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Eggs and Snow. Oh No! And What the Mystical Shaman Oracle Helped Me Understand.

Eggs and Snow. Oh No! And What the Mystical Shaman Oracle Helped Me Understand.
My neighbors pretty egg tree with tufts of snow tucked among the branches

The calendar says April 4th. But looking outside it says January. Eggs and snow – oh no! As positive as I try to be, I’ll be honest… I was grumbling this morning when I woke to see this big drift outside my bedroom patio door.

This magical door that takes me to my sanctuary – my cozy writing cottage. I’d first have to tackle this heap of snow. I wasn’t too happy.

The snow didn’t really start falling until mid-afternoon yesterday and I’d thought perhaps we escaped what they were predicting. But overnight the majority of it came along with the wind. Even the little birdhouses on my writing cottage reflect a whopper of a snowstorm. This morning on the news the weather gal reported that our little village of 950, Elkhart Lake, now holds the record for the most snow on this date.

I bundled up, though was still grumbling and hoping my dear, sweet hubby would come to the rescue and shovel a path to my writing cottage. But alas, he had enough to contend with the front of the house. So silently I said to myself, Buck up, Buttercup!

As I dug into the drift of snow, I reflected on how I’d enjoyed watching the birds around dinner time last night. I’d sat in my  yellow spindle antique chair, and snapped a few photos, smiling with delight that this simple pleasure brought me.

Don’t you just love the little footprints in the snow?
Mrs. (or Mr!) Morning Dove puffed up to stay warm
I love the heart with this little Junco

Before I knew it, the task at hand was done. All that grumbling I did took longer than it did to shovel. As I write this an image of my grandma P. popped into my mind. When I was little I remember when I’d do something naughty (who me?) how she’d wag her index finger back and forth in front of my round face and say, ” That’ll do. That’ll do.”  Which really meant, NOT to do. 

The shoveling made it all the sweeter to step inside my quaint, warm writing cottage. Pulling up a chair to do my journaling with my oracle cards, I felt myself melt into this space that means so much to me. 

View once inside my writing cottage

I appreciate and find it fascinating more and more everyday seeing the world in all it’s symbolism, and the message and reflection I was about to receive was in alignment of what I needed most in the moment.

I’m working with a new deck called, Mystical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos. I just have to tell you…I absolutely love this deck!  Beside the fact the images are gorgeous, I’ve been attracted for many years now to the indigenous teachings. Plus my love of all things mystical combined with these teachings, this is fast becoming my new favorite deck.

As I do each morning, I ask a question about something I’m feeling challenged by, or if I don’t really have anything that seems too pressing, I just ask a general question. Today I asked: What is in my highest good on this snowy and windy April day?

The first card I pulled was my anchor card or can also be called the theme for the reading. The second card I asked what it is that needs to be my focus for the day. Sometimes when I pick the first card I know right away the meaning for me. But if not, as was the case was today, I pulled the second card right away to help me see more clearly the message, as one card helps inform the other.

Earth and The Blade from Mystical Shaman Oracle

Both cards I pulled upside down, which in this case means for this particular deck, that it is the medicine of the card which “tells you the aspect or area of your life or relationships that you need to bring into balance or repair.”

I’ll share the booklets meaning below for each card, but first share its meaning as how I saw it for myself.

My Interpretation

Inwardly, I’d been grumbling to myself that this snow and having to shovel, which shouldn’t even be here in the first place because it is April (for crying out loud!), was throwing off my morning routine, which I cherish dearly. In other words, yup, I don’t like change too much (but then who does?). And because I only wanted to do what I enjoy, like my yoga, my journaling, and then my writing and blogging for the day, etc. this seemed like a huge inconvenience. I was making so much more out of it than needed to be!

But as I mentioned, as I shoveled, I reflected on the beauty of the snow from last night. How I felt joy in watching the birds flitting about and making delicate patterns in the fresh snow, and taking photos, which I enjoy too. Not to mention that I have a warm, cozy home to keep me from the elements.

The Earth…or Mother Nature….no matter what is happening outside my window…it’s all a gift. A chance to see the beauty in all of it.

My focus for the day then is to remember that I always have a choice in my attitude. The Blade card showed me that we can either inflict pain (struggle) on ourselves with negative thoughts, or we can use the blade to empower ourselves.  I pictured that blade on the end of my shovel, helping me to move the snow as a powerful tool, that brought me to this physical space of my writing cottage. But more importantly as a way of cutting away the negativity so I could enjoy the day as it is.

Booklet Meaning


The Essence: “Earth represents the gift of life. The symbol on this card refers to the body of the planet Earth, the human body, and Nature herself. We’re reminded by this symbol that all creatures are born of the Earth and human beings are the stewards of all life on this planet. It refers to what we make of it: our health, wealth, security, grounding, solidity, and stability. It reminds us that the world of form is a gift from Spirit and needs to be treated with respect.”

The Medicine: “Do you feel ungrounded or easily thrown of your path lately? It is time to focus on what nurtures you, to open yourself to the healing of Mother Earth and see the abundant world around you. Perhaps you have lost the ability to trust that your needs will be met and have fallen prey to poverty consciousness. Perhaps you have not been eating well, been overworked or stressed, and forgotten to breathe in the beauty of your surroundings. When the spirit of Earth comes as your medicine, you’re being reminded that when you practice self-care, take a walk in nature, and focus on consciousness of abundance, miracles can and do happen.”


The Essence: “The blade represents sharpness of the mind, body and spirit. Pointing upward, it summons the power of heaven. When aimed down to the ground, it anchors the power of heavens on Earth. The blade can be a healing tool or a weapon. Wield it wisely, and it will transmit power, bestow initiations, cut energetic cords from the past, or sever toxic relationships. Use it with anger, and it will slash, stab, and kill.”

The Medicine: “It’s time to put down the sword and place in back in its scabbard. Do not offer your blade in service to toxic emotions! You will be faced with an even more disagreeable future wit the people or situations you are attempting to banish. Put the blade to rest until your inner fire has mellowed. Then use your blade with impeccable intention to cut the energetic cords that are tying you to the drama at hand. Set yourself free!”

Note: There is also an Invitation message with this deck, but since I pulled both cards in reverse, I just shared the medicine message of each. You can always check out getting this deck if you want to know more or try it out here.

So there you have it. Eggs and snow – oh well – it is what it is and I’ve changed my attitude…and if all else fails I hear the echoes of what my dear mama always says…”this too shall pass.”  🙂

Happy Wednesday to you!



Just a note: I’m not an affiliate of the oracle cards I mention. I just share products I enjoy and find valuable.

Expect Miracles. That Was Fast!

Expect Miracles. That Was Fast!

Mother Nature had a miracle in store for me today. I awoke at 4am.  After trying to go back to sleep, I gave up and got up a little after 5am.

Out to my writing cottage by 6:15am I drew two oracle cards and one of my SoulCollage cards. From the Soul Coaching deck by Denise Linn the card Miracles presented itself. And the message to let go of expectations of what you might define as miracle is and to just be open to unexpected miracles.

Okay, got it.

Half-way through my Yoga practice, in boat pose, gazing out my windows with a gully of trees about 15 ft. from my cottage, here comes a hawk, skillfully and ever so gracefully within that small space, who glided right past my windows!


Yup! Right out loud I said, Wow!  And oh, how my heart smiled. That indeed was a miracle! I’ve had my writing cottage since 2009 and not once have a I seen a hawk fly right in front of my window and so close like this one did.

And another miracle?  I didn’t even falter during boat pose as I was stunned in that moment for that beautiful miracle that graced me with his magnificent presence.

What a way to start the day!

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