From Grief to Grace: A Mother’s Devoted Dedication to Keeping Her Creative Late Daughter’s Spirit Alive

While I’ve often talked about transition here on my blog, the transition one goes through when losing a loved one is undoubtedly the most difficult one we will ever endure.

I’m so honored to share with you, and also reminded, that even when the heart endures one of the greatest losses – that of a child – that somehow, someway, one can find their way back to finding joy again.

And so it is with my friend Monica, whose dear daughter, Lena, died unexpectedly from meningitis at the age of twenty-two in 2003.

It was the creative and magical imagination of Lena, that would carry Monica to where she is today to begin to experience joy once again in sharing the story Lena penned at the young age of ten, Hoofen Floofen Island.

The blessing of Lena, her creativity, and the many gifts she left behind for her mom, who misses her everyday, is what helped Monica to know that even when life is really hard and feels so unfair, that the magic of life can be experienced once again with courage and grace.

It was truly an honor to recently sit down with Monica in my writing cottage and talk about the book she co-authored with Lena, and the journey this has been for her which helps her to continue to heal.

Here is the interview. I hope you will enjoy!

Monica and Lena’s book is available on Amazon today with all the proceeds benefiting the Lena Kay Rufus Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

The fund was established in 2003 at InFaith Community Foundation (formerly the Lutheran Community Foundation). 

InFaith Community Foundation is a national charity with a mission to serve donors, spread joy and change lives. Together with donors, InFaith now grants $16 million annually to charities serving local, national and global communities. 

About Monica:

Monica Sword is Lena’s mother. As a writer and artist,  she shows others how they can mindfully find their way to a happier and more fulfilling existence. 

Her life was not always this way.

Three family members’ deaths at an early age caused her great sadness, especially the death of her only child, Lena. She struggled to balance home life with a challenging career. Several physical manifestations and discontent from this imbalance contributed to losing her way. She yearned to create a deeper connection with nature, the universe, and people. 

She tried everything from happy pills to talk therapy. Important life relationships started and ended. Her library was full of self-help books. She tried going “back to school”. She set up a basement studio thinking she would surely make time to be creative. While these activities kept her busy and much was learned, nothing really stuck. 

Then she discovered the problem wasn’t with her work ethic or what she thought people expected of her. The problem was how she was applying her conscientious, high-achieving style. 

Once she saw that honoring her passions, being mindful of her emotional reactions to life events and focusing on total self-care are applicable to a conscientious and high-achieving lifestyle, she developed a creative mindset that helps her do her best work.  

Although her grief experience is on-going, her life now has a wonderful flow of writing, painting, drawing, and connecting with people.  

About Lena:

My name is Lena Kay Rufus. Since March 28, 2003, I no longer live on Earth. On that day, quickly and unexpectedly, I passed away from meningitis.  

During my childhood, I enjoyed being around farm animals as well as living on the reservation of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa in Northern Wisconsin. I played Suzuki violin during first grade. I loved going to school and excelled in most subjects. 

Although my life was short, my accomplishments were many. I was active at Washburn High School where I studied diligently. I was able to spend most of my senior year enrolled in courses at Northland College. I played the clarinet and after learning French, traveled to Paris. I served as an officer in several high school clubs and associations. I was a Stanford University student at the time of my passing. As you can see, education was crucial to me.

On April 1, 2000, my life celebration ceremony took place on my home reservation. I said goodbye to hundreds of people I loved dearly. There are too many loves to mention except for Mom and Dad, who supported me in all aspects of my life. On this date also, the tribal elders honored me with the Ojibwe name of Ogitchidakwe, warrior woman. 

Look for the “Lena Speaks” area on Life is a Pretty Word for selected pieces written throughout my life. Mom thinks I was a good writer although I never thought so. 

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It’s the First of the Month: Say Rabbit! Rabbit!

rabbitPhoto credit:  Animal Wisdom Tarot cards by Dawn Brunke, illustrated by Ola Liola

I remember the first time I heard someone say “Rabbit! Rabbit!” and it happened to also be the first day of the month. It was Robin Roberts from Good Morning America. She said it was an old wives tale that when you say “Rabbit! Rabbit!” on the first of the month it is supposed to bring you good luck for the rest of the month. She said she does this faithfully.

I don’t always remember to say it, nor do I know if it truly works, but who knows. And what has one got to lose, right?

I remembered today to say it though and thought, hey, this is a good reason to look up the wisdom of Rabbit and share with you today. And any time I can learn more about our animals friends, well, I welcome that with open arms and heart.

So I share with you Rabbit from The Animal Wisdom Tarot cards. I hope you enjoy. And isn’t that just the sweetest photo of Rabbit? I think so!

Rabbit—skilled, shapeshifter, elusive guide to fairy kingdoms, symbol of good luck, fertility, and longevity—leaps between worlds. Popping from the magician’s hat, scampering down the hold to wonderland, resting in the full moon’s luminous glow. Rabbit links us with dreams, lunar mysteries, and the far reaches of our imagination. Clever, quick, and agile, Rabbit leads us to hidden knowledge, although following may require a leap of faith.

While this wild card suggests enhanced insights and intuitive illuminations, it can also entail bewilderment. Enchanted by the unfamiliar beauty of secret realms, we may lose ourselves in fascination and wonder. Find your center and stay grounded to avoid confusion and emotional turbulence. Express creative visions and inspired experiences through the arts—dance, write, paint, sing.

Accomplished guide to shadow worlds, Rabbit helps to identify underlying fears birthed by self-deception. With Rabbit, you gain greater awareness of yourself, and learn to see clearly. Rabbit teaches how to recognize illusion, accept paradox, and embrace the deep, primal powers of your moonlit intuition.

MESSAGE:  Be open to mystical marvels, but keep an eye on your path.