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Moving into the New Year with Ritual. I Invite You to Join Me.

Moving into the New Year with Ritual. I Invite You to Join Me.

Christmas Eve morning I awoke around 4:30am. I couldn’t go back to sleep. My SoulCollage® cards which I keep out in my writing cottage were calling to me.

I decided to follow the impulse. A half hour later I had lit a candle, had meditative music playing, and got out my box of over fifty SoulCollage® cards I’ve made since November 2014.

Past, Present, and Future was what felt right to me in picking three cards – one to represent each as a way of helping me to begin to move into 2017 which is just hours away now.

The first card I chose at random to represent past was my “Window to my soul” card which you see on the far left. The next card to represent the present is my “Ballerina/Horse” card and the last card to represent future is my “Follow your light” card.

I sat with the past card, “Window to my soul” first and thought about it’s meaning for me at this time in my life. This is what I journaled:

I am one who for the past thirteen years has been working diligently on the whispers of my soul. This has prepared me for the new work I’m stepping into.

Next I meditated on the present with “Ballerina/Horse” card:

I am one who feels taller and more confident than ever before. When I look in the mirror I like who I see and who I have become. Horse reminds me that I did the deep inner work to heal a long held wound. I now can hold my head high and dance. Horse reminds me to prance out into the world and bring my gift to others.

Lastly I tapped into the message for the future with “Follow your light” card:

I am one who reminds you that the light within you is a gift I (I being Frankie, my dog) helped bring forth in you. I’m here to remind you to never let that light dim. Use it to help ignite the light in others. Follow your own north star and the light within you will magnify out to the stars ten-fold. I am here to also remind you to not be afraid as my spirit is now one with you for eternity.

To continue a ritual that I’m feeling as sacred and true, I’m planning to choose an animal card from the Animal Wisdom Tarot card deck to serve as a guide for 2017 and an angel card to do the same, which I’ll do this evening. I’ll share those with you tomorrow.

I will be making copies of these cards, plus my SoulCollage® cards, and putting them in a visible spot my writing cottage. It will be my reminder of this special ritual and what it means for me as I move with more conscious awareness of how intuition and following my heart into 2017 will serve as the best way in which to continue to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

If you have SoulCollage® cards, Oracle, or Tarot cards I invite you to do the same. Should you not, a suggestion would be to find a favorite magazine, hold your hand on it, eyes closed in meditation for as long as feels right to you, and perhaps posing a question on something you wish for guidance on in the New Year. When it feels right, open your eyes, and randomly open to a page in the magazine. Then work with really tuning into that image that appears and listening to what the message that image has for you. Don’t second guess yourself. Go with what immediately comes to mind and start writing it down.

I’d love to know what transpires for you, so please do leave a comment in the comment section, or feel free to email me.

I’ll be facilitating a workshop in my home studio, Joyful Pause, on Saturday, January 14th, Intuitively Creating your New Year, working with images in collaging and journling with the SoulCollage® process.  I’d love for you to join us! The class is half-full and I only have room for five more. If interested, register soon here.  

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Rituals: When They Go Astray.

I’ve been reading lately about how important rituals are. If you aren’t comfortable with the word ritual you can think of them as a spiritual practice or centering activity. If you don’t like those, you can come up with something that feels right for you.

You likely have at least one thing you do everyday that is the same and this can be considered a ritual. I like to drink out of the same tea cup everyday. That is a ritual. A small, but pleasurable one for me.

About two weeks ago I wrote about my morning ritual and a Christmas message I got from it one particular morning. But each day my ritual is to light candles in my writing cottage, turn on my tulip lamp, and pick one or more oracle cards from various decks I have. I also now integrated picking one of my SoulCollage® cards since I’ve now made 22 of them. I normally ask a question of the cards and am always amazed at the cards I randomly draw that fit for my question.

After my cards are drawn, I do my yoga practice. All of this is so centering for the rest of my day. I love it.

Today it went astray. It started with someone having to come look at my gas fireplace in my cottage yesterday. It’s not working properly. A part needed to be ordered for it which will take 2-3 weeks. It’s been -20 to -30 degrees with windchills all this week. To be safe, I have to manually turn off my fireplace each night now until it can be fixed.

Well with -30 overnight you can imagine how cold my little cottage got. I went to manually turn the fireplace on today, but an hour later it still wasn’t warm in there. This caused my whole ritual to go astray.

I could feel myself getting frustrated. But decided I would adjust and did. It wasn’t the same, but I had my ritual, well sort of, in my living room. Now I love my cozy little house, and I’m not complaining, but well, it was just different. It really made me think about the ritual I’ve come to love out in my writing cottage – how important it is to starting my day off with a centered mind.

So yes, I know this is part of life and these things happen and we adjust. So again, it’s not a complaint. It’s a very interesting observation of how ritual can have such an important impact on our lives and our well being. It’s made me appreciate my rituals all the more.

Even Kylie’s daily ritual was different yesterday. Most days after she is done eating breakfast, she heads back into her kennel to sleep the morning away. But not yesterday morning. I found her on the sofa in the living room, head resting on the blanket. Guess she needed a change of scenery. Not sure why. But today she is back at her same ritual again.

Two hours later, my cottage still with a chill in the air, finds me at the kitchen table and a temporary ritual of writing here, Kylie snoring loudly in the background, and me, once again, appreciating how much I love the quiet and ritual I’ve created within my cottage.

But alas, John has promised to dig out a wonderful heater from his back shed to keep my cottage at a steady warm temperature overnight, so I can return to my beloved ritual tomorrow morning.