Happy Birthday to My Special Sparrow, John

Happy Birthday to My Special Sparrow, John

Happy 57th Birthday to the other half of this sparrow duo – my sweet, hardworking, loving guy, John.

When I awoke this morning I thought of John right away and the song “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” by Tanya Tucker popped in my head. It had me reminiscing back to the day John stole the keys to my heart, as a line in the song says. I was only 15 1/2. And yes, we had a head “full of dreams and faith that could move anything” and we still do. Cue the music!

Often in our almost 38-years together we have thought of ourselves as the two sparrows in this song – especially through the rough times – but somehow when things seemed against us, we knew we would make it. Perhaps maybe not at the beginning, but our faith has definitely grown stronger over the years. I guess you could say we’ve adopted this as “our song.” And yes, we’ve slow danced to this song in the kitchen many a times and I hope many more times.

I could see in my mind as I lay in bed this morning that adorable nineteen year old face with the piercing blue eyes, and longish hair curled over his blue jacket, which he loved to refer as his “cop jacket.” Oh how he made my heart go pitter-patter, pitter-patter, when I saw him walking the halls when I was a sophomore and he was a senior.

My heart still goes pitter-patter for him, but in a different way – an evolving, beautiful way for a man I deeply love, admire, and find such comfort in his loving arms.

I truly couldn’t ask for a better partner and just wish I could have him physically sit inside my heart so he could feel the love I have for him that is just too hard to put into words.

But I guess he will just have to believe me when I say he is my soulmate and I love him so very much. I kind of think he will.  wink

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Is This How It’s Going to Be Today?

Is this How It's Going to Be Today?

I don’t know how it started. But sometimes these things just evolve on their own.

One day I just couldn’t get enough of my husband, John. What I mean by this is that there are days when I feel extra head over heels in love with him. It’s just something that takes over and I want to be sure he knows how much I truly love him. Lucky for me, he has these days towards me too.

Out of the blue one day a few years ago, with a big grin on his face as I was giving him a hug for what seemed the 100th time, John said “Is this how it’s going to be today?” And we laughed and laughed.

Now whenever these moments of bliss happen, which seem quite often lately, (and I’m not complaining!) this is what one or the other will say to whoever happens to be the lucky recipient of over zealous affection.

So when my friend, Dawn, shared a video in her newsletter this week I immediately thought of John and I. I couldn’t help but send it to John and title the subject line, “Is this How it’s Going to be Today?” I share the video with you below– Just click on the photo.

I feel so blessed to have the relationship I do with John. We truly are two peas in a pod, or I guess I should also say, two prairie dogs enjoying the sweet moments of life.

Wishing you many sweet moments today!

Photo: Jan Pelcman

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Orlando. What Can I Do?


I told myself I wasn’t going to watch the news this morning. I knew of the Orlando tragedy yesterday, but not many details. Watching the news, I didn’t feel was going to help or change anything.

But I felt compelled to turn on Good Morning America this morning wanting to know more. As I sat at my vanity getting ready, I heard many voices sharing their accounts of what my mind can’t even begin to wrap itself around. I also heard what they were sharing about what each politician said, or didn’t say, or shouldn’t have said.

I started to cry. What can I do, I thought? I’m one small human sitting here in my home so tired of all the hate in the world. And tired is a light word really, because this feeling reaches deep into my bones and my heart as a deep ache of sadness. And it is brought to the surface when a tragedy such as this happens yet again. It’s as if I hold my breath, praying with all my heart that these painful events won’t happen again. Because when they do, I feel helpless.

I don’t know the answer. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I have to say how I feel. I have to do what I think is the right thing. I have to share my voice. Because I believe, that when we put positive energy out into the world it does make a difference. We need more to do the same.

And I turned to my Daily Word this morning after I turned off the news after a half hour because I could no longer listen. It was then that I had my answer of what I could do. I had to turn inward and do what I think will add a light to the world.

What really stuck out for me from reading Daily Word today was this:  “I am the voice of love, compassion, and respect.”

It became my prayer as I moved through my Yoga practice. As I held each pose I silently repeated, “Love. Compassion. Respect.” At the end of my practice I opened my hands like a lotus flower and deposited the words “Love, Compassion, and Respect” into them, then folding my hands inward to close the lotus flower capturing the words and actions we need to do which can heal the world. I then stretched my arms out in front of me until they were fully extended, I opened the flower once again and “let go.” Out into the world is my wish for Love, Compassion, and Respect to take a strong hold on each and everyone’s hearts.

Ending my practice, my hands folded in prayer I said out loud, “Namaste.” And I was moved to tears again. This…this is what we can each do…. we must do.


Nothing else has worked. We have to start at home, inside our own inner worlds. We have to find peace and light within ourselves. We have to begin with loving ourselves. Anyone who commits acts such as this recent tragedy cannot have love for himself to have done this.

I believe this with every fiber in my being that we must love ourselves to love another, have compassion and empathy for ourselves to have it for another, and to respect ourselves in order to respect those around us. And this means we have to all look inwardly and begin to work on our own stuff to begin to put these positive vibrations out into the world to help us all heal and find peace.

While I’m incredibly sad we are facing such a tragedy again, I’m grateful for the reminder of what is of utmost importance, and the work I need to yet do on myself so that I can vibrate more peace.

And this means I won’t be turning to the news for anymore updates, but instead turning to those that uplift and encourage me that love, compassion, and respect is the way. The only way. Because when I do, it’s when hope returns again, and peace resides within me.

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