A New Creative Project Just for fun

A New Creative Project Just for Fun
Be sure to watch my mom’s “Joyful Pause” videos!

I was recently so inspired by two of my mentors, Dan Blank who helps creative professionals, and also Cynthia Morris who is an amazing illustrator, plus many other talents, that I wanted in too.

They have each begun doing more videos – Dan helping encourage creatives in various ways – and Cynthia doing videos on what she has dubbed “creative quickies.”

Of course, being a creative myself, I thought, hmmmmm, how can I be of inspiration and encouragement to others?

And so I began experimenting with what I call Joyful Pause moments via video. I did begin by calling them Meditative Moments, but then thought, dah, I should really call them Joyful Pause moments instead…it’s more in align with what I’m all about here!

Like I said…these are experiments, so “mistakes” will be made.

But it’s all about weaving more creativity into our lives and fits right in with learning to pause more often and insert moments of joy into our daily, busy lives–and as you know, much of that I’ve learned from the PAWS in my life with my dogs.

I hope you will enjoy the first three videos I’ve done. I will be updating the sideline of my website each time I post a new video for you to enjoy or you can also follow along on my YouTube channel if you wish, too.

Here’s to more Joyful Pause moments!