Goddess Paintings Now Grace My Studio. They Have Much Wisdom to Share.

Goddess Paintings Now Grace My Studio. They Have Much Wisdom to Share.
artwork by: Barbara Techel

I did it. I painted three large paintings (24 x 48). I kind of can’t believe it.

I always said I couldn’t paint. But then one said wonderful artist, who I also happen to call Mom, inspired and encouraged me to give it a try.

The day spent with my mom a few months ago learning how to do what she calls “paper towel” painting is a memory that fills my soul with love and joy.

“Paper towel” painting is mixing acrylic paints together and then dabbing a scrunched up paper towel into the mixed colors and dabbing it onto the canvas. The ground, middle, and sky portion of each of these paintings is this technique.

I was inspired to do these tree Goddess paintings after seeing another painting that incorporated this idea.

My Joyful Pause Studio where I teach SoulCollage(r) workshops and where I happened to have a very long wall I needed something for was where I knew I wanted my Goddesses to reside.

It’s a space where I want to continue to welcome women to take time for themselves, tune into their own inner wisdom, create, and discover new things about themselves that I hope will help them to live a more meaningful and joyful life.

I felt a wave of emotion surge through me when I hung the last Goddess painting on the wall yesterday afternoon.

It took me some time to complete these paintings and at times I was frustrated. But it also made me think about this new place I’m at in my life which has been something I’ve envisioned for a long time.

Just like times I was frustrated thinking I didn’t know where I was headed, but could sense a new path wanting to emerge, I knew I had to have patience and trust in the process.

Just like doing the paintings. And just like SoulCollage(r) teaches – trusting in our own process-moving to the rhythms of our own inner soul whispers is what I believe we are all being called to do.

I also find myself fighting the urge to say my paintings are not perfect, they could be better — that I am not an artist in this sense.

But I know these are conditions I’ve been taught to believe about myself. And I know they are not true even though I must fight the urge to think so.

I am not perfect, nor do I want to be. I want to continue to grow and learn. I am an artist. I am a Goddess.

A Goddess who wants to continue to stand in her feminine, artistic, womanly wisdom and open her arms to other women seeking to embrace the power of their inner Goddess.

And together we will form a circle of love, joy and peace that will radiate out into the universe and set the planet aglow.

Now didn’t I tell you? These Goddess have much wisdom to share. I, for one, plan to keep paying attention.

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Waiting for My Goddess Painting to Reveal Her Name

Waiting for My Goddess Painting to Reveal Her Name
Waiting for My Goddess Painting to Reveal Her Name

Never did I think I’d paint. And more than that, I never thought I’d say I actually finished a painting!

But I finished this first Goddess in a series of three that I’m working on. They will hang on the long wall in my Joyful Pause Studio where I recently began teaching SoulCollage(r) workshops.

My painting teacher is someone I love dearly…my mom. When I emailed her the photo of my first complete Goddess, I also told her I’d started on the second one. She wrote back and said I should listen very closely and the Goddesses may share their names with me.

I loved it! It actually reminds me much about the SoulCollage(r) process which is also about listening intuitively and collaging images together that speak to you–which, in turn, helps us to better understand ourselves.

I shared with my mom that I’m taking her advice awaiting to hear what my Goddesses names may be. But all I got yesterday after painting for two hours on my second Goddess was hearing this from her:  My arms are too fat and I don’t like the color of my mid-section.

And then I heard my mom’s voice in my head:  It’s only paint and you can paint over it!

And I really wasn’t frustrated that I didn’t have it “right” yet. But it was an interesting thought because I wondered why I get so frustrated with my writing at times. Yet, I’ve not been with painting.

While it was initially scary to put paint to canvas in fear of making a “mistake” I feel better about knowing now I can just go over it with paint if I don’t like what I do.

And aha! Just like I can also delete sentences in my writing that don’t jive right either.

So, indeed, these dear Goddesses are talking to me… boy, are they ever! But, I do hope they will properly introduce themselves soon with their first names.

And ah, once again, a reminder that this is all part of the process. Just add in a bit of patience and perseverance and it all shall come together… just like writing a book or short story.

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Growing with My Tree Goddess – A Curious Unfolding.

Growing with My Tree Goddess - A Curious Unfolding
My tree goddess painting in progress….

I didn’t plan to ever paint. Nor did I think I’d ever start painting and then perhaps want to write about the process.

And I don’t really know where this will all take me. Will I keep painting? Or will I only be interested for awhile and then stop?

I’m thinking I may keep going for at least a little while as now I keep seeing images for ideas of things I want to try and paint!

This has been the most curious unfolding on many levels.

One being that I’ve realized that when I’m painting my mind becomes very quiet.

This is so unusual (but welcoming) since I’m one who is always thinking otherwise (sometimes it can drive me crazy!) — and I think mostly around what I’m going to write about in the book I’m working on right now, future ideas, or what I’m going to write for my blog or weekly newsletter– along with all the many other thoughts that goes through one’s head in any given day.

But when I get out the paints and the brush hits the canvas, it’s like I melt into this silent world.

I painted for a few hours this morning but then the warm sunshine was too hard to ignore and I had to get outside and walk.

And guess who was on my walk with me?  Yup, my tree goddess.

I’ve been so intrigued lately by the goddess archetype and am learning to embrace and honor the goddess in me.

I love that I am more grounded now in my 50s, than when I was in my 20s and 30s. I enjoy that I consciously choose to live in more awareness especially with how nature, when out in it, is such a profound healer.

Like my tree goddess in progress, I too, am a goddess in progress. I’m learning to awaken on new levels each and every day and decade of my life.

I want to be that old oak goddess tree someday that stands strong with the test of time filled with much wisdom.

So I never thought I’d paint. But I’m not going to spend much time wondering why, but just enjoy the process.

I still have much to do on this tree goddess, but it’s fun watching her come to life. And I plan to do four of these which will hang side-by-side on the very long wall in my Joyful Pause Studio (nothing like jumping right in with four 24″x 48″paintings right away!).

But now I’m so curious to see what else this goddess and the other tree goddesses will reveal to me as I continue.