On Leaving. On Staying.

On Leaving. On Staying.

The other night I was gone for awhile so John was in charge of looking after Kylie and Gidget – not that they need much looking after. When I walked through the front door a few hours later this is the sweet scene I was met with. John said they snuggled like this the whole time I was gone, which of course melted my heart.

As we get ready to head out Wednesday morning to Tennessee for a long overdue vacation in our van we’ve converted to a camper (well, phase one is done!) I’m glad that Kylie and Gidget can make the trip with us. While it has caused some extra effort getting everything packed for them (meds, food, leashes, blankets, beds, kennels, etc.) and then adjusting as we make the trip, I’m sure, it reminds me to be patient, and go with the flow.

While I love going on vacation, I am a homebody also. It is effort to go on vacation, let’s face it, but I know we will have a good time, and I really am excited about this trip. But then yesterday afternoon I had the urge to re-arrange our living room, which I wasn’t planning on doing until we returned.

After it was arranged in what I call our “winter” look with the sofa and over-sized chair centered around our wood stove, I sat down and a delicious warm, cozy feeling overcame me. It felt like my little house was wrapping its loving arms around me, whispering in my ear, “don’t go.”

And I was torn about leaving and staying. But alas, I can’t be in two places at once. And this is the beauty of leaving…coming home again and appreciating even more what home means to me. But also in leaving and seeing what is happening out in the world that inspires me and refills my creative well.

I won’t be blogging while we are gone but will likely post some photos on my Facebook and Instagram pages if you’d like to check it out.

As for me, back to my list and last minute preparations while John finishes up making a make shift bed for us and getting everything in order so come tomorrow we can begin (creatively) packing the van, making the beds, and taking care of any last minute details. 

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Have Van Will Travel Journal: Cutting it Close

Have Van Will Travel Journal: Cutting it Close

We leave in three days for Tennessee.  John is insulating the panels and the ceiling this weekend, which will consist of three layers. If you want to know more detail in terms of what he has used, just let me know and I’ll find out for you. That’s not my area of expertise, obviously, as to what materials are all used. What I do know is John  has researched this extensively, as he has every step of the process.

Last Friday we did a “test run” with the dogs traveling an hour to Cabela’s to check out their camping section. I was really concerned at that point as the empty box of the van was so loud. My ears rang for two days. I was worried how that would be on our trip.

Well, I’m thrilled to say that with just putting in the vinyl flooring, which also is insulated underneath, it has made a big difference in noise reduction. Once John has the three layers of insulation in, I’m confident that the noise level won’t be an issue at all.

But, whew, cutting it close here as our departure date of Wednesday is right around the corner!  So I try not to go outside and check on John too often to see the progress, because then I tend to worry. But, I do have complete faith in my Johnnie.

I packed the dogs food, meds, etc. today which required a whole suitcase of its own, but that is how it is when one has senior dogs.  I’m not complaining, just so happy they will be coming with us.

I’ve decided that while we are gone, I won’t be blogging. It was somewhat of a hard decision for me, as I love keeping in touch and writing to you. But I also remind myself that I need to take a break, to refill my well — even from something that I enjoy. I plan to take photos and a journal to make notes and will share with you some highlights when we return.

For something that was never on our bucket list, I just have to say we are pretty darn excited around here. And a friend on Facebook, Chops, said she thinks this may be my next book — about our adventures in Second Chance – the Vamper.  Hmmmm, who knows?  And if so, I mentioned to my mom yesterday that I thought this title would be good – “This Was Never on Our Bucket List.” What do you think?

Even though this was never in our plan, isn’t that how life goes?  Good or bad?  And sometimes you just have to ride the wave and see where it will take you.

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Have Van Will Travel — with Lab of Love.

Have Van Will Travel with Lab of Love

Yesterday I shared an update about our van conversion. It’s coming along nicely! And after I wrote the post, I scrubbed down the van floor and walls and though it was a dirty job, it now sparkles!  This also means it is ready for flooring. John used cardboard to cut out a template and my next task this week is to pick out the flooring. It will be a vinyl laminate and I’m thinking one that looks like hardwood. I can’t wait to see it in place!

After I shared the van update post on my Facebook page Hali asked if Kylie would be traveling with us. Actually, a few others have asked this same question. And yes, since I first started writing about this adventure two months ago, it was in my first post of “Have Van Will Travel Journal,” that our dogs are one of the big reasons we decided to do this conversion. Not only does it give us more freedom to travel, but it also makes it possible for them to come with us.

Gidget is a bit more flexible so I’ve taken a few photos of her in the van, but haven’t taken any of Kylie, so the question was most definitely a valid one. The reason being is that Kylie has to have everything “just so” and that is what we are working on. We want her to feel as comfortable as possible. Because she has arthritis she does not readily jump in the van (actually she never has jumped in the van or our car) – we lift her in and out – and we will be putting rugs in place for her once the flooring is in, so she will feel steady on her legs and feet. So that is a big reason why I’ve not yet taken or shared any photos of her in the van.

It’s been a few years, but Kylie has gone on vacation with us in the past. Just like John and I, it takes her about a day or so to settle in and get her bearings, but once she does, she adjusts nicely.

So yes, our sweet girl, a big part of our hearts, is going with us. 🙂

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