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Wisdom from the Oracle – What Do Lizard and Simplicity have to Teach Us?

Wisdom from the Oracle - What Do Lizard and Simplicity have to Teach Us?

I was asked this morning what oracle cards are. This excites me when others haven’t heard of them as I’ve been fascinated by them for quite a few years now. They’ve served me as a valuable tool in helping me figure out the next steps in my life’s journey. So in a way, I consider them friends. And friends who care and are gentle and honest with me.

So in essence, oracle cards are a tool that can guide you to self-discovery when you are pondering the bigger questions in life— like when you just feel plain ol’ stuck and you are wondering what is next. As I did in 2013 after the unexpected passing of my dachshund, Joie, and my dachshund, Frankie ten months before that.

Taking time just for me when I felt very lost, I made the committment to learn to just be and let go of expectations and what perhaps might be the next right thing for my life. And instead I opened myself to listening to my heart to see what it might have to share with me.

During this time I journaled every day. And to take it one step further I would pull an oracle card to see what wisdom it would provide— and most days I was simply blown away by the synchronicity of my thoughts on any given day and how the cards reflected that right back to me, which I’d ultimately write about in my last memoir, Wisdom Found in the Pause – Joie’s Gift.

And so often the cards were confirmation for me that there is something truly magical about this vast universe that supports us if we just ask for help. And Oracle cards did just that for me, and continue to. 

So today I share with you some wisdom from the oracle for your week ahead. Enjoy!

Lizard – Dreamtime – pay attention to your dreams and visions.
Simplicity – deep, profound serenity is expanding in my life.

Lizard reminds us that it is in our dreams that we receive messages to help us in our life. Not only your dreams at night, but also waking dreams. Lizard is showing us that finding a spot to rest and just dream for a few minutes a day can unlock the keys to our bigger dreams.

Along with Lizard I pulled the simplicity card which says to me how often we can tend to make our lives so complicated, when we truly do have all the answers within us. The Simplicity card along with Lizard is reminding us that it is in times of resting, thoughtful contemplation, and paying attention to those visions we receive that this will indeed expand our lives in a profound way.

Wishing you a simply, beautiful dreamy week!

Much love and gratitude,


Oracle cards used for this reading: 

Power animal cards by Dr. Steven Farmer
Soul Coaching cards by Denise Linn