The Royal Hummingbird – A Bridge Between Sky and Earth

The Royal Hummingbird - A Bridge Between Sky and Earth
Hummingbird from Animal Wisdom Tarot Card deck

This time of year feels bittersweet when it comes to my favorite bird – the hummingbird. I simply adore these little ones so much. But this time of year they are gearing up to head south. The flurry of “juicing up” on the feeder which hangs right outside my writing cottage screen door, and I can see from my desk, brings me so much joy all summer, and especially this time of year when there is an abundance of action.

But at moments I feel melancholy anticipating their departure soon. I hate to see them go. The hummingbird has great meaning for me having connected me to the other side after my dachshund, Frankie passed away in 2012. I’m quite positive two weeks after she died that she came to me as a hummingbird assuring me she was doing well, and that I too, would be just fine. It is a gift from Frankie that I still carry in my heart to this day – and I always will.

So thinking about the hummingbirds I’m reminded that letting go is part of life and we have many, many moments of them. That in doing so, we trust that what we love and enjoy returns – maybe not always in the same way, but it does return. Just like my little hummingbird friends will return in the spring.

I’m also recalling an online program I listened to a few weeks ago with Shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada talking about the Royal Hummingbird. In part he shared:

In Peruvian shamanic traditions, the ruby-throated Royal Hummingbird symbolizes the ability to act as a bridge between Sky and Earth – – the traditional role of the shaman. By lovingly pollinating flowers and crops, the Royal Hummingbird gracefully weaves connections between terrestrial ecosystems and spiritual and material worlds.

The Royal Hummingbird shows you how to journey into the higher realms of consciousness and come back with guidance for your daily life. This special communication between worlds provides you with inspiration to manifest and express your greatest dreams.

You can get the free recording here if you wish to learn more. I found it fascinating.

And in honor of all that the hummingbird has been, and is, in my life I want to also share with you the wisdom of them from my friend, Dawn’s beautiful Animal Wisdom Tarot Card deck (picture of card above in photo). May Hummingbird’s message resonate with you in some way that guides you and enriches you, too.

Six of Branches acknowledges personal triumph, happiness, and healthy self-esteem. Gleaming with presence, sparked with joie de vivre, you may experience sudden illumination and a desire to share your brilliance with the world. Life feels balanced and good.

Hummingbird shares beauty, wonder, and joy as it pollinates flowers and spreads the sweetness of life. Dazzling and iridescent, with an amazing ability to fly backward, sideward, and upside down, Hummingbird’s small body holds the big energy of a free-spirited warrior. Enlivening and uplifting, Hummingbird encourages us to shine our magnificence while remaining grounded, in harmony with self and others.

Receiving this card may signify spiritual insight, expansion, or breakthrough. It cautions us, however, not to lose poise. A flash of arrogance, conceit, or out-of-control pride can ignite a wildfire within. Know that you are capable of success and inherently wonderful, whether at home, alone, or in the midst of an adoring crowd.

Like Hummingbird, align yourself with nature, Earth and Spirit; be fully present as you express radiance. This is how we inspire others and energize the world.

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Tipi Gathering with the Spirit of Horse.

Tipi Gathering with the Spirit of Horse
Tipi photo courtesy of

The stars were so bright in the sky last night. Something I don’t often take the time to see once tucked in my home at the end of the day during the colder months, my nose usually in a book, and a wiener dog snuggling at my side.

But last night, as I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the magnificent gift of feeling a part of the universe—the stars connecting me to a place within myself I don’t visit often enough.

I’d heard often about these Tipi (or Teepee) gatherings. It is not far from my home—only about ten minutes. A place I’d been last October when I sought some coaching/counseling around a painful experience I was working through under the guidance of Pam Kachelmeier, a coach and counselor out of her home and her business Meaningful Life Counseling.

Pam is also a big animal lover, especially horses, having many of her own. She teaches others what the spirit of horse can do for helping us heal.

We gathered in the barn first as Pam explained how the night would unfold while the horses crunched on hay behind her. That in itself I could have listened to all night long. It was very soothing to me.

With flashlights in some of the participants hands, we then walked a path which was partially lit by rope lighting to the back part of Pam’s property, up a set of stairs, and into a Tipi with the images of horses on the outside.

Chairs circled around the inside of the Tipi, with a covered fire pit where Pam lit the logs to provide warmth. But also a focal point in which to gaze and find inner peace.

Dan, a shaman also then joined us. Dan and Pam guided us to give voice to something we each wished to have healed, so that we could then open ourselves to receive what is next for our life’s path.

It’s rather hard to explain in words being in this community of 14 of us, all of whom I’d never met before, except for Pam. But I felt safe. In part, I believe because being in that space not only was I connecting with each of them, but also with the land, the stars, nature, and the medicine of animals.

There are no words when you put yourself in an experience like this because it is the feelings that arise that are hard to describe. Feelings that so many of us don’t take the time to feel because we are caught up in our way too busy lives.

Each person spoke about what it was they wished to let go of. Many wanted to let go of their own negative thought patterns, or to release the negativity that they carry around that they’ve allowed other to have imposed upon them. Some had recent loss in their life they were grappling with, while some had past wounds they wanted to let go of.

We each had a chance to also speak of what intention we wanted as we moved through the evening that we would carry with us once the night was over.

It was time to then head back to the barn and be with the horses as Pam took us on a guided visual meditation. Before she did that, she passed around a basket with feathers and we were to each choose one. I chose a white feather and held it in my hands as she began the meditation.

I smiled inwardly, when in the meadow she guided us to, sitting by a river, and prompted to look for a horse approaching, that my horse was all white. I was also dressed in a flowing white dress with brown cowboy boots.

I found it fascinating that there seemed to be a connection between the white feather, horse and my dress I saw in the meditation. As she brought us back out of the guided meditation I really didn’t want to leave this place that was complete peace and stunning beauty. But I know that anytime I want now, I can return to it.

What happened next was my favorite part. I felt myself getting very emotional as I could hear Pam guiding a horse out of the stall as we were coming out of the meditation, but our eyes still closed.

As we slowly opened our eyes, there he was standing in all his magnificent glory before us.  He was cocoa brown with marked paintings on his front limbs, his face, a red circle around his left eye, and a painted pink hand on his left side.

I thought my heart would burst right out of my chest for the spirit of him that again, I can’t find words for to describe adequately.

Pam explained to us that humans have been around for 1 million years (I think she said million- perhaps it was billion?), but that horses have been around for 50 times longer than that. The point is that they have been roaming this earth way longer than we have.

She explained how they live in the 13th dimension. Whoa. I couldn’t wrap my head around that. But it explained for me the palpable feeling of being in that sacred space with them last evening.

Words truly seemed pointless as it is the spirit of Horse which helps us to understand that living from our feelings is the only way in which to understand ourselves and the world around us.

With candles lit all around the barn, Pam and Horse encircled us in a ceremony of each of us taking a turn to place our feather in the horse’s mane.

As we each took our turn walking up to the horse, Pam wound a small rubber band around a piece of his mane. We then placed our feather in it, and silently asked a question of Horse spirit that we want help with.

My emotions were tingling at a high vibration on the surface of my skin during the ceremony—it was so healing being within that circle.

Once all the feathers were tied within the mane of the horse, Pam explained to us they would remain there as the horse goes out into the pasture the next couple of days where they will eventually fall out on their own within 1-3 days.

And from my understanding, this is when we may receive the answer to the question we asked, though it could be sooner or later, too—but to be open and listen.

We then all walked again back to the Tipi for the closing of the evening. One of my concerns, which I didn’t voice out loud, was that I was worried the horse would carry all our negative energy we just spent time letting go of.

But my concern was calmed as we gathered back inside the Tipi, around the burning fire, and Pam explained that horses don’t carry any negative energy with them. It’s not in their nature.

And then a deeper realization hit for me that yes, something I’ve always understood and known, but lovingly pierced into the core of my heart again, that this is the teaching of animals.

They are calling out to us to follow their lead. To let go of negativity, our past, and any pain we carry, and live from that place within us that is real— and walk this precious time we have here on this earth without judgement of ourselves or others.

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