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Navigating the Space In-Between

Navigating the Space In-Between
Pausing, Contemplating, Capturing

March… the month of transition…that in-between space. Winter still shows itself at times, but it doesn’t linger as long.  As the sun moves closer to the earth it helps usher in a tease of warmth of the promise of what is on the way.

A space of in-between is where I find myself also. Are you feeling this too? During my yoga practice Friday morning I held boat pose with a new resolved strength of determination.

As I gazed at the gully of naked trees outside my window, a Robin landed on a Sumac bush. Pecking at the dried seed, I thought how even though the bush was dormant all these months it was still providing nourishment, thus life, to the Robin.

I’ve been in this deep-seated space of inward contemplation again, peeling back layers I never thought would be part of my unfolding. At times, it’s been emotionally painful with a new recognition of how it affected my body with a deep ache.

The good news is that my willingness to look inward I was able to make the connection between my thoughts and my body. Once I did, the pain I was experiencing faded away within a few days. I’m grateful for the new awareness of how our emotions truly can affect our bodies.

The other good news is that while I’m not ready to share fully what my contemplation has been about, as I’m still navigating and integrating it all, I’ve had this tickling in my heart.

A tickling that what I’m going through may be leading to another book I will write. While I can’t say for sure at this point, I’m gathering thoughts and insights that are currently flowing through me.

There is a stirring of wanting a change in my life and this recognition of a need to honor the truth of where I am and the feelings I’m having, and how it continues to reveal itself to me. While watching the Robin fill himself with nourishment, I recognized myself in the reflection.

A moment of reflective understanding from Robin

In order to be at peace and in this space of the unknown and what lies ahead, it’s important to nourish and care for myself.  It’s something I guide my clients to do when they come to me needing help when feeling stuck as it’s vital in order to be able to move outwardly when the time is right.

Nurturing our inner world is the first step before we can take steps toward what is next for our lives. It will never come from external forces, and if it does, they are only temporary.

Feeling more empowered as I continued to hold boat pose, enveloping it as fully as possible so I could carry it with me, I came to understand something. 

As I visualize the distance along the shoreline of where I wish to head and am already on my way, I must also remain flexible, and gently tend to a space of inner calm so the flow of my life can unfold as it’s meant to.

While I trust I will reach my destination, I’ve also come to understand that I’m already there in many ways. There is no need to rock the boat.

Instead, be with the flow of the ride, stay open for signposts, and appreciate the larger waves that may try to engulf me as all part of the process.

I’m also reminded once again that within transition lie blessings waiting to be revealed. Writing another book was not on my conscious radar until now and I’m beginning to see this as an unexpected gift.

And the more I open to the idea, the more I see an authentic opportunity. And so this boat becomes my vessel to a revelation that calm waters are here now and more are on the horizon as well.



My Chatter Box Curses the Cold

My Chatter Box Curses the Cold

We’ve been having frigid temperatures for about two weeks now. The kind of cold that bites your face and gets deep into your bones. I work hard to stay positive as I believe in the power of thought and how it affects us.

But I found myself in a funk this morning, angry at the cold weather, wishing I could be somewhere warmer, and mad that others I know are heading south. I was having a down right pity party with myself.

And yup, I have my moments too even though I’m passionate about being a positive and inspiring voice in the world.

The blessing though is that because of my dedication to working on my personal Self with a capital S, which means my inner voice, my higher self, I’m able to catch it sooner rather than later, and that it was my small self, with a small s, which is my ego, was the one chattering away in my brain.

I’ve been wanting to get outside and walk through a small woods near my house because nature grounds me, helps me feel alive, and makes my soul feel home. 

I’m currently enrolled in The Invision Process, which is about learning to be the observer of your thoughts. It’s part of Oracle School that I began in October 2017. While this personal mastery work can feel quite challenging at times, and yes, I’ve cursed that too, along with the weather…I keep going back to it. 

Why? Because the rewards are so great as I learn to see my thoughts through a new lens and learn to work with them, and to detach from the ones that are just that…chatter.

So I journaled this morning from prompts and an exercise from The Invision Process, moving through the feelings and how I feel when I let the chatter box of thoughts run wild. Then I visualized putting them in a box and just observed them. What a difference in my state of mind and the feeling in my body it made. I realized the negative thoughts were just that…thoughts, and I could let them go.

And the thing is, this is what gets in the way of what really matters. The truth is, that our inner voice knows the answer. It wants to get outside into nature. And so my determined, knowing self rose to the surface and I’ve made the committment to get out for a walk today. 

I turned my thoughts to gratitude: the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky, I have warm clothes to wear, new hiking boots, a cozy home, a husband who loves me, Gidget who snuggles with me, good health, work I love…and on and on the list I made mentally.

The cold is only temporary just like my thoughts. They come, they go. But it’s this moment, in the here and now is what matters, and truly, all that I have. 

Chatter box cursing the cold be gone!  🙂

Learning to move through transition, whether the seasons of nature, or whether small or big changes, it’s embracing that inner voice and learning to follow its lead is what I’ll be sharing in a free webinar offering on Tuesday, January 9th at 6:00pm cst. If this calls to you, I’d love to have you join me! And feel free to share with others who you feel may benefit also.

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It’s OK to Celebrate Yourself and Your Accomplishments!

How often, especially as women, do we squelch our accomplishments for fear other’s may say we are bragging or we worry that other’s may think, “who does she think she is?”

Well, I’m celebrating myself and I’m proud, oh-so-proud, to share that I’ve completed the Personal Mastery Level of Oracle School studying with Colette Baron-Reid. This is the school I feel like I’ve been looking for my whole life – well, actually, I guess you could say the past couple of years.  🙂

They weren’t kidding when they said it’s not for everyone – it’s hard, deep, personal work. And there were days I questioned why the heck (OK, truth be told, I really said hell – ha!), signed up for this. The fact I took this challenge on is why I’m proud and why I’m… 


Even though hard work at times, the reward of sitting through some very uncomfortable things, has led me to a new place of peace and understanding within. And this place feels pretty darn wonderful.

The cool thing is that I never have to leave this school if I don’t want to. And I don’t. I actually just registered to take the next level, Shared Wisdom and The Invision Process. This will be an even deeper dive into not only my own psyche, but to expand on mastering specific Universal Laws and the mystical understanding of the world around us which includes signs, symbols, synchronicity and spirit animals (big WOO HOO on the Spirit Animals as if you’ve been following me for awhile you know how much this speaks to me!!).

This is right up my alley and what I love learning about, and sharing and being of service in helping others seeking to live a more meaningful life. It fits in line with my motto to pause often, listen deeply and capture what matters, because when we take time to be in touch with our inner world, and learn to see how that is connected to the outer world, we find that we are not alone, and that Spirit is supporting us every step of the way.

This school, and the many practices I’ve put in place over the years, also keeps me tuned into my intuition. When I trust my heart (also intuition!) I’ve found that it leads me down my next and right path each time. 

And this is why I celebrate, because choosing to live a meaningful life isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it. So worth it!

Much love and gratitude,


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