Animals as Oracles: A Quest to Connect, Contemplate and Create

The animal world has much to teach us. Some animals are experts at survival and adaptation. Some are great nurturers and protectors. Some have great fertility and others have great gentleness. Some embody strength and courage, while others can teach us playfulness. The animal world shows us the potentials we can unfold. But to learn from them, we must first learn to speak with them.

When we learn to speak with the animals, to listen with animal ears and to see through animal eyes, we experience the phenomena, the power, and the potential of the human essence. They become our teachers, our friends, and our companions. They show us the true majesty of life itself. They restore our forgotten childlike wonder at the world, and they reawaken our lost belief in magic, dreams and possibilities. ~Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak – The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small

I feel so blessed to have, and continue to, experience many beautiful teachings from animals – dogs I’ve shared (and share) my life with – and many of the creatures in the animal kingdom.

In my quest to deepen this journey I want to:

  • Continue to deepen my love and understanding of animals, connecting more often with their symbolic teachings and wisdom.
  • Devote more time to my writing and journaling to allow teachings from the animals to gently bubble to the surface.
  • Deepen my work with oracle cards as a tool for self-reflection and insight I may not otherwise have thought of as a way in which to see the world in a more insightful and meaningful way.
  • Honor my desire to express my creativity, and especially that of playing more with something I could honestly get lost in for hours, which is creating with digital programs such as Canva.

So every day I will draw a card from an animal oracle deck, percolate in its wisdom, consider how I can integrate that animals teaching into my life…and then I will share my insight via a graphic I will design in Canva!

I welcome you to join me on this quest as a partner and sharing how animals have served as oracles in your life, too! Just follow along on Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #animalsasoracles

Today’s animal card from: Messages from Your Spirit Animal Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer

Cheerful and Deep. Thank You, Kathryn.

Cheerful and Deep. Thank You, Kathryn.
My writing cottage – the space that supports my heart.

It occurred to me today as I began writing this post that I’ve been blogging for ten years now, having started in 2007.

When I first started, while I enjoy writing, there were times, I’ll be honest, it felt like a chore. I’d come to realize the reason for that was that I bought into the template of what I should do shared by those in the industry that set a specific standard for building an author platform. While that may work for some I often resisted, but was too afraid to follow my own inner guidance for fear no one would read my blog.

Oh, how I’ve grown!  The moment I let go of the should and surrendered to my own process, I’ve come to love coming to this place to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams. And I say a deeply, grateful thank you to each of you for having stayed with me on this journey.

I was reminded of all of this because of a lovely comment yesterday from reader, Kathryn who shared with me that she loves reading my blog and finds it “cheerful and deep.” It brought tears to my eyes and made my heart soar! Thank you, Kathryn!

I loved it and feel it truly represented what I hope my blog is for others — part of my mission is to be a positive face in the world while at the same time the more I come to understand about tuning in and listening to our hearts, I love sharing that deeper wisdom with you, too.

So thank you again, Kathryn. And thank you to all of you who are here. It means so much to me.

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Connecting with My Own Sunshine

Connecting with My Own Sunshine

It’s been a cool and cloudy spring here. While I can usually flow through periods like this, I must confess, it has started to get to me.

And then this morning, with the clouds hanging low again, I remembered my walk out in nature on Monday, on a new trail I discovered. Well, not a new trail, but new to me.

When I was walking along the path I saw these pretty purple wild flowers and picked a few. As I did, my reason for doing so was to put them in a tiny vase on my kitchen windowsill so when I looked at them they would take me right back to that glorious, sunshine-y hour I had on that beautiful trail.

Talking with a friend yesterday I shared how I feel it’s so important to have something tangible we can see or hold to bring us back to those special moments.  Taking pictures does that for me. Writing about my experiences also does this for me. And making SoulCollage® cards and picking one each day as a ritual does this for me too.

And so today, I stood in silence for a few moments staring at these wee little flowers connecting to my own sunshine for the day from the memory of that delightful hour I had in nature.

So sometimes on days like today with no sunshine in the forecast, one has to be a little creative and go out of their way to make their own while holding in their heart that the glorious sun will find it’s way and light up the sky once again.

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