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On Knowing When It’s the Right Dog for You

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I’ve been watching with great interest as my favorite author, Jon Katz and his dear artist wife, Maria of Bedlam Farm have been searching for a new dog to bring into their lives.

The breeder they hoped to get a pup from was taking longer than usual, the dog not going into heat when they’d hoped. They considered adopting, but had a bad experience visiting a shelter over the weekend.

But then something prompted Jon to reach out to the woman who had given him his border collie, Red. As fate would have it and the stars aligned, they knew when they saw the pup with one blue eye that she was the one.

And get this….her name is Fate. I think they need no other clearer signs than this. It was meant to be.

It brought up the times this has happened to me. How it is when you just know. While at times I’ve been anxious for a new dog after one has passed, I believe that it has to feel right—that there is this connection that is undeniable.

At least this is how it works for me. It made me think again about Gidget and how I found her. Or perhaps I should say she found me? But likely once again everything aligned and we were supposed to be together.

When I saw her face and those telling eyes, after looking at hundreds of dachshunds, I felt that familiar tingle in my heart. She was the one.

While I had passed over many sweet and adorable, and most likely great dogs, I couldn’t stop looking at Gidget and found myself getting lost in her eyes. She drew me into her being. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

It just brings me back to how connection is so important—for both you and your new dog.

Each day our love for each other deepens. I learn new things because of Gidget. I’m learning to step into and own more of my belief’s.

She is the one. And while I don’t know what the future holds, I take one day at a time, soaking in all the love that she is. And I thank all the stars in the universe for lining up in just the right way that brought her to me.

Jon’s post about what happened during a shelter visit in Vermont is worth reading. I was saddened to learn that some animal shelters are now using a process for adopting pets out that seems cold and impersonal for both the person and the dog.

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Special Announcement: Join Me in Welcoming Our New “Walk ‘N Roll Dog” to Our Family!


It is with the greatest joy in my heart that I share with all of you the new addition to our family, Joie.  I’ve known this for about two weeks, but many things had to fall into place before I could spill the beans!  And believe me, it was not easy for me to hold this all in!

So first of all, her name, which she didn’t come with, but for me her new name has very special meaning.  I thought of the name this summer and knew it was the one.  Little did I know at the time the meaning of it.  Joie is pronounced just like Joey.  After sharing with a friend this is the name I came up with for the next little love in my life she said, “Did you know that in French the meaning of that spelling is joy?”

I couldn’t believe how perfect.  Well, then I came to realize in French the whole saying is:  Joie De Vivre which means Joy of Living.  This gives me chills.  My life is complete and filled with utter joy when I have animals to love.  It is meant to be.

So the story of how Joie came into our life–  Well, it really is quite funny how you put your specifications out there into the Universe, as I did. But I reminded myself I had to be open also to the plan that has been in play for some time I am sure.  Two of my specifications were that I wanted another red dachshund and I couldn’t find her until AFTER vacation, which meant after October 10th.  I wanted another girl, one with IVDD, and between the ages of 4-6.  So yes, Joie does have IVDD and she is four years old.  Not bad Universe, not bad.  And no, you are not color blind, she happens to be black and tan.

One day as I perused Facebook I saw her and my heart skipped a beat.  Could she be the one, I wondered?  There she was as a courtesy listing on Oregon Dachshund Rescue’s page.  The owner needed to find her a new home as she couldn’t care for her any longer.  Not knowing the full circumstances, I emailed her and tried to guide her to Dodgerslist for some support.  As it would turn out, she was bombarded with emails about Joie, but for whatever reasons she was not yet spoken for and she didn’t remember seeing my email.  I found this out when I decided on a “whim” to call her after she sent me a message about Joie on my website contact page.

As it turns out Joie was diagnosed with IVDD in May.  Surgery was not an option due to cost, but cage rest was given to her in hopes she’d fully recover.  But to date, she still has no use of her back legs.  Though her tail does wag now and then from what I have seen.  A wheelchair is likely going to help her live a full, happy life.  Gosh, and I just happened to have one not in use.

As I talked with the owner, I knew she wanted to find Joie a new home and I felt ready, though hesitant only because the timing was all wrong… or so I thought.  I said, “I think I’d like Joie, but the glitch is we are leaving for vacation in five days.  If you can wait until we return I think I’d like to adopt her.”

Well, one thing led to another and with the help of Jenell and Linda of Oregon Dachshund Rescue (ODR) the idea of Joie becoming a part of our family started to become a reality.  Linda was truly an angel with making things all work out and I can never thank her enough.  Joie was not yet spayed, so the timing was actually perfect.  She would be spayed while I was on vacation, which she was, and then be good enough to fly once her stitches were out and I was back from vacation.

Oh, guess I didn’t mention that Joie came from Vancouver, WA.  Yesterday, mid-morning she boarded a plane with ODR volunteer, Linda who made the trip with her to make my dream come true.  Truly remarkable, the heart of Linda for spending her whole day to ensure that Joie would make her way to me her in WI.

Needless to say the minute I saw Linda carrying the yellow Southwest pet carrier and walking toward me the emotions flooded me– oh, so many emotions!  I hugged her tight and couldn’t thank her enough.  Then the big reveal as she slowly unzipped the carrier and I got to see Joie for the first time!  I can’t say it love at first sight, as I had already fallen in love with her two weeks before!  But now, here she was, finally mine.  And I couldn’t believe how adorable and tiny she was in person… or I guess I mean, dog.

I felt utterly and absolutely complete as I held Joie in my arms on the hour drive home from the airport late yesterday afternoon.  She is such a sweetheart.  I don’t know what the future holds for us as far as our journey, but I will say this, I will do my best to love her and give her the best life possible.  Will she be a therapy dog?  I don’t know.  It will be up to her.  Right now we have some work do in regards to getting her up and running in her wheels.  First, her little tummy needs to heal as she has an infection from the surgery incision.  I think she may also require some physical therapy to help her legs gain some muscle tone.  Frankie’s wheelchair will also need to be adjusted as Joie is shorter in length as well as in weight than Frankie was.  She is 11.5 pounds.  Will find this all out when I take her to my vet on Tuesday.

A new chapter begins. My heart is full of much joy and I really feel that Frankie had a “paw” in guiding me to Joie.  After I made the decision to adopt Joie, Frankie came to me in two separate dreams and I felt like she was giving me her blessing.  Also the photo above of Joie, the owner sent me when I asked for more photos and when I saw this one I said out loud, “Frankie, is she the one for me?” I can’t explain it, but I just knew as I began to cry.

Lastly, I want to say a huge and warm thank you to Joie’s mom before me.  This was not easy for her to make this decision, as I can only imagine.  But she knew this was the right thing to do in helping Joie live a good life. I am so so so grateful for her courage.  And again a big thank you to ODR owner Jenell for working your magic with some kinks we had to get through, and for Linda for all she did to make this happen.  All of you are very special angel’s in my eyes.

I will, of course, share more as we move through the next few weeks with Joie transitioning into her new life.  In tomorrow’s post I’ll share photos of our meeting for the first time at the airport, so stay tuned.  As for today, I will sit many moments to admire the new little love of my life and hug and kiss her, of which I’ve only done at least one hundred times already.  Right now she is curled up in a little basket I have for her, wrapped in her pink leopard blanket that came with her.  She seems content and happy…. as am I.  As am I.

PS:  I’d like to also thank my dear, sweet hubby for being the best husband ever in sharing in the joy of our new little one and for being so helpful as and kind in being the best chauffeur yesterday… and well, just for everything!!!