Life’s Simple Moments

Dogs (and all animals for that matter) really do teach us so much about the simple moments in life.

My favorite part of each day is my early morning walk with my yellow lab, Kylie.  When Kylie was a young pup I worked hard in training her to walk calmly by my side (not an easy task for a rambunctious lab).  The diligence and hard work paid off.  We often get comments from others at how nice she walks by my side.

Our walk is my morning meditation.  It helps me to greet the day and appreciate all of nature around me.  I take great delight in a butterfly flitting before me, a bird singing in a near by tree, a squirrel scampering across the street with a large nut in his mouth, the gentle whispering of the wind, and the rainbow of blossoming flowers.  Kylie is very curious and she is usually the first to notice her surroundings, which causes me to be more aware.

Coming home after our walk I am hopeful for what lies ahead for the day.   I take each minute as it ticks before me and live my best within that moment, which leads me to live a full day, which leads me to live my best life…

And all that through the observance of living life’s simple moments through the eyes of my dog, Kylie.

My Mom helped prompt this post because of a poem she wrote about her dog Charley and what she would miss if she were not waiting for Charley to pee.  With her kind hearted permission, I reprint it below and thank her for her courage in letting me share it with others.  I take pride in knowing my creativeness flows from her.  I also share two pictures of sweet Charley, who I lovingly refer to as “Chuck.”

The things I wouldn’t take time to see

  If I weren’t out there waiting for Charley to pee

Patterns of shadows like delicate lace-

  Dandelions standing so proudly in place

The glow of the sun where earth and sky meet-

  The wind whispered song in a comforting beat

The bunnies and birds so busy at work-

  Dear grazing near, ears on alert

   The little inch worm on his way through the dirt


Diamonds left over from grass wet with dew-

  Winking and flashing a colorful hue

As my soul awakes and my spirits revive-

  I’m grateful once more to just be alive

For I’m now seeing “LIFE” as God meant it to be-

While I’m out there waiting for Charley to pee”

                                                -Lynda Richardson

Recycled Fur

With spring in full bloom my yellow lab Kylie is shedding her coat, her slacks, her top, her mittens, her socks, her underwear… well, you get the picture! 

Hair, hair, hair is covering my hardwood floor creating “bunnies” galore.  So, after dinner last night I took her outside for a good brushing.  Oodles of hair came from every inch of her body.  I thought to myself:  “I wish I could put all the brushed out fur together and knit another dog!  A couple of miniature Kylie’s would be great fun… as long as they don’t eat much.”  All the fur I brushed out made its way to the edge of the lawn and lined up along the sidewalk.  I figured by morning it would be long gone with the wind.

When I awoke this morning and looked out the front door a delightful surprise caught my eye.  Seven to nine darling little sparrows were gathering up the fur into their beaks.  Back and forth they flew to the trees adding to their nests.  I swear they were down right giddy in finding all the soft piles of bedding that will cushion their soon to be little ones.  They bounced about, grabbing a hair here, there and everywhere. 

I took such simple pleasure in watching this unfold before my sleepy eyes.  It warmed my heart in helping to “give back” to nature.  I think I just might look at all the fur flying around on my kitchen floor a bit differently from now on… and try not let it stress me out so much.  I will simply whisk it up with a broom and pan, open the front door, whisper to the wind to come take it and float it to all the birds who need it.  Now that is what I call recycling!

Have You Hugged Your Animal Friend Today?

The American Humane Society announces “Be Kind to Animals” the Week of May 6-12.  This is the oldest event the nation celebrates regarding the companionship, love and friendship that animals bring to our lives.

I think it is beautiful they call attention to all that animals bring to our lives. I also appreciate the fact there is a week dedicated to this awareness.  Though, I believe we should be aware of it on a daily basis.  So, have you hugged your animal friend today?  By doing so, studies show you can actually reduce stress.  By reducing your stress levels your body will thank you with reducing your chances of disease and illness.

Frankie and Kylie make me smile and bring at least one moment of laughter to me each day.  Dani, my cat, brings to me a sense of peace and helps me to slow down when I find myself rushing frantically through my day.

Frankie being in a cart for dogs inspires me daily giving me courage and reminding me I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Kylie, my young lab reminds me to not sweat the small stuff and to lighten up about things.

The least I can do for them is giving them a hug each day for simply being positive reinforcements in my life.  When I give them each a hug, being in that moment, it’s as if the outside world spins away.  And in that moment I know I will always be safe, I will always be loved and I will always have a friend.

Thank you Kylie, Frankie and Dani and all the others that have passed on in my life, for all the unconditional love you have given me.  I am stronger and more loving because of each of you.

PS:  If you don’t have an animal in your life hug your neighbors dog or cat or spend some time at a zoo relishing in all the creatures God created.