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Truth Be Told

Welcome to November! The winds blow, the days grow shorter…and it’s the perfect time to go within.

This picture is from one year ago when we visited eastern Tennessee…oh how this tugs at my heart strings to be here again.

It’s also that time of year where perhaps you may be feeling the impending weight of obligations that are ahead with the holiday season.

Recently, I came across this quote that had me reflecting about when we say yes, when we actually mean no and how that can set us up for living a less than joyful and meaningful life. 

It’s that old conditioning we’ve bought into, right?  My whole summer has been about unlearning so much of what I’ve been conditioned to believe, and putting more into practice what truly feeds my soul.

Just last week someone I loved asked me something that I had said yes to a few years ago. But I’ve since come to a new place in my life. So I needed to be honest and tell the truth that it no longer worked for me.

Interestingly enough, every morning for the past three weeks, I’ve been meditating and pulling an Oracle card from The Wisdom of the Oracle deck, and then journaling what comes up for me.

Just that morning, I pulled the Truth Be Told card, and here I was a few hours later being put to the challenge to do just that.

It was difficult because I didn’t want to cause hurt feelings. And honestly, for a time after, those old patterns of believing I needed to feel guilty crept in.

But the reality? When we say yes and really mean no, we carry this burden and negative feelings that build into resentment….and a resentment that eats away at us which can manifest in unhealthy ways.

Does the quote, “I am under no obligation to make sense to you” now make more sense? When we speak our truth we literally feel lighter in our bodies and our hearts rejoice in freedom…even when it may not make sense to someone else.

But when we don’t speak our truth we carry an unnecessary burden that weighs us down, causing us to live a less than meaningful life. Not good for you and not good for those around you.

Referring to The Wisdom of the Oracle booklet the line that stood out for me for Truth Be Told?…

Be authentic and gloriously flawed, and Spirit will answer with miracles.

As we do this work of stepping more into who we truly are, we need to be gentle with ourselves. And know that we aren’t alone…and that we are all a work in progress.

Lastly, to expand on this, I turned to the Power Animal and Soul Coaching oracle cards to find out what more we need to know to live our truth which is below in my video oracle guidance reading.

Much love and gratitude,


What More Do We Need to Know About Not Making Sense To Others?


Spirit Dog’s See Me and Help Keep the Light Shining.

barb, kylie and gidgetKylie loves her kennel. When she was a pup we trained her to be in it while we were gone. It has come to be her “happy” place. Her place to center and chill out.

To this day, when we get ready to leave, she goes in her kennel and lies down. We don’t even close the door. Often times during the day you will find her sleeping (and snoring loudly!) in her kennel.

John has dubbed it her “apartment.”  Last night Gidget and I went to “visit” Kylie at her apartment. It was very nice. She was happy to have Gidget and me over for a visit. Though she didn’t serve tea, I was happy to just be hanging out with her in her special space.

I asked John to take a picture of me hanging out with my girls. When I look at it, I see me. Meaning, I really see who I am. I feel like I can almost see my soul. Maybe this sounds silly, but I really can identify with myself when I am surrounded by my dogs. It’s this feeling of knowing deep in my heart and bones that I am one with them. That we are here to help each other.  That they love me – They see me – They accept me… That they get me.

I can be me – all of who I am – with them. No holding back. And this animal wisdom I carry with me as I move out into the world each day. It’s the light I wish to carry inside me always which I hope radiates out to others, and touches them in whatever way is meant to be right and good for them.

Gidget and Kylie Speak. What the Animal Communication Reading Revealed.

IMG_1968I knew I’d want Dawn, an animal communicator, to do a reading with Gidget. She has done them for Frankie and Joie, and each time they have been spot on. I also learn so much from them and about myself in the process. Well, I felt the time was finally right to find out what Gidget had to share.  So we set it up for yesterday afternoon.

Last Friday I sent her many photos of Gidget by herself, with me, with John, and with Kylie. She emailed me Saturday saying she woke up that morning with Kylie very much on her mind. She asked that I send over photos of her also as  she felt Kylie wanted to take part in the reading, too.

I could hardly wait for yesterday to arrive knowing both Kylie and Gidget had much to share.

Gidget was ready to share first.  Dawn said that she feels Gidget is a very special, individual dog and that she is a Master Teacher.  She expresses herself in many different ways.  Sometimes as a puppy, sometimes as a very wise dog. She is a puppy, wise dog, and teacher.

This feels right on to me.  Since first seeing her photo on Petfinder to bringing her home I could feel something very different about her. The fact that she is both wise and a puppy at times made sense in that I don’t really know her “true” age. While it doesn’t all that much matter to me, this actually made sense that age is just a number.  Gidget is all these facets of a dog, no matter her age.

So I’m going to go back and forth between what Gidget shared and Kylie, because that is how the reading unfolded.

Next Dawn shared that she feels Kylie is an emotional calmer. She is a very grounding and sweet dog. “What you see, is what you get.” I couldn’t have agreed more. That is exactly Kylie. She also has held the center for a very long time. Again, right on.  I’ve always felt that way about Kylie.

What really struck me is what she said next as I’ve been feeling this from Kylie also.  Dawn said, “She has come into her own, which has helped her.” John and I have talked about this quite often since Gidget has been with us. Kylie seems more comfortable and at ease in our lives. She loves to hang out with us, no matter what room we are in, when she didn’t always do that before.

Dawn said that Kylie is a teacher in the sense of what it means to be a dog and communicating that to humans.

Gidget relies on Kylie for certain things, especially helping her to feel grounded.

Gidget has many different personalities. Not in the sense as humans would view this, but because she is perceived in many different ways by others. She actually can adjust easily to these projections of how others see her. This made sense to me also because sharing photos here and on Facebook I’ve had people comment she looks like a puppy, wise, smart, and intelligent.

Now for the part that had me saying, “Whew.” Gidget is here to help me understand that I have a high degree of capability. She shared that it’s as if I am at the top of a mountain, the tipping point, just about to go over. She is here to help me get stronger emotionally as well as with my self image. She knows I am coming more into my maturity, spirituality and elder wisdom.

Regarding the tipping point, Gidget feels I am dealing with being more in balance, while having one foot of connection in this world, and one foot in another. Whew. I believe she is right. For me, it speaks to my fascination with what animals are here to teach us and wanting to go deeper with knowing more.

Dawn said that Gidget needs help with balance in much the same way, one foot in this world, and one foot in another (or perhaps with her it is paw!)—so we are together to help each other with this and in a true partnership together.Our work together is very inward orientated. Dawn said not that Gidget isn’t good with others in the world, but it’s more of a focus on inward work that her and I need to do.

This makes so much sense to me after losing Joie and the inward work I did then, and really, continue to do. Gidget is here to keep me on that path.

Gidget has much wisdom to share with me and her challenge is learning how to communicate that to me. She feels it is a very exciting time on our planet because so many people are beginning to awaken. She also feels like I am the first human who understands her for who she is.

It then came time for my questions, some of which I’m not going to share here today as they are between Gidget and me.

But one thing I was curious about was her past.  The reason being if there was something I needed to know that might help me to help her. Gidget didn’t necessarily want to share her past, but would if I really wanted that.  She is focused on her new beginning with me and is very happy and content. She wants to be taken for who she is right now. I accepted that and decided that was perfectly fine with me.

This was a very powerful hour for me with Dawn, Kylie and Gidget.I think what I learned yesterday speaks very much to where I am in my life right now, and I’m so glad I opened myself to another world to explore.

As somewhat of an aside, I have to share what Dawn said about one of the photos I sent her of Gidget and me for the reading, which was this one: g and me 1-14Dawn pointed out the word joy at the bottom left, the stuffed dachshund at the top (that sort of looks like it is coming out my head!), and the bicycle card next to it. These are all parts of what makes up me—what I love.  And as a kind of funny, but something people often comment on, is that I am good at marketing my books… and the book title on the left hand side, “1,001 Ways to Market Your Books.”  No words really needed for this photo, it says it all without speaking a word.

I’m hosting a workshop being presented by Dawn on March 8th and 9th at my home.  If you are interested, here are the details.