shelter visit in Vermont is worth reading. I was saddened to learn that some animal shelters are now using a process for adopting pets out that seems cold and impersonal for both the person and the dog.

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It’s a Tough Job, but Someone Has to Do It. I Want This Job.

kylie holding down the bedEvery morning after I feed Kylie her breakfast she makes her way back to the bedroom.  She hops on the bed and seems well, err…. to hold it down. This is her job.  She takes it very seriously as you can see. No one else can do it quite as good as her.  Though I’d sure like a shot at it.  Oh yes, the life of a dog!

Who’s That Doggie in the Living Room?


When I had my first Lab, Cassie Jo I remember how my husband John would not allow her in the living room.  One evening I was not feeling well, and was lying on the sofa. Little by little Cassie Jo crept into the living room, eventually ending up next to me and lying on the floor.  That was it– dogs were now allowed in the living room.

Though the new rule was that she could not be on the furniture.  When she was sick with cancer she decided the big red chair was the most comfortable place to be.  Who was I to deny her that comfort?  And I realized that first day I found her on the chair that it is only furniture.  It can be replaced. But the love of an animal can never ever be replaced and how lucky I was to have her in my life.

Frankie and I spent many times together on the sofa.  I love to read, so she was always my snuggle buddy, curled up next to me. She was also the best weekend napping partner a girl could ask for. It still feels odd not having her next to me as I read each night or take a nap.

About two weeks ago, Kylie started to come in the living room and lying on the floor. This is interesting, because she has never done this before. I certainly can’t speak for her and say why she has now taken up coming in the living room to lie on the floor, but I must say it is rather comforting to me. Does she sense I am missing Frankie?  Is she trying to comfort me?  I’ll never really know, but  it makes me feel good when she does this.

Last night I sat next to her on the floor, and pet her chest.  I love her strong, soft chest.  I also smooched the sides of her snout, which she is not always open to having done. It was a wonderfully, warm 15 minutes of quality, bonding time with her. Whatever her reasons for being in the living room, I am enjoying her company and thankful for all that she is.  Good dog, Kylie.  Good dog.