Trapped Inside My Writing Cottage

Trapped Inside My Writing Cottage

This is new.

This darling little fellow.

Who just recently started to sit upon the birch tree branch I have outside my half-moon window of my writing cottage.

He caught my eye as I was doing my yoga practice this morning.

Sitting there so content and might I add, so dang cute!

And he sat, and sat and sat.

So unusual for a hummingbird to sit so long.

It had me reflecting on how Hummingbird has shown up quite often lately in my animal wisdom oracle card readings.

And just two days ago listening live on Facebook as life coach, Cheryl Richardson shared the news of Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing, who passed away at the age of 90 on the very same day that Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away two years ago. As Cheryl talked about Louise and her dedication to helping people heal, a hummingbird landed right outside her window…

and it just sat, and sat, and sat as Cheryl talked so lovingly about Louise.

And this is the thing…life is truly magical. Hummingbird showing up just then as Cheryl talked about Louise reminding us that joy is our birthright…

in life… and in transition.

And while the title of this post is ‘trapped inside my writing cottage’ because when I wanted to walk back in the house after my yoga practice, this little fellow had returned again to sit upon the birch branch.

And he sat, and sat and sat.

His message to me that life is to be savored and enjoyed. That there is no need to rush, but to take in all the joy that abounds.

And so I waited, and waited and waited until he decided it was ready to move on with the day. And then I too opened the door and made my way into the house.

And taking with me the lesson that I am only trapped when I make that choice. But when we make the choice to pause and capture what is right in front of us that the real magic happens and with it comes so much joy.

So much joy.

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What is Joy?

What is Joy?

There is much that brings me joy, but in this very moment, I am inhaling a breath of gratitude and giving thanks once again for this quiet spot of my own…my dear, lovely writing cottage, and I say…

On this spring morning, the sun is shining, the birds are sipping from the bird bath and feasting at the feeders as a light wind kisses the perennials reaching toward the sun, and my little dog, Gidget is curled up on the wicker chair softly snoring — indeed, it is the simple pleasures that make my heart swell with joy.

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Sunshine on the Street

Sunshine on the Street. Spreading Love, Kindness and Joy.
My sign this year- Kindness Matters

The second annual “Sunshine on the Street” was held today in a neighboring city from where I live. The idea of Dr. Cindy Munson of Chiro-Health Care Center and her staff as a way of spreading love, joy and kindness.

All downtown businesses are invited to participate by making signs and standing outside their business for a half hour over lunch to make passerby’s smile and light up the downtown with lots of sunshine.

Such an easy and fun way to spread happiness! Hope you enjoy the short video as my way of helping to spread the happiness even further.