Dancing with the Elemental Forces of Creation & Synchronicity

Dancing with the Elemental Forces of Creation & Synchronicity

Synchronicity does not always play out immediately and something I realized yesterday from a series of events that I see now had been unfolding over the months.

I had stumbled upon a woman by the name of Lisa Michaels, a Creation Coach and Facilitator, and took part in watching a free webinar she offered a few months ago. How I initially found her, I don’t know. But ah yes, this is how synchronicity works! One thing led to another and I checked out her website.

While there I discovered a deck of oracle cards she created called Elemental Forces of Creation that incorporate spirit, earth, water, air and fire. That spoke to me and I even looked into perhaps taking further training with her. But I set it aside as the timing didn’t feel right. But I kept going back to look at those cards she had created thinking some day down the line I would purchase them for my growing collection of oracle cards.


Fast forward to last week when fellow SoulCollage®  facilitator Stephanie Chissler of Wisdom Tending offered her first online SoulCollage® workshop on Divine Feminine. Being that I’ve been immersing myself in all that I can about SoulCollage®, I signed up.  Little did I realize she was offering a free gift for the first three who purchased her online course.

So when I got an email from her saying I had won an oracle card reading with her I was thrilled!  And even more so when, yup…here comes the synchronicity…. and she said she’d be using the Elemental Forces of Creation deck.

Um, yes, this was meant to be wouldn’t you agree?

I had the reading done yesterday. l really liked Stephanie’s gentle and encouraging guidance. What I didn’t realize is that the Elemental Forces of Creation have a word or two on each card. As someone who loves words and using them to express myself through writing, I was excited to learn more. I also like that they use what the indigenous culture have always used to guide their life with Spirit and the four elements. 

I posed my question to the oracle and reading #1 would help guide me around the question of what it was that needed my attention right now as an area of focus to help me. The two cards that presented themselves were Spirit. One said Grace and Trust and the other said As within/So without.

This was very much a hands on approach which I appreciated as Stephanie asked if those words held any meaning for me. She gave me time to think about it and I was able to tap into some insight of what was going on in regards to my question.

The second reading took it deeper with the question, “What is the issue and what do I need to do?” That revealed three cards:

Fire – Will

Water – Feeling Guidance

Earth – Stewardship

While the words can mean one thing according to good ole Webster, I practiced what was coming up for me with each of the words, trying not to dismiss my intuition. I believe in doing that, along with Stephanie’s encouragement, I was able to tap into the message I needed to hear just for me.

And alas, as in so many cases when we are stuck, it was fear that was at the heart of my question I’d posed. And just when you think you’ve moved through something, those moments return as a reminder to continue to work on what needs healing.

And so it is.

But I felt a shift in myself after the reading and felt lighter. Stephanie suggested that when we hung up that I should dance. It felt uncomfortable at first and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. But then, I thought, why not? Why not just try and see what happens?

And so I danced. Right here in my writing cottage. At first it felt awkward, but then I began to feel this welcoming flow as I danced what I would call Yoga dance. It felt so good. So freeing. So right.

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The Magical Connection Between Inner and Outer Worlds

The Magical Connection Between Inner and Outer Worlds
My Horse SoulCollage® card

Most days, as part of my morning ritual I shuffle my SoulCollage® card deck (I’ve made 43 cards so far). I either silently ask a question about something I’m struggling with or just ask for whatever guidance I may need for the day.

As I shuffled my cards today I was thinking about how excited I am to facilitate a retreat with a friend at her horse farm this summer. And the card I pulled? One of the cards I made with horse!

This was a card I made when I was training to become a SoulCollage® facilitator in November 2014. During a meditation, Horse came to me in my heart, but only revealed part of herself. I was surprised by this and kept waiting for her to come into full view, which she never did during that meditation.

Perhaps it was a clue that down the road I’d be coming full circle with the medicine of Horse and co-facilitating this retreat I’m doing.

But it was the perfect example of what I just got done teaching in an online workshop with my friend, Dawn, and how our outer world oftentimes reflects what is going on in our inner world.

I also pick an animal card each morning to not only learn more about different animals and their teachings, but to have as my guidance for the day.

I recently bought a new deck called the Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip & Stephaine Carr-Gomm, so I’ve been pulling a card at random from this deck lately.

This morning my energy was feeling off because of a few things I am disappointed about. After shuffling the cards for a few moments the card I pulled was Fire Dragon.

Hmm, I thought. Interesting.

A few thoughts from the booklet about Fire Dragon that made sense for me today–

  • Fire dragon brings courage and an increased ability to overcome obstacles and to find the energy to cope with life’s problems.
  • Whether you have too much or too little energy, developing a harmonious relationship with Fire Dragon will help you.
  • If you lack energy you may need to ask the dragon to give you a little more of the treasure he is guarding.

I placed both my cards on my altar in my writing cottage as reminders of the teachings.


As I signed on to check my Facebook account the first image I saw was this that said, “need a dragon?”


I’m really beginning to see more and more how our inner and outer world really is connected. I’m finding that it’s really just making a conscious effort more often.

I think too often we think there is going to be some big, flashing neon light telling us exactly what we need to hear — but what would be the fun in that if we were always handed the most obvious answers? Though yes, I, like you, do wish that would happen at certain times.

But I find that when I’m open to the subtle clues that come, it sure does make life much more magical when these happenings occur!

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Synchronicity Chronicles: Why Finding Trash Made Me Smile.


You will be invited to become a “Kairomancer”: someone who is poised to catch the messages in special moments when synchronicity is in play—and to take action to seize the opportunities those moments present. To be a kairomancer, you need to trust your feelings as you walk the roads of this world, to develop your personal science of shivers, and to recognize in your gut and your skin that you know far more than you hold on the surface of your consciousness. –From Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss

Thursday night I finished reading Sidewalk Oracles-Playing with Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicity in Everyday Life.

For a long time I’ve been fascinated with synchronicity and how the universe listens if we are open to paying attention. I don’t believe things are coincidence, but that it all has a purpose when things happen that seem out of the ordinary, or line up with our thinking of something in a particular moment– and then how supporting signs will show up along the way.

But it can be easy to miss those signs if we aren’t paying attention. I enjoyed reading Robert’s book because he makes a game out of it — in fact he has several different games he suggests as helping us to be more in tune with what is going on in our inner world and how that can then show up in our outer world.

And how fun it was when something happened to me yesterday morning!  I woke up thinking about Dilly Bars.  I’ve not thought about Dilly Bars in a long time. I do enjoy them, but I wouldn’t rank them as one of my favorite treats from Dairy Queen. But I certainly wouldn’t turn one away if I am offered one.

But what made me think of them in that moment, I don’t know. In the afternoon I took the dogs and we headed for a walk in a small woods near my home. As we were on the last stretch of our walk, which borders a fence to an athletic field, I noted that there were a few spots of trash along the fence line.

It always makes me sad to see litter. I almost walked by, but just couldn’t leave it there as I don’t like seeing trash anywhere, but especially when in nature.

I picked up an empty Doriotos bag, a piece of newspaper and a piece of paper that had a list of sorts on it. The last item I almost left as it was buried under some dingy leaves and sticks, but after just a few tugs, I got it out.

And when I read what it was, I smiled. It was a Dilly Bar wrapper! It made me think back to the morning waking up to thinking about this ice cream treat.

dilly bar

So what does it mean?  Well, that part I don’t really know. Perhaps it’s just a confirmation after finishing the book on synchronicity and the universe tapping me on the shoulder in case I had any doubt — that yes, this stuff is real.

And perhaps this is the universe saying, “Welcome! You are now an official kairomancer!”

Whatever it is, I never thought I’d say picking up trash made me smile.

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