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A New Website Look and A Chance to Win a Copy of My New Memoir “Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift”

A New Look and A Chance to Win a Copy of My New Memoir "Wisdom Found in the Pause - Joie's Gift"

I’ve had a vision inside my heart for quite some time now—a vision of how I was going to evolve and expand from the many wonderful teachings I’ve received from the dog’s in my life:  Cassie Jo, Frankie, Joie, Kylie and Gidget.

Each one instrumental in bringing me to this space I stand in today – standing tall in the woman I now am – proud of who I am, what I’ve accomplished and excited about where I am heading.

First let me say that Joyful Paws will always be a big piece of who I am and I have no intentions of leaving behind the sharing of what I continue to learn from my dogs. But here are the ways in which I want to expand and explore:

  • Sharing the wisdom of all animals.
  • Sharing the beauty of nature and how it helps to ground and center us.
  • Encouraging others to find their authentic voices by opening to their intuition.
  • Encouraging others to find what is meaningful and what will bring more joy to their everyday lives.
  • And lastly, I leave some white space….as a way to honor new exploration and bring what I learn here to my blog in hopes of more inspiration and encouragement for others.

While I believe my blog/website has been doing just that, writing about the many different topics I’ve written about the last few years, the look to my website, especially my banner, didn’t really reflect that. While I love sharing photos of my dear, sweet dogs (as my old banner reflected), it’s because of everything I’ve learned from them, that I’m now much more confident and comfortable in my own skin (woo hoo!).

As many of you know, my Zen writing cottage is an extension of who I am also (as seen in my new banner!) – my sacred space that wraps its loving walls around me each morning when I enter through the old fashioned screen door. I knew I had to have that part of my banner as it is the place I continue to test my wings when they want to expand and try new things.

It’s the place I come to, to pause often, listen deeply, and capture what matters most to me… and what is my greatest wish in helping others to do the same.

I still have some “behind the scenes” tweaking to my website, but it was the banner I wanted to share with you today. I hope you will like it as much as I do!  A very special thank you to my web gal, Caryn Newton of Lantern Glow Design for helping me put this together.

And one last thing, I’m also excited about is that my website is now mobile friendly and you can read my posts very easy from your phone. Me thinks I’m finally “with it!” 

And now to celebrate with a giveaway, because I love to give gifts!

Win a copy of my new book (plus a customized journal)!  If you’ve already purchased a copy(and thank you if you have!) you can still enter and give it as a gift or donate to your local library.  That would be cool!  Just leave a comment in the comment section below and your name will be entered for a chance to win. (open to US residents only). Entries must be submitted by Thursday, Oct. 27th at midnight cst. I’ll notify winner on Friday, Oct. 28th.

Thank you for sharing and subscribing to my blog updates.

I Wish I Had a Dollar for Every Time…


I’ve been trying to get out for a bike ride around our small town as often as I can. I try for every day, around mid-day, but that does not always work out. But I do get an A for effort!

I really enjoy this time with Gidget – a special time for her and I to bond and be together. I love watching how curious she is.

Today as we cruised past the lake and a Dad, little girl, and pregnant Mom headed down to the beach, I heard, “Oh look, how cute! A little dog in the basket.”

The little girl squealed with delight.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard this. It always makes me smile and I do enjoy making others smile in this way, too.

But today I thought, “Gosh, if I had a dollar for every  time someone said this, I could….” and I began filling in the blank with different answers.

While money can’t buy happiness I did think it would be nice if one could earn a dollar for each time someone said this. But then again the reward is truly in knowing you made another person happy.

And as fast as I’d earn a dollar for every time someone said, “Oh look, how cute!” I realized I’d be losing that dollar just as quickly as I tend to say the same thing quite often myself!

It’s the Little Things

K & G

What will I remember at the end of my life?

I think most of the things I worry about won’t matter.

But it’s the little things.

A little thing that turns into a big thing when my heart explodes into a rush of oozing hot liquid love seeing Kylie and Gidget side-by-side watching the world outside the front door bloom into spring.

How does one possibly describe that deeply, intense feeling of pure love?

What seems such a little thing lights up the whole day.

Worries in an instant melt away.

Nothing needs to be done.

All I need is to be.

In their presence.

In this space and time hanging ever so delicately in balance.

Inviting me to take it all in.

Deep down into this space of truth.

This truth that is always there.

To let it fill my heart.

To feel with absolute knowing.

That this… this is what matters.