How to Deal with “Monkey Mind” – Intuitive Oracle Guide Reading

It’s funny how the mind can work. Just this morning upon waking I thought, ” Oh no! I didn’t share my oracle reading from last week on my blog.”  I really enjoy doing these general readings for you and I especially enjoyed this one being that it was prompted from a question from a woman named, Dianna.

And I know we have all dealt with “monkey mind” more than we may care to admit! 🙂

I hope you find this reading helpful and without further ado…


It’s the First of the Month: Say Rabbit! Rabbit!

rabbitPhoto credit:  Animal Wisdom Tarot cards by Dawn Brunke, illustrated by Ola Liola

I remember the first time I heard someone say “Rabbit! Rabbit!” and it happened to also be the first day of the month. It was Robin Roberts from Good Morning America. She said it was an old wives tale that when you say “Rabbit! Rabbit!” on the first of the month it is supposed to bring you good luck for the rest of the month. She said she does this faithfully.

I don’t always remember to say it, nor do I know if it truly works, but who knows. And what has one got to lose, right?

I remembered today to say it though and thought, hey, this is a good reason to look up the wisdom of Rabbit and share with you today. And any time I can learn more about our animals friends, well, I welcome that with open arms and heart.

So I share with you Rabbit from The Animal Wisdom Tarot cards. I hope you enjoy. And isn’t that just the sweetest photo of Rabbit? I think so!

Rabbit—skilled, shapeshifter, elusive guide to fairy kingdoms, symbol of good luck, fertility, and longevity—leaps between worlds. Popping from the magician’s hat, scampering down the hold to wonderland, resting in the full moon’s luminous glow. Rabbit links us with dreams, lunar mysteries, and the far reaches of our imagination. Clever, quick, and agile, Rabbit leads us to hidden knowledge, although following may require a leap of faith.

While this wild card suggests enhanced insights and intuitive illuminations, it can also entail bewilderment. Enchanted by the unfamiliar beauty of secret realms, we may lose ourselves in fascination and wonder. Find your center and stay grounded to avoid confusion and emotional turbulence. Express creative visions and inspired experiences through the arts—dance, write, paint, sing.

Accomplished guide to shadow worlds, Rabbit helps to identify underlying fears birthed by self-deception. With Rabbit, you gain greater awareness of yourself, and learn to see clearly. Rabbit teaches how to recognize illusion, accept paradox, and embrace the deep, primal powers of your moonlit intuition.

MESSAGE:  Be open to mystical marvels, but keep an eye on your path.